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Beauty Health website

Beauty Health is a site that specializes in providing all that is new and useful in the world of health and beauty through a cadre of specialists in the field of nutrition, skin health and general health. The site also offers you many natural and useful recipes for every sick person or suffering from various problems.

On our site, we present to you the definition of public health and its relationship to human beauty, according to the standards of the World Health Organization . We also offer you all new and useful things in the world of cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and natural treatment of diseases. We present to you the most important things related to your life:

  • Treating diseases with natural herbs.
  • Recipes for hair care, skin and human beauty.
  • The most delicious eastern and western cooking.
  • The latest medical discoveries in the field of disease treatment.
  • Plastic surgeries and the best centers and doctors to perform them.
  • Everything that matters to a pregnant woman during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Healthy diets to lose or gain weight.

And there are many useful topics for you and your family. You can follow us on social media to receive all new and useful.

Definition of public health

The definition of public health according to the World Health Organization is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, and every person has the right to obtain health and beauty in his life.

On the Jamal Health website, we always try to collect for you the best and documented medical information from the best international references to help you fully apply the concept of defining public health . We are also ready to respond to your inquiries in the comments, relying on a team of experts and specialized doctors.

The most important topics presented by the beauty health site

There are millions of health and beauty topics that we offer on our site in order for you to get the best information in the field of health and beauty, and some of the topics that we offer you:

human beauty

Human beauty has multiple meanings, including what is external and what is internal, and here we offer you the best advice to obtain the external beauty of a person by taking care of the skin, hair, teeth and all the details of your body to appear in the most beautiful external appearance:

The beauty of hair of all kinds, curly (curly), dry or greasy hair.

Skin beauty and the most important natural recipes for skin care and melasma treatment , such as Nescafe mask and others.

Beautification of eyes and eyelashes and their special attractiveness.

Paying attention to body aesthetics and consistency, and getting rid of excess weight.

Reducing the nose and beautifying it according to natural methods of beautifying the nose, which is one of the most important aesthetic elements in the human face.

Nail care and whitening the skin of the body, hands and neck in order to appear with smooth and bright skin.

Use homemade mixtures and masks to get the best cosmetic results.

Treatment of hair loss with natural recipes and treatment of pores .

Enlarge the butt by eating .

human health

Health comes in the first place for every person, so we must know the most important health tips that help us in obtaining strong bodies, and we must know the most important ways to follow a healthy health system in order to preserve our health because it is the most precious thing we have:

A sound health system is one of the most important things that help us maintain sound health.

Prevention of germs and bacteria and stay away from polluted places.

Paying attention to hygiene, especially personal hygiene.

Get rid of excess weight because it causes many chronic diseases by following a healthy diet to lose weight.

Build muscle mass healthily by following a weight gain diet .

Drinking more water and getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors that maintain our health.

Weight gain programs :

2000 calorie diet  and  2500 calorie diet .

Diet 5000 calories , 6000 calories , 7000 calories and 8000 calories .

Weight loss systems ( diet ):

  • 2000 calorie diet to lose weight .
  • 2500 calorie diet to lose weight

Natural weight gain methods such as ring experiments to gain weight

Cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most important techniques that medicine has reached in our modern era, as it helped in obtaining the shape that we dream of, and it also treated many health problems in the human body, and among the most important types of plastic surgery:

Plastic surgery of the face, nose , teeth ( Hollywood smile ), ear, eyelashes, and eyelid lift.

Body sculpting and beautification by tightening the thighs and buttocks, liposuction , and breast augmentation or reduction.

The process of hair transplantation, whether in the head or beard hair transplantation and the entire body.

Plastic surgery of the vagina and genital areas for men and women.

Various plastic surgery experiences, such as dental implants .

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding

The stages of pregnancy are considered one of the most important moments in the life of every woman, as she will become a mother after 9 months. Therefore, she must know the most important changes that she will go through during pregnancy. She must also know the types of fetus gender calculator and the most important things that she must do after childbirth:

Weeks of pregnancy and ways to use the pregnancy calculator in order to know the expected date of delivery and the sex of the fetus.

Pregnancy secretions , contraceptive pills, and the most important details that concern every pregnant woman and the occurrence of pregnancy without symptoms .

Symptoms of pregnancy after the period , how to do a pregnancy test at home, and what are the ways to know the sex of the baby.

Nutrition during pregnancy, after childbirth and during lactation in order to ensure the proper growth of the child and provide him with all the necessary elements.

Abortion is one of the most important things a woman should avoid during pregnancy.

Polycystic ovaries, diseases that cause infertility, vaginal dryness , itching of the labia , and methods of treatment.

The gestational sac, the type of fetus , and the method of conceiving a boy after the cycle .

Eating table for pregnancy boy  or girl.

Treatment of ear infection in children , children’s colds , and the most important diseases facing infants.

Diseases of pregnant and breastfeeding women and how to treat sore throat for breastfeeding women .

Baby feeding schedule and how to know the baby’s normal weight according to age .

Answering the questions of pregnant women, including whether sausage can be fed to a pregnant woman .

Physical therapy

Natural therapy or alternative medicine is considered one of the best methods used in healing from the most dangerous diseases in the world, as natural therapeutic recipes have proven their ability to treat a large number of diseases:

Natural herbal treatment for various types of diseases using turmeric , chamomile and chamomile herbs with honey and others.

Treatment with ancient Uyghur medicine, where the most powerful natural herbs are used.

Treatment of cancer diseases – AIDS – infertility – blood pressure – diabetes – Alzheimer’s disease – rheumatism – hepatitis virus – depression and many other diseases.

Experiences in treating various diseases such as scabies , Abu Khryan ,  papilloma virus , and how to recover from papilloma .

The benefits of natural elements in the treatment of diseases such as the benefits of syringe oil and the benefits of cinnamon and bay leaf .


The kitchen is one of the important things in our lives, so we will present to you in the cooking section the most delicious recipes for dinner for the most delicious eastern and western foods:

Vegetarian recipes .

Recipes for dinner and how to prepare the best meals for dinner and occasions.

Sweets with secret recipes.

The most delicious oriental and western food.