The benefits of onions

The benefits of onions

The benefits of onions |What are the benefits of onions?  Onions are one of the oldest vegetables known to man and used in his food.

The benefits of onions:

The benefits of onions | What is the meaning of the word onion in English (Onions), so what are the benefits of onions? onion

The benefits of onions for whooping cough:

  •  Cook onions in boiling water in which plant sugar is dissolved until they are knotted and become like honey.
  • Put in a vial.
  • Take a spoonful of it after each meal and for children a teaspoon three times a day.

Benefits of onions for asthma:

  • Drink a cup in the morning and evening of a mixture of honey and onion juice.
  • Continue on it for a whole month, it is very useful in treating asthma.


  • A heated onion poultice is placed over the chest and wrapped in a cloth, before bedtime daily, as it is a treatment to eliminate pneumonia.
  • We will explain the work of poach onions at the end of the article.

The benefits of onions for the prostate:

  • Soak chopped onions in apple cider vinegar for three days.
  •  Then drink a cup of it on an empty stomach for ten consecutive days.

Benefits of Onion for Dysuria:

  • Cut the onions into rings and heat.
  • A spray is placed over the right and left side on the kidneys, above the bladder and below the navel.
  • With drinking onion juice, lemon and honey in hot water once or twice.

The benefits of onions for strength and activity:

  • Drink onion juice mixed with tomato juice with a little salt, it strengthens and renews activity at any time.
  •  The onions are boiled with lamb and then beaten together in the blender with a cup of cultured wheat and drunk as broth two hours after lunch, it gives the body strength, activity and vitality.
  •  The radish seeds are ground and kneaded in onion juice and eaten in olive oil with cheese and soft thyme, as it is very tonic.

The benefits of onions for reproductive strength:

  • Brought a cup of honey and half a cup of onion and boil together until the onion evaporates and that the lack of smell completely.
  • Then a spoonful of it is taken after each meal.
  • Likewise, eating grilled onions with pistachios, palm sprouts and honey is amazing.

The benefits of onions for mental illness:

  • Boil onions with its peel and then eaten.
  • Or take onion juice with lettuce juice with a spoon of honey and hit this mixture in the blender and drink iced.

The benefits of onions for cancer:

  • Onion peel is taken after drying it well in the sun.
  •  Then it is ground with a quantity by weight of oak bark and kneaded in honey.
  •  A spoon is taken from it after each meal, dissolved in carrot juice daily for a continuous month.
  •  However, inhale the steam of the onion before going to sleep for the same period.

Benefits of onions for rheumatism:

  • Massage the place of pain with onion steam with olive oil before bed.
  •  By cutting a large onion in a pot of water and boiling it to put the affected area over the pot to receive steam with olive oil.
  • And the massage is done in the morning and take a teaspoon of dried thyme paste with honey as much as a cup for a week.

The benefits of onions for bruises and bruises:

  • Mix onion juice with its amount of camphor oil, and rub this mixture into the place of injury, morning and evening.
  •  With immobility and fatigue of the affected member.

Benefits of onions to heal fractures and relieve their pain:

  • Onion soup is cooked in the bone marrow, especially camels, and if it is not available, then cow bones.
  •  And drink like broth in food daily.
  • After removing the splint, eat a lot of onions, as this strengthens the nerves and helps to speed up the fusion of the fracture.

The benefits of onions for cancerous sores:

  • Take onion juice as much as a cup.
  • Nettle is taken, an herb known to farmers, and its leaves are squeezed out as much as a spoonful and added to onion juice.
  •  And knead the amount of henna so that it becomes in the form of an ointment.
  •  Apply it to cancerous sores every day with a lot of drinking a mixture of nettles and onions as much as a teaspoon of each.
  •  Followed by drinking a cup of milk sweetened with honey.

The benefits of onions for boils:

  • Chop onions and heat in olive oil without yellowing.
  • And put the ointment and bandage it.
  • And change it with daily cleaning.
  • Even if the pus is removed from it, use the black seed oil to completely heal it.

Benefits of onions for rotting wounds:

  • Chop the onion and knead it in olive oil or honey and apply it to the wound daily.

Benefits of onions for varicose veins:

  • The grated onion poultice is placed with its pot of cypress after chopping, and this plant is abundant on the banks of canals and rivers.
  •  And bandage them together after mixing them from evening to morning daily for a week.

Benefits of onions for swollen fingers in winter:

  • The heated onion poultice is placed on the affected hand or foot in the evening before bed and until the morning.
  •  Then remove and wash the hand and then paint with olive oil with massage.

The benefits of onions for headaches:

  • Boil grated onions with ground cloves and a paste of olive oil and leave until cool.
  •  Then filter it and take the oil and rub it in the place of the headache, while drinking a spoonful of it before bedtime, and this treatment is a nerve tonic.

The benefits of onions for acne:

  •  An onion is taken and climbed, then mashed and kneaded in wheat flour (grain flour) and an egg is beaten in it with a spoonful of sesame oil.
  • And then paint from this paint morning and evening for the face.
  •  With a lot of eating onions to purify the blood and clean the stomach.

Benefits of onions for eczema:

  • Take onion juice and the same from wild thyme and make a cream from it.
  •  Painted with it after clearing the eczema with a very diluted vinegar solution.
  • This is repeated daily with a lot of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, yeast bread and honey.

Benefits of onions for skin cancer:

  • Take onion juice, fenugreek flour and yellow sulfur as much as a quarter teaspoon.
  • An ointment is made from it.
  •  And paint it daily.
  • And after washing the evening painted with olive oil.
  •  It continues for a week.

Benefits of onions for kidney disease and stones:

  • Take an onion without peeling it and stuff it with flour of dates nuclei after roasting it like coffee.
  •  Then eaten once every day for a week, it eliminates kidney infections and expels stones and salts.


