Symptoms of depression in women

Symptoms of depression in women

Symptoms of depression in women | What are the symptoms of simple depression and can it turn into severe depression in women and what are the symptoms of depression for adolescent girls and how to treat psychological depression naturally and medically.

Symptoms of depression in women

Symptoms of depression in women | What are the symptoms of simple depression and can it turn into severe depression in women and what are the symptoms of depression for adolescent girls and how to treat psychological depression naturally and medically.

With the spread of many diseases in this world, we had to talk about some of the widespread mental illnesses, the most important of which are anxiety, depression , bipolar disease , psychosis , autism and other mental illnesses.

At a rate of more than twice, some women suffer from depression, which they develop at any time of life, as among the symptoms of depression in women there are many signs of this disease, which are the change in hormones that occur during the days of menstruation, mood changes, A sense of a future without a goal or hope, a feeling of constant discomfort, in addition to a feeling of weakness, unstable sleep hours and noticing anxiety and tension in many times.

What is a depressive episode?

Depression is a disease that affects a person known as a mood disorder, which results in feelings of sadness and moodiness, as there are two types of it:

Clinical depression.

major depression:

  • This disease negatively affects thinking, behavior, and many different emotional, emotional and physical problems.
  • In addition, it affects the difficulty of carrying out some of the usual daily chores to continue the movement of life.

Causes of depression in girls:

  • Many statistics indicate that there are more than 300 million people worldwide who suffer from depression.
  • Of which approximately four percent of the world’s population, according to the 2018 indicators.
  • Therefore, we find many wondering what led to the high number of people in such a big way, especially among girls.
  • Especially those that appeared in the era of the Internet, technology and advanced luxury.
  • This is due to the method of communication between us, which has become via the Internet, which has resulted in family disintegration and increased psychological injuries.
  • Such as postpartum depression, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, which are known signs of depression in women.

Symptoms of mild depression:

Depression is accompanied by the emergence of a constellation of symptoms on individuals, which are clear by those around the patient, the most prominent of which are:

  • Symptoms of depression in women, a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, and the inability to carry out duties.
  • Social distancing, and frequent apologies for attending social conferences such as invitations, events and parties.
  • Frequent absence from work, study or university places, which represents a warning that something mysterious is happening.
  • Increased pain in the body from the back and neck, headache constantly, feeling stomach pain and body muscles, and loss of energy.
  • Depression causes a change in appetite or weight, and it is a severe noticeable decrease in weight or a sudden high increase.
  • Feeling of sleep disturbances, insomnia or oversleeping.
  • Anger or irritability and a lack of daily happiness, which is represented by sadness and anger.
  • Feeling of excitement, anxiety and sudden agitation.
  • The emergence of a situation of violence in which the tolerance rate may become low.
  • Feeling of fatigue, and lack of a general performance index.
  • Sluggishness, physical fatigue, and self-loathing.
  • Engaging in a lot of dangerous behaviors, such as playing games that put him at risk, or taking drugs and feeling numb.
  • The emergence of a state of imbalance in focus.
  • Symptoms of depression in women are the inability of the person to carry out daily activities, that is, he becomes without a goal or planned hobbies.

Methods of treating depression in women:

Among the ways to treat and eliminate symptoms of depression in women:

Medication for depression:
  • Resorting to the attending physician to prescribe the correct treatment of antidepressant medications that participate in the balance of chemical activities in the brain.
  • These drugs require a period of time from 14 to 21 days for their effect and effect to appear.
  • It may also show many natural side signs, such as loss of appetite, lack of desire for food, dry mouth, excessive sweating, and medication is one of the last resorts to it as a treatment.
Treating depression without medication:

There are a number of ways to treat depression without medication, the most important of which are:

