Pregnancy Week Calculator

Pregnancy Week Calculator

Pregnancy Weeks Calculator | One of the most beautiful moments that a woman goes through when she is pregnant and waiting for the arrival of the baby is that some women are impatiently waiting for the moment when the baby can come

Pregnancy Week Calculator

Pregnancy Week Calculator | One of the most beautiful moments that a woman goes through when she is pregnant and waiting for the arrival of the baby is that some women are impatiently waiting for the moment when the baby can come, and some women try to know the date of birth and the gender of the fetus, so they are looking for the best pregnancy calculator.

In this article, from health beauty website, we will talk about the pregnancy weeks calculator, which can give an approximate period in which it is possible for childbirth to occur.


Pregnancy calculator in weeks in Arabic:

  • It is a software electronic system that allows a pregnant woman to roughly estimate her due date.
  • This program relies on some data that the pregnant woman enters as the date of the last menstrual period.
  • By which the approximate expected date of delivery is determined, as a pregnant woman can delay childbirth until the 42nd week.
  • While the normal range for the date of delivery is 40 weeks.


A foolproof method for calculating the load:

Ultrasound examination can be one of the most appropriate methods used in calculating pregnancy , whereby the ultrasound device can determine the gender of the newborn .

Fetal age:

  • Where the mother may provide wrong information to the pregnancy calculator that leads to wrong results.
  • While the ultrasound provides the age of the fetus more accurately.

Monitoring the development and growth of the fetus:

  • The ultrasound allows monitoring of the fetus and provides a clear picture of the stages of fetal development in each week of pregnancy.
  • What helps maintain a healthy and healthy pregnancy and preserve the health of the pregnant mother and her fetus.

Early detection of problems that may accompany pregnancy:

Ultrasound provides clear images of the fetus at various stages of pregnancy, which allows detecting problems that may affect pregnancy.

Such as an ectopic pregnancy , which sometimes requires medical supervision.

Discovering a pregnancy with twins:

  • So far, there is no method that a pregnant woman can use at home that would allow her to discover that she is pregnant with twins .
  • Whereas, when a woman undergoes an ultrasound, the sex of the fetus is determined with an accuracy of 95%.

Monitoring the movement of the fetus and measuring its heart rate:

  • The ultrasound examination evaluates the movement of the fetus, and the fetal heart rate can be viewed and to ensure the safety of the pregnancy.
  • The amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus is also measured to protect it from shocks.
  • To determine if there is a deficiency in it that may lead to complications that may develop to the point of causing premature birth of the fetus.

Ensure that there are no birth defects:

  • Ultrasound allows when examining a pregnant woman to detect birth defects that may affect the fetus.


Fetal development stages:

The stages of fetal development in the womb include:

The first stage:

It is the period extending from the fertilization of the egg to the twelfth week of pregnancy and in this period there are three remarkable developments, including:

First development:
  • It is a development that occurs between the first week and the end of the fourth week (the first month of pregnancy).
  • In which, with the growth of the fertilized egg, a watery sac is formed that gradually fills with liquid.
  • The task of this sac is to protect the fetus from trauma and is known as the amniotic sac.
  • At the same time, the placenta begins to grow and is an organ that transfers the fetus’s requirements from the mother and transfers waste from the fetus to the mother.
  • Later, the formation of the fetus’s face occurs with dark circles, which are the eyes.
  • The mouth, lower jaw and throat grow, and in the fourth week, blood cells will form and blood circulation will begin.
  • The heartbeat of the fetus will start from the heart tube and will beat at a rate of 65 times per minute.
The second development (Pregnancy Week Calculator):
  • It starts from the beginning of the fifth week and ends at the end of the eighth week (the second month of pregnancy).
  • The features of the fetus continue to develop and the ears are forming, and they are in the form of a small fold on the side of the head.
  • Whistling bumps appear that develop into the arms and legs, then the hands and feet and their toes begin to grow.
  • The eyes begin to grow, the neural tube connecting the brain and the spinal cord is formed, and the nervous system of the fetus begins to appear and form clearly.
  • The digestive system is formed and begins to grow, as are the sensory organs, and the bones begin to grow and appear in place of cartilage.
  • At this stage, the fetus’s head will be large compared to the rest of its body.
  • In the sixth week, a pregnant woman will be able to feel the heartbeat of her fetus.
The third development (Pregnancy Week Calculator):

The fetus’s arms, hands, feet and fingers begin to develop fully, and the child at this stage can open and close the fists and open and close his mouth.

  • Fingernails and toenails grow, ears grow, teeth begin to form under the gums, and the fetus’s genitals grow.
The second phase (Pregnancy Week Calculator):

It is the period that extends from the beginning of the ninth week to the end of the twenty-eighth week.

  • Eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair begin to form.
  • The heartbeat can be heard, the bones and teeth grow to become more solid, and the fetus is able to suck its finger.
  • At this stage the nervous system is ready to work and the genitals are fully developed.
  • A pregnant woman may feel that her fetus is moving and as hair begins to grow on the head, shoulders and back, and it feels soft and is called lanugo.
  • At this stage, fingerprints are formed, as the eyes open and the child begins to respond to surrounding sounds.
  • At the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy, the child begins to accumulate reserves of body fat.
  • The fetus’s sense of hearing is fully developed and the child can move inside the womb.
third level (Pregnancy Week Calculator):

It extends from the twenty-ninth week until the end of the fortieth week.

  • Here, the fetus has completed its growth and the pregnant woman remains ready for her birth and hopes that the birth will occur at an early stage of this stage.
  • The weight of the child begins to increase, the child can kick, his brain is developing rapidly, and the child can see and hear.
  • The lungs are fully developed and the child can make a number of reflexes such as blinking his eyes, moving his head and holding firmly.


At the end of the pregnancy week calculator article:

In the Pregnancy Weeks Calculator article, we learned about pregnancy calculation methods, how to use the pregnancy weeks calculator correctly, and the different stages of fetal development.

If you have questions about the pregnancy weeks calculator, you can write them in the comments so that the specialized medical team can answer them.

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