Pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms

pregnancy symptoms | The onset of pregnancy is accompanied by many symptoms and signs such as mood swings, loss of appetite, or aversion to food more than usual due to an increase in the hormone progesterone

Pregnancy symptoms:

pregnancy symptoms | The onset of pregnancy is accompanied by many symptoms and signs such as mood swings, loss of appetite, or aversion to food more than usual due to an increase in the hormone progesterone, known as the pregnancy hormone. So, let us know today in our article about the signs of pregnancy that begin to appear on the pregnant woman from the first moments of pregnancy.

start of pregnancy:

  • When a woman stops menstruating, she often takes a pregnancy test from the first week to stop her period.
  • Especially if she suffers from lower abdominal pain, which is an early pregnancy symptom.
  • Pregnancy can be likened to a new life where a woman moves from becoming a mother, and it is one of the most beautiful moments for every woman.
  • Although the pregnant woman during pregnancy suffers from many aches and follows a diet, the joy of seeing the fetus and picking it up in her hands makes her forget all the torment.

How does pregnancy happen?

  • Pregnancy begins when the male sperm fertilizes the female egg ready for fertilization, which after weeks of pregnancy will turn into a fetus.
  • The period of pregnancy varies from one pregnancy to another, but it does not exceed 40 weeks, and the pregnancy is calculated starting from the cessation of the first last menstrual period.
  • After the sperm fertilizes the egg, the cell implants in the uterine wall and results in some blood spots.
  • The development of the fetus inside the mother’s womb continues for 9 months until the time of birth and the placenta become a link with the outside world.
  • A woman needs to take care of her health for the health of her fetus through an integrated healthy diet.

Common pregnancy symptoms:

After the first week of pregnancy, most women experience various signs of pregnancy, which we can mention to you the most important and common ones:


  • One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is the absence or delay of menstruation or menstruation for more than a week.
  • In some cases, the menstrual cycle can be irregular, especially for women who have used birth control pills before.

Hormonal changes:

  • Pregnancy is accompanied by hormonal changes that appear as swelling in the breasts.
  • This is also accompanied by a feeling of pain in them, in addition to the enlargement of the gray area around them and their transformation into gray.

Nausea and vomiting:

  • Nausea and vomiting are the most common signs of pregnancy, so it is necessary to know the  difference between nausea and regular nausea .
  • Nausea can strike a pregnant woman at any time of the day and is most common in the early morning after waking up.

urinating more than usual

  • One of the signs of pregnancy is frequent urination due to the increased blood flow in the pregnant woman’s body during pregnancy.
  • The kidneys work to remove excess fluid from the body of the pregnant woman and transfer them to the bladder, which results in frequent urination.

Fatigue and asthenia:

  • Feeling tired is one of the early signs of pregnancy as the body begins to adapt itself to a new stage, which is embracing the fetus.
  • Hormonal secretions also play an important role in generating a feeling of fatigue, especially the increase in the secretion of progesterone, which generates lethargy and the desire to sleep.

Other pregnancy symptoms:

Some other symptoms of pregnancy that increase in the first three months of pregnancy appear on some women at the beginning of pregnancy, and among the most important of these symptoms we mention to you:

Mental state and bad mood (pregnancy symptoms):

  • Pregnant women suffer from strange fluctuations in the psychological state and mood swings that cannot be explained.
  • We can also notice agitation in the early stages of pregnancy, crying and sadness quickly.

staining (pregnancy symptoms):

  • Spotting or vaginal bleeding, which is one of the first signs of pregnancy, caused by the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall.
  • Spotting can also be noticed in some women and may not be noticed in others.

puff (pregnancy symptoms):

  • During pregnancy, a pregnant woman suffers from severe swelling similar to the swelling at the beginning of her period.
  • The bloating experienced by a pregnant woman is caused by hormonal changes.

Cramps and spasms (pregnancy symptoms):

  • Cramps and cramps are among the early signs of pregnancy that a pregnant woman experiences.
  • Cramps result from the muscle contractions of the uterine wall, which will receive the fetus throughout the months of pregnancy.

Digestive problems (pregnancy symptoms):

  • Most pregnant women at the beginning of pregnancy suffer from digestive problems, and one of the most common problems they face is constipation.
  • The problems of snoring also increase in the last months of pregnancy, which explains why the pregnant woman stays in the bathroom for long periods.

Sensation of food (pregnancy symptoms):

  • The hormonal changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman lead to a change in her sense of food and taste.
  • We also note that pregnant women want to eat very specific foods, which is known as welhams, or they are alienated from some other foods.

Nasal congestion (pregnancy symptoms):

  • Increased blood in the body of a pregnant woman leads to swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose, which leads to blockage of the nose or fluid flow from it.
  • The nasal congestion also leads to dehydration and frequent bleeding.

sexual arousal (pregnancy symptoms):

  •  The effect of pregnancy on sexual arousal varies from woman to woman in pregnancies.
  • Where we find that some pregnant women repel sexual relations during pregnancy.

Toothache (pregnancy symptoms):

  • One of the common signs of  toothache during pregnancy , which many pregnant women suffer from frequently.
  • Therefore, attention should be paid to the diet that maintains the health of the pregnant woman and her fetus.

high body temperature:

  • High body temperature is one of the symptoms of pregnancy experienced by some pregnant women.
  • Where the body works to raise its temperature due to hormonal changes in it.

Is it possible to be 100% sure of pregnancy (pregnancy symptoms)?

One of the most frequently asked questions among women is how do I know that I am pregnant from the first day of pregnancy. There are several ways to know that you are pregnant, by using a pregnancy test device and relying on the symptoms that we mentioned to you in the article.

But we must know that these signs give complete certainty that you are pregnant without doing medical tests in order to ascertain the status of pregnancy in order to deal with it in the best way to preserve your health and the health of your fetus.
If you have any problems related to pregnancy, you can leave your question in the comments so that the specialist will answer it by providing the best advice.

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