most beautiful teeth shape

most beautiful teeth shape

most beautiful teeth shape | hollywood smile bunny teeth Cosmetic surgery has become  one of the necessary operations in our time, the most famous of which is the Hollywood smile and rhinoplasty .

most beautiful teeth shape

most beautiful teeth shape | hollywood smile bunny teeth Cosmetic surgery has become  one of the necessary operations in our time, the most famous of which is the Hollywood smile and rhinoplasty .

You must have noticed recently those pearl-like teeth that some people in general and most celebrities have, especially in their photos on Instagram and various social networking sites, let us tell you more! About what this smile is and how to get it.


Where did the Hollywood bunny smile come from?

First, let’s get acquainted with the history of the Hollywood smile of rabbit teeth:

  • The Hollywood Bunny Smile is a cosmetic procedure created by Doctor Charles Pincus from Los Angeles in 1928.
  • He was called the “star doctor”.
  • He first created it as a temporary solution for stars and actors to wear while doing scenes to make their smiles more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Then it was developed into a permanent solution.


What is the Hollywood bunny smile (most beautiful teeth shape)?

bunny teeth hollywood smile

  • The “rabbit teeth” procedure aims to give the smile an aesthetic appearance, characterized by straight, whiter teeth.
  • With a slight elongation of the upper front teeth relative to the rest of the teeth in the dental arch, or as they are also known as “the two folds”.
  • It relies on attaching cosmetic scales to the outer surface of the tooth or placing crowns surrounding the entire tooth.
  • And some need other treatments such as straightening, lip lift, whitening and other treatments in the context of getting this smile.


Why would I need a Hollywood hare smile (most beautiful teeth shape)?

The most important reason for installing a Hollywood smile on a bunny’s teeth is simply to get an attractive smile:

  • Suffering from internal pigmentation of the teeth that cannot be removed by whitening in the clinic or home whitening, so we need to cover the teeth with cosmetic veneers.
  • Teeth that are too short or generally poorly shaped.
  • Teeth previously decayed and treated with large fillings add to a bad appearance.
  • Treatment of the problem of spaces between the teeth.
  • At the same time, there are some aesthetic problems that cannot be treated by Hollywood Smile , but rather require more complex treatments such as surgical or orthodontic treatments.


Are rabbit teeth a sign of beauty (most beautiful teeth shape)?

It is known that the Hollywood smile of rabbit teeth, or as it is known as “Hollywood Smile” depends on changing the shape of the teeth with three articular changes, namely:

  • Make the teeth aligned without leaving any overlap or spaces between them.
  • Giving teeth a bright white.
  • Grant the front years a slight extension, as mentioned above.

Hence, we conclude that the last condition is necessary for the smile to conform to the standards of the ideal shape of the teeth, and therefore rabbit teeth are certainly among the signs of beauty that the world knew even before they knew dentistry or dental prostheses!


Types of rabbit smile and factors affecting its choice:

  • The shape of the Hollywood smile, the right bunny teeth, inevitably differs from one person to another, and no one smile or template can suit everyone, and the type of appropriate smile depends on several factors, including:
face shape:
  • Oval teeth are suitable for people with an oval face shape.
  • Elongated teeth are suitable for the elongated face and pointed chin, and square teeth are suitable for the oblique face of the square shape.
Tooth color:
  • There are more than 20 degrees of dental implant colors, but the degrees used in a rabbit’s smile for humans are only 4 degrees.
  • They are BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4.
  • (BL1 the whitest, BL4 the lightest.)
  • The appropriate degree is chosen according to the color of the patient’s skin and it is not permissible to choose it according to desire, as many people mistakenly choose the whiter degree and end up with a smile that does not suit them.
Age and other factors:
  • Such as the specific proportions of the size, length and shape of the teeth in relation to the rest of the face, such as the smile line.
  • It is the part of the tooth that should appear when smiling, which is equal to about three-quarters of the length of the tooth in young adults, and half or less in middle-aged people, and so on.
  • Of course, this is what the doctor takes into account before determining the appropriate smile shape for the patient.
  • Which will give his teeth a natural appearance as possible and is not the responsibility of the patient at all.
  • Trust your doctor’s opinion before choosing a tooth shape that does not suit your face!


