benign stomach tumor symptoms

benign stomach tumor symptoms

benign stomach tumor symptoms | What are the symptoms of the spread of stomach cancer , how is the operation to remove stomach cancer, does the blood test detect stomach cancer, are there cases of stomach cancer that have been cured

benign stomach tumor symptoms

benign stomach tumor symptoms | What are the symptoms of the spread of stomach cancer , how is the operation to remove stomach cancer, does the blood test detect stomach cancer, are there cases of stomach cancer that have been cured, and how can stomach cancer be treated.

In most cases, a person with benign stomach tumors has no symptoms and is diagnosed sideways as a result of other medical tests, and then this tumor is removed. In this article, we will learn about the stages and symptoms of malignant stomach cancer.


stomach cancer:

It is a malignant disease that affects the stomach as a result of a defect in the growth of cells. Gastric cancer is divided into two types:

  • Type I: affects the upper part of the stomach.
  • The second type: affects the lower part of the stomach.


Staging of stomach cancer:

The stages of development of stomach cancer include the following:

  • Early stage: the tumor has spread to the upper layer of tissue that lines the esophagus or stomach, and the tumor may reach a limited part of the nearby lymph nodes.
  • The second stage: In this stage, the spread of the malignant tumor reaches the layer of the muscles of the stomach and esophagus and the cells of the lymph nodes.
  • The third stage: Here the cancer has spread in all layers of the esophagus and stomach, and then begins to spread to nearby organs, and in some cases it has spread more widely in the lymph nodes.
  • Fourth stage: In this stage, the malignant cancerous tumor has spread to distant parts of the body.


The main benign stomach tumor symptoms:

One of the most important benign stomach tumor symptoms that appears in the early stages of the disease is spread, which is difficult to diagnose and often not detected until its last stages, and here its treatment is futile. Common symptoms of stomach cancer include the following:

  • The patient may find it difficult to swallow food when eating it.
  • heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • stomach pain
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Loss of appetite or satiety after eating small amounts of food.


Stomach cancer causes:

There are no clear reasons yet showing the factors that increase the incidence of this disease or accelerate its spread, but it is known about this disease that it begins when a defect occurs in the DNA of one of the cells, where the growth increases rapidly and the cell multiplies rapidly, as the proliferating and developing cells form a tumor that spreads It destroys and destroys body tissues, and over time, these cells may divide and spread to other parts of the body.


Factors that increase the risk of stomach cancer:

These factors include:

  • Aging and aging
  • Gender, meaning that males are twice as likely to be affected than women.
  • Family history and genetics
  • When infection with the stomach germ that causes stomach ulcers, in the absence of treatment, it can cause stomach cancer.
  • Having stomach surgery increases the risk of stomach cancer.
  • Smoking can increase the risk of stomach cancer.
  • The use of some types of chemicals increases the risk of stomach cancer.


Stomach cancer cure rate:

Determining the cure rate of stomach cancer depends on the extent of the spread of cancer cells and the stage in which the disease was discovered. The chance of survival for five years is about 75% if diagnosed at an early stage and decreases to 0-40% if the disease is diagnosed in its advanced stages and the last


Does stomach cancer lead to death?

Stomach cancer ranks fourth among the most common types of cancer that cause death, as the number of deaths due to stomach cancer is estimated at one million people annually.


Stomach cancer treatment:

Stomach cancer is often discovered in its advanced stage, so the recovery rate is low in most cases. Despite that, a number of treatment options are available. The chances of successful treatments and cancer cure increases whenever it is discovered at an early stage, and the available treatments include the following:

Surgical work:

Where the tumor and surrounding cells are removed to ensure that it does not spread again


In which chemicals are used in order to limit the spread of cancer cells, but chemotherapy causes side effects, so it is preferable to use it after surgery to improve the result.

Herbal cancer treatment:

The  treatment of cancer with natural herbs  , including what is manufactured by Kashgarli Sultan Company for Uyghur Herbal Medicine, can be used to treat cancer permanently


Natural stomach cancer treatment:

Natural herbs help in the treatment of cancer permanently and have been used in alternative medicine since ancient times. Kash Reishi treatment is considered one of the best natural cancer medicines , as it is manufactured in the Turkish company Kashgarli Sultan. The doctor, Marbouba Kashgarli Sultan, invented this treatment. KAŞ REİSHİ treatment is characterized by the following:

  • A treatment made of natural herbs and does not have any side effects.
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  • It also works to get rid of cancer cells and expel them from the body.

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At the end of the article benign stomach tumor symptoms:

In the article, the benign stomach tumor symptoms, we have learned about the causes of benign stomach cancer and the most important symptoms that appear on the patient, in addition to clarifying the different methods of treatment.

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