Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening | The types of plastic surgeries vary. There are plastic surgeries that target the face in general or parts of it, including rhinoplasty or Hollywood smile . Laser teeth whitening is one of the many types

Laser teeth whitening:

Laser teeth whitening | The types of plastic surgeries vary. There are plastic surgeries that target the face in general or parts of it, including rhinoplasty or Hollywood smile . Laser teeth whitening is one of the many types of cosmetic surgeries that aim to draw a smile on the face.

Any beautiful face must have a beautiful smile that adorns it, and there is no doubt that the beauty of a smile is not complete without a bright pearly white!

Among the various methods in the field of dental treatment and esthetics for whitening, there are home methods using natural materials and others using whitening pastes or other materials. Laser whitening remains the fastest and most effective in the clinic. If you are longing for a beautiful smile, follow us until the end of the laser teeth whitening article!

Laser teeth whitening methods:

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure that takes place in the dental clinic, carried out by the specialized doctor by applying a bleaching substance called hydrogen peroxide to the teeth and exposing them to a certain intensity of light, all of this is done according to systematic steps as follows:

  • The doctor cleans the gums and the surfaces of the teeth from the accumulations of calculus or tartar, if any, before starting the whitening process.
  • To begin the whitening process, the doctor applies a barrier material to the gums and other soft tissues in the oral cavity to avoid damaging the bleaching material.
  • After making sure that the gums are safe, the surfaces of the teeth to be whitened are dried and the hydrogen peroxide-containing substance that we mentioned previously is applied to the tooth surfaces and left for fifteen minutes.
  • The doctor exposes the material to light, which leads to the separation of hydrogen atoms and their interaction with the surface of the tooth, leading to the removal of pigmentation from it.
  • The doctor removes the bleaching material and reapplys it again. It can be applied a maximum of three times in the same session, knowing that increasing the number of times of application to the permissible limit makes the teeth whiter each time.
  • The doctor finishes the operation by removing the bleaching material and the gum sealant, thus we will have white teeth five or six degrees than before, and all this within ninety minutes or less!

My Experience with Laser Teeth Whitening:

Maya Elaine wrote on her blog about her laser teeth whitening experience, saying:

  • “I had years of struggling with braces and it cost my parents a lot of money.
  • And after I had perfectly aligned teeth, I felt that my smile needed to be whiter.
  • So I decided to try laser teeth whitening. In fact, I wasn’t expecting such impressive results.
  • I felt that the color of my teeth was completely different and that made me very happy.
  • As for the side effects, they were minor and were limited to a simple allergy and abstaining from certain foods.
  • But I would advise anyone who is still thinking about the correctness of their choice of laser teeth whitening to make sure that it is a completely right decision and make it!

What do you think of laser teeth whitening:

From a medical point of view, laser teeth whitening is the best way to whiten teeth and much better than others, such as home bleaching with bleaching molds, using bleaching pastes, using home recipes, etc… for several reasons, including:

  • As we mentioned earlier, the substance responsible for bleaching is hydrogen peroxide, whose concentration in laser bleaching is thirty-five percent.
  • While it is impossible to exceed ten percent in any other way.
  • The blue light used in the laser whitening process speeds up the chemical reaction to release hydrogen molecules.
  • This reduces the time needed to remove pigmentation to half the time that is required in other methods.
  • Not to mention that all home methods cause double sensitivity than those caused by laser whitening.
  • This is because it is based on eroding the surface of the teeth or the enamel layer responsible for protecting the tooth to remove pigmentation.
  • In contrast to laser whitening, which penetrates into this layer to remove pigmentation with minimal erosion.
  • Medically, laser teeth whitening has an effectiveness that depends on the genetic makeup of your teeth themselves. Each of us has a completely specific tooth color, such as the color of our eyes or the color of our skin.
  • The bleaching will do its job to the extent of the color your teeth will naturally allow.
  • This is what marketing companies don’t tell you, they make it seem like everyone can achieve the same degree of whiteness.

How much does laser teeth whitening cost?

  • It is very difficult to determine an approximate price for laser teeth whitening because it is a cosmetic procedure that is not covered by health insurance companies.
  • But it roughly ranges between 400-1500 dollars, depending on the country or region and the medical devices used.

Tips after laser teeth whitening:

There are very important instructions that your doctor must provide you with after completing your laser teeth whitening session, which are:

  • It is strictly forbidden to eat any colored foods or drinks such as coffee, tea, cola, berries, etc… for at least the first three days after bleaching.
  • This is because the pores in the enamel layer are open and highly pigmented.
  • Five days after the whitening process, the color is completely fixed and you are allowed to eat or drink these drinks.
  • The durability of your result is inversely proportional to the amount of colorants you ingest.

In the event that you have to eat any of these foods or drinks, there are some tricks that you can follow to reduce the harm, including:

  • Use a straw or straw to drink these drinks so that you can swallow them before they touch your teeth.
  • Drink water immediately after drinking or eating colored food, so that you have washed it off the surface of the tooth.
  • Apply an insulating substance, Vaseline, to the surface of the tooth before drinking or eating these foods, thus reducing their effect on the teeth as much as possible.

Noting that all of these tips mentioned were suggested by the famous American doctor “Launberg”, who treated and beautified the teeth of several celebrities such as Chris Rock and Rachel Simon, and suggested them as auxiliary tricks in emergency cases to reduce the damage and not prevent it completely.

How long does laser teeth whitening last?

The durability of the result depends primarily on you. Good oral care and less colored drinks and foods will make the result more lasting.

  • But in general, you are allowed to whiten your teeth with a laser once every 6 months maximum.
  • It also allows you to apply home bleaching with bleach bars once a month for half an hour to make the whiteness last longer.

Best toothpaste after laser whitening:

Since tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of laser whitening, anti-allergic toothpastes such as Sensodyne are the best choice.

  • In general, there is no clear difference between the effectiveness of all toothpastes in the normal case.
  • Rather, the only point that you should pay attention to is to change the quality of the paste you use every once in a while.
  • Because the germs are in the oral cavity, once they get used to a certain paste, it cannot affect it.

Disadvantages of laser teeth whitening:

The disadvantages of laser teeth whitening are almost negligible compared to its benefits, and it is actually one negative that is limited to the sensitivity of the teeth after whitening.

Which is also lower than other whitening methods. In other words, laser whitening is the most effective and least harmful method in the teeth whitening process .

We hope that we have provided you with all the information you need about laser teeth whitening, and always remember, we are all beautiful as we are, but having a bright smile is always a right choice!

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