how to get rid of hpv faster

how to get rid of hpv faster

how to get rid of hpv faster | What are the symptoms of papillomavirus in women and does the HPV go away and what is the incubation period for papillomavirus ?

how to get rid of hpv faster

how to get rid of hpv faster | What are the symptoms of papillomavirus in women and does the HPV go away and what is the incubation period for papillomavirus ?

Today I will tell you about my experience with HPV and the suffering I experienced when I was infected with HPV. In this article, I will talk about how I recovered from HPV, the symptoms that preceded my infection, how the virus passed to me, and the treatment I used in order to recover from HPV papilloma


What is the papilloma virus?

The papilloma virus is a virus in the form of an infection that attacks the reproductive system and has many types that exceed 100 different types of viruses, and the most common type is HPV, which often causes warts or abnormal excess skin cells that affect the genitals It is concentrated in the cervix.


How is the papilloma virus transmitted?

Before I talk about how I recovered from the papilloma virus, let’s first know the reasons that cause HPV transmission:

  • Having sex with more than one person or engaging in multiple sexual relations.
  • Skin-to-genital contact, such as hand touching the genital area.
  • Any imbalance in the immune system can lead to HPV infection.
  • A patient with AIDS can also be exposed to HPV infection.
  • Or people who have transplanted damaged organs and if the organs transferred to them are infected with the virus.
  • Sometimes the infection is transmitted when taking a shower or swimming in public swimming pools.
  • Skin cells that have been punctured are also more likely to become infected with the papillomavirus.


Symptoms of HPV in women:

I was cured of HPV without any symptoms on my body:

  • Almost 80% of women become infected with HPV during their lifetime, and the infection has no noticeable signs or symptoms.
  • Often, women with this infection recover without experiencing any health problems.


Does infection with papillomavirus reduce the chances of pregnancy?

  • Usually, HPV infection does not affect pregnancy and the chance of it occurring.
  • But a pregnant woman infected with a viral infection should refrain from taking medication during pregnancy and wait until delivery takes place.

In some cases, infection with the papilloma virus during pregnancy can lead to complications, including:

  • During pregnancy, the hormonal changes of a woman infected with the virus may lead to the development of warts.
  • Bleeding may occur from them, and if the number of these warts is large, they can cause difficulty in the natural remedies to get pregnant fast.
  • If the warts block the cervix, the woman may have to give birth by caesarean section .
  • HPV infection can sometimes be passed from an infected mother to her baby, causing warts in the throat or airways in the lungs.
  • HPV infection can also develop during pregnancy, causing changes in the cervix and causing cervical cancer.


Does the papilloma virus disappear in men?

  • Men who are infected with HPV can often recover from it.
  • This is when the immune system is able to eliminate the viral infection within two years of exposure to the infection without taking any treatment.
  • But the infected can pass it on to their wives.
  • There are also very dangerous types of this virus.
  • Papillomaviruses can cause persistent inflammation on the penis, anus, back of the mouth and throat, which can gradually progress to cancer .


How long does the papilloma virus live outside the body (how to get rid of hpv faster)?

  • HPV can live on soiled clothing and non-living surfaces.
  • The virus is transmitted through skin contact, but so far it is not known how long it lives in the ocean outside the body.


HPV analysis:

Often, HPV is detected as a result of a test, and such a test is performed in two cases:

  • In the event of cervical cancer.
  • If he is over 30 years old.
  • Currently, the HPV test is not available only to women.


How is HPV infection diagnosed (how to get rid of hpv faster)?

Before I talk about how I recovered from HPV, I must tell you how HPV is diagnosed:

  • HPV infection can be diagnosed by a medical professional simply by visual detection of warts.
  • In some cases, if genital warts are not visible, a number of tests can be performed to diagnose HIV infection, including:
  • Putting a vinegar solution on the genital areas, if they are infected with the virus, the solution causes the cervix to change to white.
  • Taking a sample of the cervix by the doctor and analyzing it in the laboratory allows detecting infection.
  • It can also contribute to early detection of cervical cancer early.
  • Performing a DNA test on cervical cells can contribute to the detection of dangerous types of HPV.
  • Which can increase the risk of cervical cancer and often women over the age of thirty should have such a test.


How to cure from papilloma virus (how to get rid of hpv faster)?

So far, there is no cure for the virus, but it is possible to treat the complications that may be caused by infection, which include warts that spread on the genitals such as the cervix, penis, vulva and anus, and this is done using a number of medicines and prescriptions, including:

Salicylic acid:

  • Any ointment or cream containing salicylic acid can help clear up warts.
  • This acid removes layers of warts a small amount each time it is used.
  • Salicylic acid is known to cause skin irritation, so contact with the skin of the face should be avoided.

Imiquimod cream:

  • This cream is not available by prescription and this cream is used to fight the papilloma virus.
  • It enhances the ability of your immune system and has side effects including redness and swelling where it is placed.


At the end of an article how to get rid of hpv faster:

We learned in an article that how to get rid of hpv faster, about my experience and how I was able to treat warts after visiting the doctor and using salicylic acid, knowing that there are many people I met who got rid of the disease by strengthening the immune system only?!!

This confirms that HPV can be cured for women and men by following a healthy diet to strengthen the body’s immunity and by visiting a doctor and taking the appropriate medication.

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