Benefits of garlic

Benefits of garlic

Benefits of garlic | Garlic is a natural antibiotic because it contains allicine and garlicine, which has an effective effect against cluster microbes. It is therefore a vital treatment for many diseases.

Benefits of garlic:

The word garlic in English (Garlic) means this natural antibiotic many therapeutic benefits so it is always recommended to include garlic in our daily food, we will talk today about the many benefits of garlic and we will try to include them all following us to the end to learn the benefits of garlic with each disease and how diseases can be treated with garlic.

What’s garlic?

Garlic is a natural antibiotic because it contains allicine and garlicine, which has an effective effect against cluster microbes. It is therefore a vital treatment for many diseases:

The benefits of garlic in the treatment of toxins:

Helps treat toxins when mixed with honey and black bean.

  • Mash five garlic cloves.
  • Mix with a cup of melted honey in the black bean boil.
  • He drinks immediately and repeats morning and evening.

As a stomach disinfectant:

It is a stomach disinfectant of parasites and germs that cause many diseases.

  • Swallow a chopped garlic clove and drink a glass of fennel with honey.
  • This is repeated daily for a week.

The benefits of garlic as a cholesterol solvent and a clot blocker:

Helps lower cholesterol in the body and thus protects this body from a number of serious diseases.

  • During daily food food, mix salad as much as two garlic cloves and eat them with daily salad because garlic has already been shown to be an effective treatment for blood pressure.
  • It should be noted that when the pressure is disciplined, the garlic is stopped so that the pressure does not decrease and therefore the person who suffers from the decline does not use garlic as much as possible.
  • The German professor (Han Rutter) introduced a yogurt containing amounts of garlic oil to a group of volunteers and found that the fat content in their blood as well as cholesterol was significantly lower than in individuals who did not eat garlic.

Benefits of diuretic garlic and antiseptic for urinary ducts:

It is a useful substance in the treatment of bladder and diuretic problems and cleanses the urinary tract.

  • Boil the barley well and after it cools mix with three crushed cloves of garlic.
  • He then drinks on an empty stomach daily with plenty of lemon juice and non-carbonated liquids.

Benefits of garlic for the treatment of amoeba and docentarian:

Helps in the treatment of dysentery or what is scientifically known as ambia, dysenterian or severe diarrhea caused by a child may be in unwashed food.

  • A grain is taken after daily chopping of garlic after each meal for a week.
  • And then drink a tablespoon of olive oil.

For poor digestion, gases and colic:

Used for digestive conditions, gases and colic.

  • Drink pear juice or pears mixed with three cloves of garlic before bed daily.
  • Or drink the time of colic with belly fat with garlic oil mixed with oil.

Benefits of garlic with honey to treat typhoid:

  • Cut five cloves of garlic and mix in a local hot milk with honey and drink before bed with the body fat of the patient’s spine and limbs with garlic oil mixed with olive oil.
  • In the morning, the garlic vapor is inhaled for five minutes.

Garlic benefits for rotting sores:

  • Beat the garlic until it becomes an ointment and stir it on the wound.
  • Wounds can also be cleansed by mixing mashed garlic in warm water and cleaning with this water wound and in this way eliminates the microbes in the wound.

In the treatment of diphtheria:

  • Chew garlic cloves like gum without swallowing for three minutes and then swallow.
  • This is repeated after every daily eating.
  • After this, inhale the boiled garlic vapor in water for three or five minutes, with the precaution of exposure to cold.

Benefits of garlic for alopecia:

  • Take the garlic paste and knead in a teaspoon of gunpowder until it becomes a black ointment.
  • Then we condition the alopecia with a sterile blade until the blood appears.
  • Then place the ointment and stoid over it.
  • This process is repeated for five consecutive days, so alopecia dies and the hair grows.

The most powerful treatment for rheumatism:

  • Beat the garlic head after peeling and then knead in honey with a soft ring spoon until it becomes a paint.
  • After mixing well and then put a spray on the positions of rheumatism from the evening until the morning once or twice so the rheumatism ends completely.

Benefits of garlic for nerves:

  • Cut garlic cloves and swallow with hot milk with drops of amber on the empty stomach daily it strengthens the nerves and makes them completely calm.

Benefits of garlic for deafness:

  • Beat seven cloves of garlic and then put in olive oil.
  • Heat on low heat and after it is fading.
  • Drop it into the ear before bed with a cotton pad.
  • This process is taken away in the morning and this process is repeated day after day, not daily.

