hemiplegia recovery time and Cure rate for hemiplegia

hemiplegia recovery time

hemiplegia recovery time and Cure rate for hemiplegia | Hemiplegia What are the rates of recovery? And what is the best natural treatment for the treatment of left and right hemiplegia,

hemiplegia recovery time and Cure rate for hemiplegia:

hemiplegia recovery time and Cure rate for hemiplegia | Hemiplegia What are the rates of recovery? And what is the best natural treatment for the treatment of left and right hemiplegia, paralysis expresses the inability to move one of the body’s organs such as the hand, face and foot. Paralysis occurs as a result of multiple factors that we will get to know in our next article. We will also present to you the  herbal treatment of paraplegia, which is natural and tested, and how long does a paralyzed person need to recover when using this natural medicine.

What is reverse paralysis (hemiplegia recovery time)?

Paralysis affects a part of the body when the cortex of the brain or spinal cord is damaged, and this is inversely as follows:

  • When the right cortex is damaged, the left parts of the body are paralyzed.
  • On the other hand, when the damage is in the left cortex of the brain, the paralysis will affect the opposite side of the body organs, which is the right body.

The mechanism of paralysis in the body (hemiplegia recovery time):

A person becomes paralyzed when a person suffers from a defect in the spinal cord and cerebral cortex, through:

  • The spinal nervous system is responsible for delivering most of the motor commands to the body’s organs, and any malfunction in the spinal cord and nerves leads to paralysis.
  • When the cerebral cortex, which contains the nerves that give motor commands, is affected, an interruption in commands occurs, resulting in paralysis.
  • Commands are also transmitted from the spinal cord, which contains spinal nerves that transmit commands to the various muscles of the body.
  • A defect in the spinal cord or cerebral cortex leads to the interruption of motor commands and thus loss of feeling and sensation in the affected organ.

What are the causes of paralysis (hemiplegia recovery time):

Partial, hemiplegic or total paralysis is caused by several factors, the most important of which are:

  • Autoimmune diseases in which the immune system attacks the body due to a mutation or defect in the genes.
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes , liver disease , high pressure and heart disease .
  • Diseases of the cerebral cortex, the most important of which are the meninges that afflict humans after suffering from tuberculosis and meningococcal hemorrhage.
  • Traffic accidents or violent falls on the head as well as violent sports such as American football or boxing.
  • Cancer or brain tumor that may affect the brain or the brain.
  • Abscesses in the brain that press on the arteries in the brain and cause them to burst, leading to bleeding that disrupts some parts of the cerebral cortex.
  • Atherosclerosis leads to a stroke, hemiplegia or thrombosis and results in partial or total paralysis, depending on the places where the damage occurs in the cerebral cortex.
  • Thrombus, which clog the arteries and grow until they close completely and prevent blood from reaching the cerebral cortex, causing their death.
  • Death that may affect some cells of the brain and cerebral cortex causes hemiplegia and paralysis as well.

What are the types of paralysis and how does it happen?

There are two types of paralysis, whether partial or complete, and these two types are:

  • Gradual paralysis is caused by clots that gradually block the course of the artery until it is completely blocked, causing damage to the cerebral cortex.
  • Sudden paralysis where a heart attack or stroke occurs suddenly, causing paralysis and inability to move.

What are the symptoms that affect a person before paralysis occurs (hemiplegia recovery time):

There are several symptoms that affect a person before paralysis occurs, which should be noted:

  • Inability to speak and pronunciation properly with heaviness in the tongue.
  • Difficulty swallowing and inability to eat easily.
  • Numbness and lack of feeling in some parts of the body.
  • Asthenia and general weakness that affects the body and is accompanied by difficulty in movement.
  • Eyesight and abnormal vision problems.
  • Lack of control over urination.

In the event that some of these symptoms are on you, it is preferable that you take tests and visit a doctor, or you can take the treatment that we will mention to you for prevention.

How can you prevent paralysis and stroke?