Materials used when installing a bunny smile (most beautiful teeth shape):

There are several materials that can be used to make this star smile, and they are:

  • It is one of the materials from which veneers or dental crowns are made.
  • Which has the same hardness and strength as natural teeth.


  • Emax is even stronger than porcelain or natural teeth and gives a better aesthetic appearance.
  • It is less thick which makes it look more natural.


  • Lumineers are indicated for patients who have very severe pigmentation or poorly shaped teeth because they provide a higher coverage of imperfections.
  • But it is not as common as porcelain and Emacs, due to their high price compared to the latter two.

Direct optical fillings:

  • It is the cheapest, fastest and easiest, and it can be accomplished in one session.
  • But it needs to be replaced continuously due to its discoloration and pigmentation over time or even its breakage, being weaker than the aforementioned materials.


Each of these substances has different indications for specialists, your doctor will choose the most suitable substance for your condition.


Celebrity Beauty Bunny Teeth:

  • It can be said that the vast majority of celebrities enjoy a Hollywood smile, including famous footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo and others.
  • Also, this procedure is very popular in the artistic community, where the widespread use of Hollywood smile, rabbit teeth.
  • For example, the teeth of Roaa Al-Sabban and Haifa Wehbe.


Steps to install a Hollywood bunny smile:

After all this explanation about dental ceramics, we must clarify the steps for making and applying a Hollywood smile for rabbit teeth, which usually takes about 3 weeks, and they are as follows:

  • The doctor performs a process called “tooth preparation”, which is based on removing about half a millimeter from the surface of the tooth in the event that the treatment plan includes only scales.
  • Or one millimeter if it includes full crowns, to secure an area on which the veneers or cosmetic crowns are placed, of course, after the patient is anesthetized.
  • The doctor sends an example of the patient’s teeth to the specialized laboratory to make veneers or crowns.
  • After it arrives from the laboratory, the doctor cleans the surface of the tooth and then adds an adhesive substance to the surface of the tooth to stick the crusts or crowns that were made in the laboratory to suit the patient’s condition.


How much is the price of a Hollywood smile rabbit teeth (most beautiful teeth shape)?

The average cost of a Hollywood smile for rabbit teeth ranges between 3000-5000$, knowing that it is very difficult to determine an approximate price, as its cost varies from one place to another in the world and from one doctor to another and depending on several factors such as the type of material, its quality, the treatments required before performing it, etc.

It also depends on the number of teeth on which the veneers are to be installed according to the patient’s desire, as most people have 8 upper teeth when smiling, and some prefer to use veneers for the teeth of the lower jaw as well.


Features of installing a Hollywood bunny smile:

Hollywood smile, rabbit teeth, undoubtedly add a beautiful beauty to your smile and improve the psychological state significantly, especially for patients who were suffering from the shape of their teeth more than others.


 Disadvantages of installing a Hollywood hare smile (most beautiful teeth shape):

If you have gone to a dental clinic before to consult a doctor, you may have heard phrases such as “Why don’t you try orthodontic treatment instead?” or “Your teeth only need whitening” and others, because orthodontic treatment, for example, is for life, but it takes longer. It gives the same aesthetic result while Hollywood Smile may have some very minor disadvantages, such as:

  • Even if the scales have fallen off, you cannot reverse your decision after preparing the tooth and removing part of the enamel.
  • You need to stick them again or replace them because your teeth will not be looking their natural under the veneers.
  • In other words, a Hollywood smile cannot remove a rabbit’s teeth after it has been placed.
  • Causes exacerbation of gum problems and caries, if they were previously present.
  • Note that the materials from which the Hollywood smile is made of rabbit teeth are bio-acceptable from the gums and teeth in the normal state.
  • It can lead to gingivitis if the edges of the scales that touch the gums are not good.
  • It cannot be changed before at least 10 years have passed since its installation, as you cannot choose another color or shape if you do not like the color or shape.
  • The preparation itself may weaken the tooth structure, even in a small way, which may cause tooth sensitivity.


How to choose the right cosmetic dental center (most beautiful teeth shape):

If you want to get a high-quality Hollywood smile, rabbit teeth, and without any side complications, you can contact the Health and Beauty Center in Istanbul, which provides dental cosmetic services at the highest levels, and also includes cosmetic doctors with more than 35 years of experience.

You can contact the Health and Beauty Center in order to inquire about the Hollywood smile of rabbit teeth through the following link:

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