Vaginoplasty in Turkey

Vaginoplasty in Turkey

Vaginoplasty in Turkey | Cosmetic surgeries in Turkey vary  , some of which target facial plastic surgery, liposuction, Hollywood smile , or beautifying sensitive areas for women, and one of the most important of these operations for women is vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey.

Vaginoplasty in Turkey

Vaginoplasty in Turkey | Cosmetic surgeries in Turkey vary  , some of which target facial plastic surgery, liposuction, Hollywood smile , or beautifying sensitive areas for women, and one of the most important of these operations for women is vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey.

Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in the world to perform various plastic surgeries in terms of prices or quality, as it includes many specialized cosmetic centers where the best plastic surgeons in the world are located.


Types of  Vaginoplasty in Turkey:

The vagina suffers from many problems that require medical intervention in order to treat them, whether for cosmetic or treatment of urinary tract problems, and the most important parts of the vagina that may need cosmetic:

  • It is an aesthetic problem that does not have any health effects, in which the inner lips of the vagina sag and become large.
  • It is possible that the size of the labia increases as a result of excess weight or after childbirth, or it may be the result of genetic factors.
External lip surgery:
  • In this process, the outer lips of the vagina are beautified as a result of wrinkles or sagging, which are often genetic problems or as a result of weakness of the vaginal muscle.
  • Also, this operation can be done under general or local anesthesia.
  • The outer lips of the vagina are injected with fat extracted from the patient’s own body in order to make them plump to get rid of sagging and wrinkles.
  • It is a cosmetic surgery that is used in order to obtain a beautiful vagina and to increase the sexual pleasure of the couple.
  • Also, this operation is done under complete anesthesia and takes about an hour.
  • The patient can be discharged immediately after the operation with abstaining from sexual intercourse for a period of no less than 6 weeks after the operation.
  • Also, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the vagina after the operation.
Hymen repair process:
  • Hymen reconstruction is performed in order to repair a ruptured hymen.
  • There must be some parts left of the hymen in order for this process to take place.

In some congenital cases, there are deformities in the clitoris that can be treated cosmetically through this operation.

Excess skin and sagging in this process can be removed surgically and get a beautiful shape.


Vaginal stenosis methods in Turkey (Vaginoplasty in Turkey):

There are many methods that women use in order to narrow the vagina in Turkey, the most important of which are:

Vaginal tightening cream in Turkey:
  • This method is considered non-surgical and may not give the results that women desire, but it is considered a good option for some.
  • One of the best vaginal tightening products in pharmacies in Turkey is Viaxi cream, which is suitable for all skin types.
  • Helps solve vaginal relaxation problems caused by intercourse, childbirth, or some hormonal changes in a woman’s body.
  • It is used once a day, before having sexual intercourse.
Vaginoplasty in Turkey:
  • Vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey is the best and permanent option in order to have a beautiful and flawless vagina.
  • The surgery depends on tightening the separate vaginal muscles next to each other using dissolvable sutures.
  • Excess tissue and skin are also removed in order to obtain the desired aesthetic shape.


Methods of vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey (Vaginoplasty in Turkey):

Vaginal plastic surgery is widely spread in order to treat abnormalities that affect the vagina as a result of multiple factors, and childbirth or frequent intercourse is the most common. There are two types of these operations:

Vaginoplasty surgery in Turkey:

  • Vaginoplasty is the best option in vaginoplasty because the results are immediate and permanent.
  • One of the women says that my experience with the surgical tightening of the vagina was successful, and I noticed the results immediately after the operation.

Laser Vaginoplasty in Turkey:

  • Laser vaginoplasty is the other option for vaginal plastic surgery, but it takes time to get good results.
  • The FDA or USFDA  have also warned against using laser devices on the vagina because it can leave some long-term wounds or scars.


Reasons for Vaginoplasty:

There are many things that affect the woman’s body and the vagina and that lead to the relaxation of the vaginal muscles, so the need for a vaginal plastic surgery is the most important reasons for the weakness of the vaginal muscle:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most natural factors that affect the vaginal muscle and lead to its relaxation.
  • Aging and entering menopause.
  • A low level of estrogen in a woman’s body leads to vaginal dryness and muscle relaxation.
  • The change in the acidity of the vagina leads to the stretching and relaxation of the muscle.


Vaginal plastic surgery steps in Turkey (Vaginoplasty in Turkey):

Many medical and cosmetic techniques are used in the procedure of vaginal stenosis in Turkey, which are:

Vaginal surgery:

  • An internal incision is made in the vagina to tighten the vaginal muscles using sutures and dissolvable sutures.
  • Vaginal narrowing surgery takes about an hour, and local or general anesthesia can be used.

Laser vaginal tightening:

  • But if you choose to narrow the vagina using laser or radio waves, there is a process of stimulating the vagina in order to produce collagen .
  • Stimulation is done by heating the muscle tissue of the inner vaginal wall.
  • This operation aims to restore balance to the vaginal mucosa.


Important details about vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey (Vaginoplasty in Turkey):

There are many questions and inquiries that women think about the process of plastic surgery and narrowing of the vagina, which we will answer to you, and if you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments to answer them:

Healing time for surgical narrowing of the vagina:
  • The recovery time from the surgical narrowing of the vagina needs a few days in order to perform light movement.
  • And the return to normal life is done after about a month.
Which is better, surgery or laser for vaginal tightening and beautification:
  • Surgical work is the best option in vaginal reshaping or narrowing operations.
  • The results in surgical work are immediate and permanent, but in laser cosmetic surgery, it may take time and may leave some side effects.
Is the process of vaginal tightening the same as hymen patches:
  • Each operation is different from the other, as the process of narrowing the vagina is a cosmetic operation.
  • The hymen patches are for other reasons.
How to know the success of the operation to narrow the vagina:
  • At first, there will be some pain, which gradually disappears with time.
  • The success of the operation can also be known during sexual intercourse.
Types of threads used in vaginoplasty:
  • The types of threads used in vaginal plastic surgery vary according to the purpose of the operation.
  • The choice of threads for vaginal plastic surgery depends on the choice of the doctor.
Is it possible to get pregnant after vaginoplasty?
  • Yes, it is possible to get pregnant after vaginal plastic surgery and this does not affect the normal pregnancy.
  • On the contrary, the operation can help in increasing the pregnancy because it increases the sexual desire of the spouses.
When can intercourse after vaginal operation?
  • You must wait at least 6 weeks in order to have intercourse.
  • After full recovery, you can return to your normal life.


Tips after Vaginoplasty in Turkey (Vaginoplasty in Turkey):

  • Adhere to the medications and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor after the operation.
  • Pay attention to cleaning the vaginal area well.
  • Use loose-fitting clothes that allow air to circulate after the operation.
  • Stop exercising after the operation until complete recovery.
  • Do not take a shower in the bathroom immediately after the operation. You can use it a week after the operation.
  • You may experience some bleeding after the operation, which is normal.


How much does vaginal tightening surgery cost (Vaginoplasty in Turkey)?

The price of the surgical narrowing of the vagina with a laser A depends on many factors, including the type of operation, the threads used, the experience of the surgeon, and the medical center used to perform this operation, but mostly the prices for these operations start from 1900 dollars.

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