There are several important things that help you prevent paralysis, one of which is the natural treatment, garlic serum, which prevents clots and strokes and helps in treating them completely. The most important things that you must follow to prevent paralysis are the following:

  • Avoiding smoking, which carries many harmful elements that may cause clots in the arteries, causing blockages.
  • Treating chronic diseases such as  treating high blood pressure and  treating diabetes permanently and  heart disease .
  • Reducing excess weight, which causes many diseases, including cholesterol in the blood, which raises the risk of blocking the arteries. You can also learn about the treatment of obesity with medicines .
  • You can also resort to a gastric bypass or  tummy tuck to get rid of excess weight if you are unable to lose weight through natural diets.
  • Avoid foods rich in cholesterol, fat and salt, which cause high blood pressure, which is a paralyzing chronic disease.
  • Treating depression and mental illnesses that cause great stress to the nerves and thus damage them.
  • Exercising is one of the important things that you must exercise in order to keep your blood circulation active and continuous.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, which is one of the primary causes of hardening of the arteries and heart and liver diseases.

Treatment of paraplegia and total paralysis and prevention of paralysis (hemiplegia recovery time):

Today we will talk about the best medicine for the treatment of partial or total paralysis, and this natural medicine also helps in the prevention of paralysis, stroke and stroke by taking it once every 3 months, as this treatment is tested and guaranteed and has achieved amazing therapeutic results, thankfully, and it is manufactured by a company Turkish Golden Lotus specializes in manufacturing fully natural remedies.

What is a natural therapeutic food supplement?

A natural treatment that helps prevent clots and reduces its effects and the partial or complete paralysis that may be left behind.

What is the benefit of a natural supplement?

  • It helps prevent the risk of stroke or stroke.
  • Contributes effectively to the opening of clogged arteries connected to the brain and heart.
  • It removes the veins and arteries of cholesterol.
  • Treats cases of partial, half and complete paralysis.

Treatment Ingredients (hemiplegia recovery time):

  • 30% garlic seeds.
  • 40% garlic bark.
  • 30% garlic root.

How to use the treatment:

Treatment is used for the prevention and complete treatment of various types of paralysis, as follows:

In order to prevent clots:

  • The treatment is used once every 3 months.
  • Put 7 drops in a glass of water and stir well.
  • Drink it before dinner once every 3 months.

Treating the effects of strokes and strokes:

  • Mix 7 drops of natural remedy in a glass of water well.
  • Drink the mixture 3 times a day, one hour before meals, on an empty stomach.

Complete paralysis treatment:

  • A patient with complete paralysis needs intensive doses of treatment for 6 months.
  • Mix 20 drops of the remedy in a glass of water well.
  • Drink the mixture 3 times a day, one hour before meals, on an empty stomach.

Contraindications to the use of the remedy (hemiplegia recovery time):

  • The treatment can not be used by people who are allergic to garlic.
  • Do not take this treatment with vitamin C and it is recommended to leave 6 hours between them.
  • Do not use the natural supplement with medicines that contain cortisone.

How to save this property (hemiplegia recovery time): 

  • keep away from the reach of the children.
  • Do not store at high temperature exceeding 30 degrees.

Realistic experiences of partial paralysis treatment (hemiplegia recovery time):

Abu Osama from Sudan:

Sheikh Abu Osama from Sudan is one of the patients who used this treatment and has fully recovered. He says:

  • I was suffering from paralysis in the right part of my body and I find it difficult to move and one day.
  • Abu Muhammad came and told me to use this remedy, it will help you and give you energy.
  • At first, I wasn’t convinced of the effectiveness of the treatment, in fact, but after I tried the treatment for 5 days, I began to feel my hand on the paralyzed limb.
  • After a month, I began to be able to move it, so I decided to continue the treatment until I recovered, and I am now in good health, praise be to God.
Mohammed Al-Enezi from Saudi Arabia (hemiplegia recovery time):
  • One day I was waiting for my wife at our house in Taif, and she was coming from the airport.
  • But when she came, she asked for a taxi, and she had a bag full of valuables.
  • And after she got out of the car, the taxi owner ran away quickly, and when she heard the news.
  • I didn’t know what hit me, I could no longer speak and my right side was completely numb. I even tried to hold my right hand and found it heavy.
  • After that, my family took me to the hospital and I continued to take the medicine for 8 years and the improvement was very noticeable.
  • Then, through one of my relatives who visited Istanbul, I received the treatment for paralysis, and I was not sure that it would change anything.
  • But, Glory be to God, after a short period of use, I felt an energy and a huge difference in my body.
  • I also started to move my hand more and I could speak properly again, it actually worked magic.
  • And now, thank God, I am fine and healthy, and I have returned to my normal life without any paralysis or disease.

You can request treatment by contacting Lotus Golden and request the product. You can also inquire about the rest of its details through the following link (hemiplegia recovery time):

Hemiplegia treatment request

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