Chicken breast recipes

Chicken breast recipes

Chicken breast recipes | Chicken breast is one of the healthy recipes for dinner and lunch, and it is an ideal choice when  looking for dinner recipes that are rich in nutrients, delicious and easy to prepare

Chicken breast recipes

Chicken breast recipes | Chicken breast is one of the healthy recipes for dinner and lunch, and it is an ideal choice when  looking for dinner recipes that are rich in nutrients, delicious and easy to prepare.

There are a variety of chicken dinner recipes, some of which are mixed with spices and spices, and some of them are cooked with milk or the oven, so chicken breasts will provide you with the opportunity to find recipes for dinner quickly, easily and deliciously.

Types of cooking chicken breasts:

Chicken breasts make it easy to find recipes for dinner and lunch, because of the variety of delicious and distinctive recipes that you can make using chicken breasts, so let’s follow the way to make easy and delicious recipes with chicken breasts from the Jamal Health website.

Chicken breasts (Chicken breast recipes):

You can make a variety of recipes with chicken breasts. One of the most delicious recipes is the yogurt shaker with chicken breasts, which is done as follows:

Chicken Breast and Yogurt Shaker Ingredients:

  • 4 bulbs.
  • Half a kilo of yogurt.
  • spoonful of tahini
  • laurel paper.
  • Chicken breasts 500 gr.
  • Salt and Pepper.

How to prepare chicken and yoghurt shakeriya:

  • We put the chicken breasts on the fire in a bowl of water, put the onion and bay leaf and leave the breasts until they slide well.
  • Then we take out the breasts and put them in a bowl on the side.
  • We bring the pot, finely chop 3 onions, put a spoonful of vegetable oil with them and leave the onions until red.
  • Then add the yoghurt to the onions and stir it well with continuous rotation, and then add a spoonful of tahini.
  • After the yogurt boils, add the chicken breasts, add a pinch of salt, and leave them together on the fire until they boil well.
  • Then we add a sprinkle of pepper and it is ready to be served with rice and green pepper.

Chicken breast with potatoes and parsley (Chicken breast recipes):

It is a nutritious and delicious meal that is suitable for dinner and lunch, as it is considered one of the vegetarian recipes mixed with chicken breasts to become a nutritional component rich in useful elements and is done as follows:

Ingredients for Chicken Breast, Potato and Parsley:

  • Potatoes 400 gr.
  • Chicken breasts 400 gr.
  • A bunch of finely chopped parsley.
  • spoon of lemon juice.
  • One teaspoon of spices curry .
  • one onion.
  • pinch of salt

How to make dazzling potatoes and chicken breasts:

  • We put two tablespoons of vegetable oil in a large frying pan and add the onion after it is finely chopped.
  • Then we put the chicken breasts with the onion and leave until cooked, and then add the chopped potatoes to the pan as well.
  • After the potatoes are cooked, add the chopped parsley, curry and salt and stir them well.
  • Then we put a spoonful of lemon on the mixture and it is ready to be served alongside the yogurt.

Oven chicken breasts (Chicken breast recipes):

Cooking with chicken breasts in the oven is one of the distinctive and favorite dishes for young and old, which can be made as follows:

Oven Chicken Breast Ingredients:

  • Chicken breasts 500 gr.
  • Chopped parsley.
  • A cup of yogurt.
  • spoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • spoon of oil.
  • Two tablespoons of cumin.
  • Lemon juice.

How to cook chicken breasts in the oven:

  • We make the soaking sauce by mixing yogurt, cumin, lemon, vinegar and garlic and put the breasts in it for at least 3 hours.
  • Then we put the breasts in an oven tray after oiling it and put it in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.
  • And leave until reddened a little and then come out and turn until the other side is red as well.
  • Then the chicken breasts are ready to be served with mayonnaise and vegetable salad.

Grilled Chicken Breasts (Shish) (Chicken breast recipes):

Cooks with grilled chicken breasts or delicious shish, which is considered one of the most delicious foods for young and old. The shish is made as follows:

Shisha making ingredients:

  • Chicken breasts 500 gr.
  • tomato number 3.
  • onion number 3.
  • Shish spices.
  • Yogurt cup.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Chopped parsley.
  • A spoonful of cumin and pepper.
  • Two cloves of garlic, mashed.

How to properly prepare shish and grill it :

  • We prepare the shish sauce in which the breasts will be placed for at least 6 hours.
  • We put yogurt, garlic, cumin, lemon and chopped parsley and mix them well and leave the breasts in them for at least 6 hours.
  • After that, we prepare the barbecue skewers and we put a piece of chicken, then a piece of tomato, then a piece of onion, and put it on the charcoal until it turns red and matures well.
  • Shish is also served with vegetable salad and yogurt.

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