symptoms of a twin pregnancy

Symptoms of a twin pregnancy

symptoms of a twin pregnancy | Madam, have you ever wondered ? Are you feeling pregnant with twins and what are the symptoms and how Ttakdan of it and whether there are ways to find out you’re having twins is ultrasound

Symptoms of a twin pregnancy:

symptoms of a twin pregnancy | Madam, have you ever wondered ? Are you feeling pregnant with twins and what are the symptoms and how  of it and whether there are ways to find out you’re having twins is ultrasound in this article from the beauty of the health we will shed you light on the symptoms of pregnancy , signs and Dlayl knowledge of pregnancy with twins women Almejrebat from the beginning of pregnancy and to purpose of birth.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the pregnant woman begins to calculate the pregnancy and the weeks of pregnancy continue, and this is accompanied by weight gain during pregnancy, especially if the pregnant woman is carrying twins.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy with twins?

When pregnant with twins, symptoms similar to the signs of pregnancy with one child appear, but they are more pronounced, the most important of which are:

Your body shows some changes in hormones, which causes some physical changes.

morning sickness (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • One of the symptoms of pregnancy with twins for experienced women is that women who are pregnant with twins feel nauseous in the early morning hours.
  • During the day, they feel drowsy, sleepy, and nauseous.
pregnancy hormone (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • In most cases, this hormone is detected directly after pregnancy in a period not exceeding a week through blood or urine analysis.
  • Often when pregnant with twins, this hormone is very high and increases in high degrees in the first stage of pregnancy.
Early fetal movements (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • Many studies have confirmed that women who are pregnant with twins may feel the movements of the fetus in the early days.
  • Often, these movements that the expectant mother is occupied with twins are not the movements that the pregnant mother feels with one fetus.
Fetal heartbeat (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • This method requires going to the pregnancy specialist to find out the gender of the fetus through an ultrasound device.
  • This is often after the discovery of pregnancy and in the first months of it.
Severe breast pain (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • Often the pregnant mother feels pain in the nipples and this is due to the increase in hormones.
  • Because being pregnant with twins increases the production of hormones, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy, but these pains can be alleviated by wearing bras.
Excessive fatigue (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • As we spoke previously, due to the increase in the pregnancy hormone, the mother who is pregnant with twins feels tired and exhausted, in addition to leg and foot pain.
  • Which increases the risk of developing varicose veins due to the blood flow to the fetus, which increases pressure on the veins.
dilatation of the uterus (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • Increased flatulence indicates the expansion of the uterus, especially if it was in the first months.
Increase in weight (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):

If you start gaining weight in the first months of pregnancy, even though you follow a healthy, balanced diet, this indicates that you are pregnant with twins.

hard breathing (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • For women who are pregnant with twins, large amounts of amniotic fluid may build up rapidly in their body.
  • Which leads to the expansion of the uterus and thus the expansion of the abdomen, and this expansion may lead to pressure on the organs of the abdomen and lungs, causing shortness of breath.

Have you ever wondered who are the women most likely to carry twins?

Symptoms of twin pregnancy, Madam, the possibility of having twins is subject to several factors, including:

  • The genetic factor, as the rate of a woman’s pregnancy increases with twins if one of her family gives birth to twins .
  • A woman’s lifestyle and health, and if her diet is rich in fatty foods.
  • * Stopping the contraceptive pill, which leads to the release of more than one egg, which helps to increase the rate of pregnancy with twins.
  • A woman over the age of thirty has an increased risk of conceiving twins.
  • And now, madam, we’ll tell you a little bit about the twins.

There are identical twins that are completely similar, which is the result of the division of the two embryos from one egg, and there are fraternal twins that are not completely alike, and they are the result of the fertilization of two separate eggs.

Pregnancy risks of twins:

There are several risks to having twins:

Premature labor and labour:
  • Almost all twins were born prematurely, and the higher the number of fetuses, the higher the risk of premature birth.
  • Often, twins are born before their bodies are mature, and these fetuses are often very small or their weights are low when they leave the womb, which makes them in need of special medical care.
High blood pressure during pregnancy:
  • Women who have multiple twins are often more likely to have high blood pressure .
  • It is possible for them to raise blood pressure from two to four times, and blood pressure can rise in the event of premature separation of the placenta.
  • In this case, attention must be paid to it, because lack of attention to it leads to serious complications and may be fatal in some cases.
Pregnancy diabetes:
  • If you are carrying multiple fetuses, you are at greater risk of developing gestational diabetes.
  • This condition causes a rise in blood sugar, which may affect your health and the health of your children.
Child to Child Transfusion Syndrome:
  • In the case of identical twins, the fetus may share a blood vessel in the placenta.
  • This leads to more blood flow to one fetus than the other, and this syndrome may leave you for surgery while you are still pregnant.

In the case of a pregnancy with twins, anemia is common.

 birth defects:

Twin babies are the most vulnerable to congenital malformations, including diseases of the digestive system or the presence of heart problems, in addition to the presence of some twin babies attached to each other, which needs operations after birth to separate the fetus.

Some advice for the mother in the last months of pregnancy:

When the symptoms of twin pregnancy appear, the mother must take some important tips to maintain her health and the health of her fetus, which are:

1_ Prepare early for childbirth (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • Because you are at risk of premature birth, you should prepare for childbirth at the beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy.
  • This preparation has many positive psychological benefits, which makes you comfortable and ensures that you prepare yourself when it comes to giving birth.
2_ Relax (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • You have to commit to rest in the last months of pregnancy because during your pregnancy with twins, the more rest time you get, the better.
  • Because it is the size of the abdomen, it will be difficult for you to move and it will be stressful, which will also reduce the swelling of the feet that accompanies pregnancy with twins.
3_ Eat healthy food (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • Healthy eating is very important for the expectant mother in general, and since you are carrying twins, you need more nutrients.
  •   According to nutritionists, iron and protein are very important for women who are pregnant with twins.
  • You should also eat lean red meat and iron-fortified cereals, as well as milk and other low-fat products.
4_ Follow the doctor’s instructions (symptoms of a twin pregnancy)

The pregnant mother should be monitored by the doctor in order to follow up on the possible complications during pregnancy that require medical treatment and control as soon as possible, including:

  • * Early births.
  • *Pregnancy diabetes .
  • *Hypertension.
  • *Caesarean delivery.
  • * Syndrome of blood transfusion from one child to another.
5_ Drink plenty of water (symptoms of a twin pregnancy).
6_ Finally, keep walking and enjoy the fresh air (symptoms of a twin pregnancy):
  • You must feel tired and severe pain and that you are not able to move, but if you want to rest, you must get a good amount of walking daily.
  • You have to walk outside the house to breathe the air, move the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.
  • This will help you reduce the pain.
  • This will help you to improve the psychological state and you can reduce the difficulty of looking at it positively.
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