  • Drink a cup of onion broth after every meal.
  •  The broth is cooked by boiling three onions for a quarter of an hour in a pot of water, then filtered.

Cough onion benefits for adults and children:

  • Take an onion, chop and throw in a cup of honey for three hours.
  • Then filter the honey and take a spoonful of it after each meal to purify the blood and body of salts.
  •  And you get used to eating even an onion with cheese and olive oil, as this is a sure cleanser for the body and a blood purifier.

Onion benefits for diabetes:

  • Eat an onion daily, it reduces sugar, and then eat cabbage seeds, this eliminates urinary sugar completely.

Benefits of onions for diphtheria:

  • Chop the onion and heat it dry on a low heat.
  •  Then put a poultice on the throat and lower jaw daily.
  •  And we can stick a gauze bandage on it.
  •  Taking onion juice with lemon and warm water morning and evening.

Onion benefits for tonsillitis:

  •  A heated onion poultice is placed around the neck and over the throat with gargling with onion juice and honey three times a day.

The benefits of onions for ear diseases:

  • A heated minced onion poultice is placed behind the ear flap, and dripping from onion juice and olive oil is placed in the ear, morning and evening, with cleaning each time.

Benefits of onion spleen:

  • Grill onions with its peel after stuffing it with black bean and fennel.
  • Then the onion is eaten as a sandwich with olive oil and a little cheese or grilled spleen, as it benefits the spleen very much.
  •  It can be eaten every two or three days.

The benefits of onions For hair loss:

Take onion juice and rub it into the scalp before bedtime, with washing in the morning with warm water until hair loss stops.

 for dizziness:

  • Stuff an onion with coriander and roast it in the oven with its peel after sealing its head.
  •  Then eaten, including sandwiches with cheese or butter.

The benefits of onions For eye diseases:

  • Mix two equal pots of onion juice and honey and drip from this mixture in the eye, as it is the best drop for the eyes.

 White water in the eye:

  • Drip morning and evening in the eye from a mixture of onion juice and honey in equal amounts, it is tried and effective.

 For weight loss and dieting:

To enjoy a fit and athletic body, to melt grease, and to eliminate the rumen and flabbiness, for men and women, you must follow the following:

  • We drink daily one teaspoon of onion juice and can mix it in fruit juice.
  • A lion man, which is a plant sold in the shops of perfumery (Loof Seven), and he drinks an emulsion morning and evening.
  • No dinner except with a cup of yogurt only with some fruits.
  • Lots of walking and exercise.

The benefits of onions For the common cold:

  • Put a poultice of heated onions over the neck hand hair.
  •  While inhaling the onion steam, boil a chopped onion in water over a low heat.

 For influenza:

  • A large onion is eaten in the evening before bed, and then a lemon is eaten with its peel.

The benefits of onions for cough:

  • Boil onion juice with honey and drink a spoonful with every meal.
  • And put onion poultice on the chest with a bandage of paper before bedtime.

The benefits of onions For low blood pressure:

  •  Onion juice is taken as much as a spoonful of dyestuffs, and an emulsion is made of them.
  • By adding a spoonful of each to a cup of hot water.
  • And drink like tea in the evening before going to sleep.

 For angina pectoris:

  • Massage the chest with onion oil and drink the emulsion or a thousand leaves on an empty stomach.
  • The emulsion is made like heavy tea, which is placed in a hot water cooler.
  • And dipped for five minutes, then drain and drink.

The benefits of onions For indigestion:

  • Climb an onion with its peel, then throw away the peel and mash it in honey.
  • It is eaten in a sandwich with honey and repeated once or twice.
  •  As well as if he ate onions with dates, hair, black bean and thyme with cheese.

 To expel gases:

  • Drink onion juice mixed with fenugreek boiled sweetened with honey or plant sugar.
  •  And drink it once a day and pickled onions tested to expel gas.

The benefits of onions For constipation:

  • Squeeze an onion in milk and drink, as this relieves constipation and controls the movement of the stomach.

The benefits of onions For renal colic:

  • Drink a spoonful of onion and a spoon of vinegar after mixing them, the colic ends within minutes.
  •  As well as putting a spray of grated onion with mint or cloves fat on the place of colic.

The benefits of onions For diarrhea:

  • Mix a pot of coffee with grated onion and a spoonful of honey.
  •  It is eaten as much as a cup and the quantities are equal, and this prevents diarrhea and eliminates it.

 To expel worms:

  • The patient is injected with an enema with boiled onions after filtering, and this kills and expels worms.

For vital forces and activity:

  • The onions are grilled with their peel, then peeled and kneaded in honey and wild ghee and placed in wheat bread like a sandwich.
  • It is eaten at breakfast, followed by half a liter of milk.

 To cleanse the mouth :

  • It has been proven that chewing onions for a period of minutes is very sufficient to cleanse the mouth of all microbes, including pathogenic microbes such as diphtheria.

 To disinfect wounds :

  • The use of onion steam in disinfecting some wounds as an antiseptic has been able to heal.

 Thromb prevention :

  • Onions prevent blood from clotting in the arteries of the heart.
  •  Thus, onions are considered an important preventive medicine to maintain the integrity of the heart and prevent attacks and angina pectoris.

Onion Benefits How to prepare onion sprays:

In conclusion of our conversation about onions and their benefits and the diseases that they treat, I saw that I reveal how the bulbs that are used to treat whooping cough, lung infections and boils work, as follows:
The bulb is prepared by cutting onions into slices or chopping onions.
Then heat and cover the place to be treated with slices or minced heated onions.
It is tied with a piece of cloth and then the place is wrapped with a larger piece of wool cloth to preserve heat, with the poultice renewed every 12 hours.

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