female hpv symptoms

female hpv symptoms

female hpv symptoms | HPV is one of the diseases of concern to many people. In this article, we will learn about HPV, how it is transmitted, its symptoms in women, how much it lives outside the body, and whether it can be cured and analyzed.

female hpv symptoms

female hpv symptoms | HPV is one of the diseases of concern to many people. In this article, we will learn about HPV, how it is transmitted, its symptoms in women, how much it lives outside the body, and whether it can be cured and analyzed.

Does HPV disappear and  can HPV be cured for women and men All these questions and more will be answered in today’s article related to the emergence of female hpv symptoms.


What is the papilloma virus?

The papillomavirus, or HPV for short, is a group of viruses responsible for the occurrence of warts that appear on various parts of the body:

  • There is a group of these viruses that are transmitted through sexual contact and result in the occurrence of warts that appear on the genital area.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted disease.
  • There are more than 100 types of HPV, but only limited types are common.
  • HPV has a relationship with the risk of developing cancer in people with the virus, such as cervical cancer.
  • The virus has a wide spread throughout the world, and most people who have multiple sexual activities (homosexual relations) have contracted this virus during their lives.
  • Fortunately for these people, the immune system of 80% to 90% of them eliminates the presence of this virus in the body.
  • It may take up to two years to be completely clear of the virus.
  • In a small percentage of them, the virus remains present for life, and in a good percentage, symptoms of the virus appear.


How is the papilloma virus transmitted?

Before recognizing the symptoms of HPV in women, let us know how the HPV infection is transmitted:

  • Most infections are through sexual contact, and the majority contract the virus shortly after sexual activity.
  • The importance of HPV is evident in its rapid transmission, as it is transmitted by skin contact, so even condoms may not work with this virus.
  • About 90% of HIV infections clear up within two years.


The main symptoms of HPV in women (female hpv symptoms ):

With regard to the most important female hpv symptoms, the majority of those who are exposed to HPV infection do not show any symptoms. Because the injury is internal to the cervix.

  • Almost the only symptom that can appear when infected with the virus is warts, which may appear in the genital area on the skin.
  • These warts are pink in color, visibly swollen, and illusion to the touch.


HPV analysis:

The annual gynecological examination that takes a sample of a cell may not give a result of infection with the virus, even though the person may be infected and his infection has begun to develop into cancer:

  • According to medical studies dating back to 2016, the annual gynecological examination according to the doctor and the informant who conducts the examination, the probability that the examination will give a result stating that the virus is not present despite the fact that the virus is present ranges between 15% to 40%!.
  • It is worth noting that with the annual gynecological examination, the doctor is satisfied with looking at the cell on the microscope.
  • While the test that inspects for the virus, its result is correct by close to 100%;
  • It is based on the PCR method, which detects the DNA of the virus.


Can the papilloma virus be cured (female hpv symptoms )?

There is no cure for HPV, but the symptoms of the infection can be treated and may go away without treatment:

Salicylic acid medicines:

  • To treat the symptoms of HIV infection, some medical drugs, such as those that contain salicylic acid, can be used.
  • However, these medicines that contain this compound are a double-edged sword, as they can work to get rid of the layers of warts in small proportions.
  • But at the same time, it can cause skin irritation.

Imiquimod ointment:

  • Imiquimod ointment, which is dispensed by prescription, can also be used.
  • This ointment strengthens the ability of the immune system to confront the virus.
  • The ointment has side effects that are embodied in the occurrence of redness and swelling in the place where the ointment was applied.


  • Chemotherapy can be done with trichloroacetic acid, which is shown to burn warts that appear as a symptom of the virus.
  • Irritation at the site of use is a side effect of this method.
  • This can be resorted to surgery in which general or local anesthesia is used according to the number and size of the visible warts.
  • Some treatments, such as nitrogen freezing or electrocautery, can also be resorted to.


Is the papilloma virus is AIDS?

Some are wondering is the papilloma virus is AIDS? In fact, there is a difference between the virus VIH or AIDS virus and the human papilloma virus (VPH) virus.

  • But they belong to the same family in terms of composition and are considered among the most dangerous and rapidly spreading sexual viruses.
  • HPV spreads faster than HIV because it is transmitted through skin contact.
  • It also causes many more deaths than AIDS patients around the world.
  • You can also see the new AIDS treatment, which helped cure many cases.


At the end of the article about female hpv symptoms :

We have learned about the female hpv symptoms , what is the percentage of cases that recover from this disease, how it can be transmitted to a healthy person, and why it is considered one of the most prevalent sexual diseases.

If you have questions about HPV , you can write them in the comments so that the specialized medical team can answer them.

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