Benefits of garlic for influenza:

  • Drink orange juice and lemon, multiplied in seven garlic cloves.
  • This juice is drunk on an empty stomach daily.
  • With inhaling the boiled garlic before bed and after once or twice the flu ends.

Benefits of garlic for cold and leaching:

  • Swallow a garlic clove after each eat with lemon garlic juice and inhaled garlic vapor it is wondrous in the treatment of cold diseases.

Benefits of garlic for cancer:

  • Garlic has albin, which is anti-cancer, so I advise all cancer patients to eat too much garlic and carrots constantly.

Benefits of garlic for whooping cough:

  • Cut the garlic cloves as a handful of hands and receive in water with a pinch of salt.
  • Inhale steam before bed and heat until morning.
  • This process is repeated every evening for a week.

Benefits of garlic for pulmonary tuberculosis:

  • Each morning, three cloves are taken and mashed into a piece of bread.
  • It is eaten on an empty stomach and in the evening.
  • Inhale garlic vapor as a recipe for whooping cough.
  • This lasts for a month.

Benefits of garlic for cholera:

  • To prevent cholera when it spreads, a spoonful of garlic paste is taken in honey after each eat.

Benefits of garlic to expel worms:

  • Beat three garlic and put in milk.
  • And drink without sugar the evening before bedtime.
  • In the morning, a drink of beads is taken.
  • This process is repeated from time to time, cleaning the stomach from parasites.

Benefits of garlic for scabies:

  • Take five garlic cloves, chop and knead in grease.
  • From the evening to the morning when a bath is taken, the scabies are taken.
  • Holding on to it successively for a week it purifies the body completely.

Benefits of garlic for breaking up the stone:

  • Take lemon juice, olive oil and a handful of parsley (chopped leaves) each with a cup of garlic and half a cup of mashed garlic.
  • It is mixed together.
  • A spoon is taken before bed daily, followed by drinking a quantity of water.

Garlic benefits for crust:

  • Knock three garlic heads until they are like dough and then knead in apple cider vinegar.
  • Pack in a flask and then leave for a week in the sun.
  • Then paint them from the head with a massage for a week it will eliminate the dandruff and smooth the hair.
  • Note the fat with olive oil afterwards, i.e. after the week.

Benefits of garlic to strengthen memory and general tonic:

  • Beat three cloves of garlic in a blender with three tomatoes and a pinch of salt and drink as iced juice at any time it strengthens mental and physical activity.

Benefits of garlic to strengthen gums and prevent tooth loss:

  • A quantity of peeled lobes is dispersed and the gums massaged with the finger of the index finger.
  • It is then combined with boiling water with parsley to soften the scent of the mouth.
  • Using frankincense or mint.

To strengthen sexual capacity:

  • Take the garlic and mash and then settle in olive oil over low heat until it yellows.
  • Then packed in a small vial.
  • When needed, the root of the urethra (pubic) is painted with a circular massage and washed only after an hour.

For headaches:

  • A little garlic oil paints the place of the headache it will go away as if it wasn’t.
  • Taking a chopped clove with a little water to help reduce and reduce pain and feel it.

For dizziness:

  • Omelette with garlic and olive oil eliminates dizziness completely.
  • It is eaten three times in three consecutive days and is just like a normal omelette.
  • But put the garlic in a substitute for onions with a pinch of salt and spices.

Analgesic for tooth ache:

  • Apply half a clove of garlic to the place of pain and wait a little so the pain will soon go completely.
  • If the pain is all over the jaw, the garlic lobe is placed inside the ear tray to the side of the painable jaw.

To build muscle and strength:

  • Take each day on the empty stomach a large milk cup dissolved with one or two cloves of chopped garlic.
  • And for a month in a row.
  • It stops for a month and then returns.
  • This builds a strong muscular mass even if its owner is old.

Hardening of arteries and blood pressure:

  • Beat the garlic and dump in olive oil.
  • Leave for forty days covered in the sun.
  • Then take a spoon on the empty stomach for forty days.

To prevent the plague and AIDS:

  • With garlic juice, mix three cloves into a cup of honey.
  • Used daily.

For eyes:

  • Chew garlic leaves only.
  • Then put on the eye morning and evening it heals until the rummin.

To treat high blood pressure:

  • If one lobe is taken from it on an empty stomach due to a reduction in fatty and cholesterol in the blood.
  • In fact, garlic not only lowers high blood pressure but also stimulates heart movement and alerts circulation.

At the end of the article:

There are a lot of people who do not eat garlic either for smell or do not like it so we advise everyone to eat garlic because in the healing of each disease which is one of the best natural therapeutic substances, we hope you tell us your experiences in the comments with garlic and do you like it or not?

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