Treatment by daily recording in the diary:
  • It is important for the sick individual to continue to record all the feelings, thoughts and fantasies that happen in his mind.
  • This method may contribute to the treatment if the specialist sees it.
Psychotherapy method:
  • Many psychological therapies have agreed to subsidize scientific research.
  • And try to focus on change and not repetition in the way behaviors, behaviors and ideas.
  • Or based on commenting on crises related to social relations and trying to eliminate it with treatment.
The treatment method is exercise and physical activity:
  • Symptoms of depression in women and their treatment, doing physical exercise, which are generally effective advantages in reducing depression and treating it.
  • As doctors advise a person to do some physical activities for a minimum period of 30 minutes a day.
Therapy with stimulus and support from family and relatives:
  • Many individuals feel stress and anxiety, especially from some family and social ties, which result in some significant negative effects on their psyche.
  • Therefore, providing emotional support from family members and a sense of love, familiar bonding, and support to the individual increases the possibility of not developing depression.
The method of treatment by following some behaviors to get rid of it:

Social communication, and it is preferable to choose the people you want to listen to and contribute to discussions about the many things in life.

  • Helping to find positive solutions to solve problems.
  • Contribute to volunteer activities.
  • Undertake to learn new languages ​​or further study in the desired field.
  • Follow harmless diets and reduce and eliminate depression.
  • Stay away from things that affect your mood.
  • Follow the system of walking in natural areas filled with air and green trees.
  • Despite following these things, you should consult a doctor.

Natural herbal treatment for depression:

Depression treatment from natural herbs KAŞRELAX manufactured by Kaşgarli Sultan Company Kaşrelax has proven its strong effectiveness in treating depression completely and the treatment was invented by Dr. Margoba Kashgarli Sultan, who discovered a number of natural medicines for several diseases, including a medicine for treating severe fear and  treating involuntary urination with herbs and other other diseases.

Features of Kachrylax for Depression:
  • Kachrylax, through the herbs present in it, increases the secretion of happiness hormones that treat depression.
  • It also helps to secrete endorphins and serotonin.
  • Endorphins have an analgesic effect.
  • Serotonin gives a feeling of happiness and vitality.
  • It also helps to get rid of all the problems related to panic attacks.
  • It strengthens memory.
  • Helps treat prolonged sleep.

In the event that you suffer from depression, you can contact Kashgarli Sultan Company for Uyghur Herbal Medicine in order to order medication through the link:

Natural antidepressant medication

Does depression cause death?

Fifty years ago, Canadian scientists explored the lives of Canadian people, and came up with exciting beliefs that show the link between depression and early death.

  • A scientist from the University of Ottawa, Canada, explained that the age of young people who show depression at the age of twenty-five years is lower compared to their healthy peers.
  • Indeed, Canadian scientists have conducted some experiments in which volunteers complain of depression have contributed.
  • And it turns out that their average age is 4-18 years less than that of healthy volunteers.
  • They confirmed that depression does indeed shorten a person’s life considerably, even after treatment.
  • Analyzing the results of the experiment, the testers noticed some anomalous conclusions.
  • It is mentioned that severe depression is one of the most extensive mental disorders.
  • Those exposed to this disease lose interest and purpose in life and have a lower rate of self-assessment.

Through this, it is concluded that chronic depressive illness affects a person’s psychological state, and also affects his health and possible early death.

How long does depression last:

It is possible for a woman to continue symptoms of depression, in the absence of attention to the disease and taking anti-depressant treatments to combat it.

  • Depression has many different types, including depressive mental disorders, which can last for years.
  • Chronic depressive illness is manifested by symptoms that last for more than 14 days and may last for a period that may be several months.
  • As for seasonal depression, a disease that continues as usual throughout the winter season and gradually recovers with the arrival of spring and summer.
  • In addition to bilateral depression, and partial depression, and all of these types of depression persist during certain periods according to each type and according to the diagnoses for each type, and may persist for years if the patient does not resort to the necessary treatment.

Combating symptoms of depression in women:

It is possible to combat the symptoms of depression in women, with anti-disease medicines from therapeutic supplements that contain:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids , fish oil supplements, and B-derived vitamins, as well as vitamin D.
  • But the treatment will not only be limited to medicines, but there are many different herbs, and nutritional foods such as sardines and tuna are useful.
  • In addition to exposure to sunlight, which contains vitamin D.
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