5 cm fibroid

5 cm fibroid

5 cm fibroid | Many women suffer from the problem of fibroids, which causes great concern in women, even if fibroids do not carry the risk that other tumors carry.

5 cm fibroid

5 cm fibroid | Many women suffer from the problem of fibroids, which causes great concern in women, even if fibroids do not carry the risk that other tumors carry.

In this article presented to you by Jamal’s Health website, we will learn about fibroids and their normal size. We will also learn about the causes of uterine fibroids, whether the abdomen increases in size and the relationship between it and menopause. We will also learn whether fibroids cause uterine cancer, and we will learn about the treatment of the tumor. Fibroid and the possibility of pregnancy with the presence of fibroid.


What is a fibroid in the uterus?

Before getting to know many details about fibroids, let’s first get to know the origin of fibroids:

  • A fibroid or uterine fibroid is a growth of muscle cells and fibers of uterine tissue.
  • This growth is normal and abnormal, and most importantly, it is not cancerous, as some think, but rather a benign tumor.
  • This development may occur at the expense of the uterine muscle or at the expense of the uterine wall, or it may be located within the uterine muscle.
  • The size of the fibroid varies from one woman to another, as the size varies from 1 cm to more than 30 cm. We may find a fibroid of 3 cm, and we may find a tumor of 5 cm, and there may be a fibroid of 12 cm or other, and it may even exceed the size of the uterus! .


Normal fibroid size:

After we got to know the uterine fibroid, let’s now know the size of the fibroid:

  • The size of a normal fibroid ranges between 1 cm and up to 30 cm or more, it may reach 40 cm.
  • Some people ask “when is the size of the fibroid dangerous?”, and here we say that if the fibroid is large in size, it must be treated quickly; Because in this case, if treatment of the tumor is neglected, the uterus will be prone to suffering from the symptoms of this tumor, and the situation may progress and lead to other health problems such as anemia and reduce the chances of reproduction.


Causes of uterine fibroids (5 cm fibroid):

After we learned about uterine fibroids and their normal size, we will now mention the most common causes of uterine fibroids:

  • In fact, the cause of the formation of fibroids is unknown, with the agreement of all doctors! .
  • However, it is agreed in the medical field that there is a relationship between fibroids and the female hormone estrogen secreted by the ovaries, so the development of fibroids often occurs at the age of reproductive activity, i.e. at the height of estrogen secretion.
  • Studies have also proven that the genetic factor has a role in fibroids. If the mother has a fibroid, the girl has an increased chance of developing fibroids.
  • Diet, according to medical evidence, has a role in fibroids. Medical studies have shown that excessive consumption of red meat increases the risk of developing fibroids.


Fibroid treatment:

After we have known about the fibroid, its size and the most important causes, we will now learn about the treatment of fibroids:

  • There are fibroids that have symptoms and others that have no symptoms.
  • Asymptomatic fibroids do not require treatment and are often discovered by chance.
  • If there is a fibroid inside the uterine cavity, even if it is small in size, in this case it must be removed.
  • And the specialist doctor determines, in cooperation with the patient, whether the fibroid should be removed or not. As we mentioned earlier, some fibroids do not need treatment.
  • As for the methods of removing fibroids, they are either done by laparoscopy or depending on the process of opening the abdomen, and determining the most appropriate method is done according to the case from one patient to another, and this is what the doctor determines.


Is the fibroid enlarge the size of the abdomen (5 cm fibroid)?

Many wonder whether fibroids lead to an increase in the size of the abdomen, and here is our answer to this question:

  • Yes, in cases where the size of the fibroid is large, that is, when it reaches about the size of a watermelon, it seems clear to the doctor and to everyone that the size of the abdomen of the woman affected by this tumor is large.


Fibroids and menopause:

Many women wonder if there is a link between fibroids and menopause, and the answer to this question is:

  • As mentioned earlier, fibroids are related to hormonal activity, so menopause after menopause stops the secretion of these hormones. Even if there is a fibroid, it can get smaller in size and the possibility of fibroids forming after menopause is very low.


Does fibroid cause uterine cancer (5 cm fibroid)?

After we learned a lot of valuable information about fibroids, we will now know whether fibroids cause uterine cancer:

  • Fibroids do not cause uterine cancer, and they do not increase the risk of uterine cancer and do not play a role in uterine cancer in any way.
  • Also, fibroids, as benign tumors, are almost non-existent in their transformation into malignant tumors.


Is it possible to get pregnant with fibroids (5 cm fibroid)?

After all the information we have discussed about the presence of a 5 cm fibroid, at the end of this article we will know whether it is possible to get pregnant in the presence of a fibroid:

  • Yes, pregnancy can occur with the presence of fibroids, and fibroids do not cause a delay in pregnancy and have no effect on fertility.
  • But the tumor must be followed up with the specialist, because if the tumor increases in size and the condition progresses, the tumor may negatively affect matters related to pregnancy, fertility, and so on.


At the end of the 5 cm fibroid article:

In the article, we learned about the fibroid of 5 cm in size, about the fibroid, its size and the most famous causes. We also learned about its treatment and whether it is possible to get pregnant with the presence of the fibroid, as well as whether the fibroid causes uterine cancer , and we also learned about the association of fibroids with menopause.

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