Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy

Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy

Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy| What are the symptoms of definite pregnancy, and do definite symptoms of pregnancy appear in the first month or in the second and third month, and is there a known pregnancy

Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy:

Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy| What are the symptoms of definite pregnancy, and do definite symptoms of pregnancy appear in the first month or in the second and third month, and is there a known pregnancy symptoms born a week before the period, and is open appetite considered one of the symptoms of pregnancy in a boy? What are the truth of these questions scientifically?!! Let’s learn in today’s article from the health beauty website, the signs of pregnancy with a boy, and the pregnancy calculator, childbirth and the sex of the fetus can be known correctly and scientifically.

When  analyzing the pregnancy with the appearance of pregnancy symptoms and definite signs of pregnancy confirmation, the pregnant woman’s questions begin to arise. What type of child is my child? Is he a boy or a girl? How can I know this is a very early pregnancy symptom !! Let’s get acquainted with the most important methods and methods in the article.

Definite pregnancy symptoms:

Knowing the gender of the fetus is one of the things that occupies the thinking of pregnant women. There are several signs that a woman is pregnant with a boy, which are:

Pregnancy nausea
  • In many studies on pregnant women, it was found that the majority of women who were not exposed to pregnancy sickness gave birth to male children.
  • What indicates that mild pregnancy sickness is a symptom of pregnancy with a boy, and on the contrary, a pregnant girl who suffers from pregnancy sickness and it is more severe.
heart beats:
  • In some scientific studies on the pulse of the male fetus, it was found that the male’s heart rate is not less than 140 beats per minute.
  • This means that if your fetus’s heart rate is less than 140, this indicates that you are pregnant with a girl.
young love:
  • One of the symptoms of pregnancy is the appearance of acne on a pregnant woman in the first week of pregnancy.
  • The appearance of acne is due to an increase in the secretion of testosterone (the male hormone).
Waham on salty and sour:
  • There are many rumors circulating among people that when a pregnant woman wants to eat salty and sour foods, this indicates that she is pregnant with a boy.
  • There is no scientific evidence to prove the validity of this statement, but it is said that it succeeds in many cases.
  • Also, pregnant females often have cravings for sugar.
belly shape:
  • One of the symptoms of pregnancy is that the fetus is located at the bottom of the uterus, which gives the shape of the lower abdomen to the bottom.
  • If the fetus is female, it is positioned at the top, giving the abdomen a convex shape.
Psychological state:
  • It is believed that a pregnant female changes her feelings and feelings, and if she is pregnant with a male, she will be aggressive, nervous and introverted.
  • As for the pregnant female, the estrogen levels are high, which causes her to be overly nervous.
  • With pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant woman must increase significantly.
  • It is believed that if the weight is increased in the abdominal area only, this means that the fetus is male.
hair grow:
  • It is believed in many beliefs that the pregnant boy has increased hair growth.
  • Also, her hair becomes stronger and cohesive, and hair loss stops if she suffers from it.
How to sleep when pregnant:
breast size:
  • The breasts enlarge with the onset of pregnancy, ready to secrete milk to feed the infant.
  • It is believed that an increase in the size of the right breast more than the left indicates pregnancy with a boy (there is no scientific evidence for this).
dry hands
  • The myth circulating among people says that pregnancy causes dry hands.
  • It is believed that the pregnant woman with a boy suffers from dehydration, which is clearly visible on her hands.

Symptoms of definite pregnancy boy in the first month:

The symptoms of definite pregnancy in the first month are similar and appear in several things, the most important of which are:

  • No morning sickness.
  • Craving for sour and salty foods.
  • the appearance of acne;

Definite pregnancy symptoms in the second month of pregnancy:

The signs of pregnancy, born in the second month, are numerous, but most of them are common among people, and there is no firm scientific evidence, and the most important of these symptoms are:

  • In the second month of pregnancy, no signs of nausea continue to appear on the pregnant boy (the difference between nausea during pregnancy and normal nausea ).
  • Acne also increases in the face of a pregnant woman with a male in the second month.
  • It begins with a different mood, such as introversion, and tends to sit alone more.

Symptoms of pregnancy, born in the third month, scientifically:

In fact, there are no confirmed signs of pregnancy in the third month that are scientifically proven. Rather, they are conclusions presented by folk medicine, and they were on a great deal of truth, so that many recent studies come to confirm what the ancient folk medicine presented and one of the most important signs that you can notice on the pregnant woman in the month Third of pregnancy:

  • Not feeling vomiting and nausea if the woman is pregnant with a boy.
  • The shape of her stomach has changed more to descend more to the bottom, and her weight is clearly increasing in the abdominal area.
  • The problem of acne mostly persists in the third month of pregnancy as well.
  • A pregnant woman in this month may feel more tired.

From your experiences, symptoms of pregnancy Boy:

I received some inquiries in the mail, most of which were saying, “Among your experiences are the symptoms of pregnancy with a boy.” That is why we decided to attend and communicate with some women who gave birth to boys and how the symptoms appeared on them:

Ahmad’s mother:
  • It was my first pregnancy and I had read about early pregnancy symptoms and I wasn’t really convinced.
  • But I did not suffer from morning sickness in my pregnancy and in addition to this I was gaining weight rapidly in the abdominal area.
  • And the acne began to appear on my face, and as for the rash, I did not really feel it.
  • But after my pregnancy, I gave birth to two boys, twins, and perhaps this explains my rapid weight gain. (  Methods of conceiving twins ).

Ahmad’s mother:

  • It was my first pregnancy, and in fact, I did not know how to know the gender of the fetus, but I heard from one of my neighbors some advice on this subject.
  • Because I told her I don’t have vomiting or nausea and I was surprised because I thought all women should feel that way.
  • I also became craving citrus fruits and nuts very much, and with the beginning of the third month, my stomach began to appear clearly downward.
  • And with the end of the pregnancy, God blessed me with my son Ahmed, praise be to God, and God willing, in the face of each one, she will wish for good offspring.

Symptoms of pregnancy with a boy a week before the period:

It is possible for a pregnant woman to go through some symptoms that may indicate pregnancy with a boy a week before her period, and these symptoms include:

  • Constant and sudden headache.
  • Eating greedily and discontinuing it for no reason.
  • Sleep, laziness and general tiredness.
  • Feeling dizzy a week before period
  • Urine turns dark in color with some impurities in it.
  • Increased uterine secretions a week before the period.
  • You will also feel the presence of a pulse at the navel.

Open Appetite Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy (Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy):

Many women wonder during pregnancy, is an open appetite a sign of pregnancy, boy?!! In fact, there is no scientific evidence or proven study that shows the fact that increased appetite during pregnancy is related to the gender of the baby.

100% fetal sex identification methods:

There are many ways and signs of identifying the gender of the fetus, but modern medical methods and devices are considered the most accurate.

Sonar (Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy): 
  • A medical device that uses ultrasound to see inside the uterus.
  • The position and location of the fetus is determined through the medical ultrasound after the fifth month of pregnancy.
Blood analysis (Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy):
  • The woman does a blood analysis, where there is a little amniotic fluid in the blood, which helps determine the sex of the fetus.
Placenta analysis (Symptoms of Pregnancy Boy):
  • A small part of the placenta that the fetus feeds on can be taken to know the gender of the baby, whether the pregnancy is a boy or the pregnancy is a girl.
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