Can prostate cancer be cured

Can prostate cancer be cured

Can prostate cancer be cured | What is prostate cancer, how long does a patient with metastatic prostate cancer live , what are the symptoms of malignant prostate enlargement

Can prostate cancer be cured

Can prostate cancer be cured | What is prostate cancer, how long does a patient with metastatic prostate cancer live , what are the symptoms of malignant prostate enlargement, and how can the prostate be treated permanently with herbs .

Cancer is one of the diseases that have puzzled doctors for decades. Despite the huge research and the large sums that were spent in order to find a cure for this disease, most efforts did not reach the required results, and since there are different types of cancers, we will talk in this article. From the Jamal Health website, by answering the question, can prostate cancer be cured?


General definition of cancer:

Before getting to know the answer, can prostate cancer be cured, let’s know about cancer in the general sense:

  • Cancer is not considered a disease in the medical sense of the word.
  • Rather, it is an abnormal proliferation of cells in a tissue of the body.
  • These cancer cells attack and destroy healthy cells.
  • These cancer cells also have the ability to move from one place to another in the body through the blood or lymph nodes.


Prostate cancer causes:

Doctors have not yet arrived at a specific cause of prostate cancer in men, but there are a number of factors that increase the risk of developing it, including:

  • Statistics have shown that old age and increasing age are among the reasons that increase the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Especially when they are over fifty years old.
  • Medical research results indicate that black people are more likely to develop prostate cancer.
  • The disease is also more aggressive and exacerbated in blacks compared to white carriers.
  • But without knowing the real reason for it.
Family medical history:
  • Medical statistics showed that the presence of cases of prostate cancer for the father, uncle or brother.
  • Or even the presence of cases of breast cancer in the mother or grandmother makes a person more likely or accept to develop prostate cancer.
  • Oncologists know that obese people are more likely to develop prostate cancer.
  • The statistics also showed that patients with large weights suffer from an exacerbation of this disease and its reaching advanced degrees.
Diet pattern:
  • Where medical research has shown that a diet that relies heavily on meat and animal products.
  • It plays a role in increasing the risk of prostate cancer.
Increased male hormones:
  • The results of research conducted on the male hormone ( androgens ).
  • Reducing the production of this hormone to a certain extent reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
The musculoskeletal system of the body:
  • A man who lives a sedentary life that does not include daily exercise is more prone to this disease.


Prostate cancer symptoms:

Before talking to an answer, can prostate cancer be cured, there are many symptoms that can be associated with prostate cancer, including:

  • The patient feels confined to the urine and difficulty urinating.
  • A weakness in the erection of the penis during sex, or even during intimacy and foreplay.
  • The patient feels a general weakness in the flow of urine in the urethra.
  • Note the descent of drops of blood with the urine.
  • The patient may also notice traces of blood associated with the semen.
  • Feeling of weakness in the body and pain in the bones and joints.
  • Constant weight loss with no justified reasons for it.
  • A man feels pain during sexual intercourse, especially during ejaculation.
  • Feeling of pain and stiffness in the hip and lower back.


How many years does a prostate cancer patient live?

Before knowing the answer, can prostate cancer be cured, we will know how many years a prostate cancer patient lives? We will summarize the answer to this question through the following points:

  • Statistics conducted on a sample of prostate cancer patients showed that 89% of patients lived five years from the discovery of the disease until their death.
  • These statistics also showed that 65% of the sample of patients on whom the study was conducted had lived for more than ten years after discovering that they had prostate cancer.
  • Where the reason for the relatively long life of a prostate cancer patient compared to other types of cancer is that the cancer cells in a prostate cancer patient grow very slowly, so most prostate cancer deaths are not due to this disease.


Is the arrival of prostate cancer to the bones lead to death?

During our discussion of an answer to whether prostate cancer can be cured, we asked a question, which is whether prostate cancer reaching the bones leads to death? We will summarize the answer to this question as follows:

  • Prostate cancer is not considered a serious cancer if detected early.
  • Therefore, men over the age of 50 should have regular check-ups for early detection of cancer.
  • This is because early detection of prostate cancer greatly facilitates the treatment and recovery process.
  • But when prostate cancer progresses and reaches the spine, bones, and lymph nodes.
  • It makes treatment almost impossible, as statistics show that the patient will not live more than two years with the use of hormone therapy.


Is prostate cancer contagious to the wife?

This question is one of the frequently asked questions by wives whose husbands suffer from prostate cancer. The answer is summarized as follows:

  • Most medical research has shown that prostate cancer is a non-contagious disease and cancer cannot be transmitted from the husband to the wife through intimacy, even if drops of blood are shed with the husband’s semen.
  • But there is a study issued by one of the American research centers specialized in cancer diseases, which says that prostate cancer is one of the direct causes of the transmission of Trichomonas infection, which is transmitted to the wife through semen or blood during intercourse, and which leads to the wife’s infection with cancer.
  • There is also an opinion of some oncologists in Britain that supports the opinion that the sexual relationship causes the transmission of trichomoniasis to the wife through sexual relations.
  • But the consensus of most cancer research centers is that this disease cannot be transmitted through sexual intercourse from a man to his wife.


What’s new in prostate cancer treatment:

After we know the answer to whether prostate cancer can be cured, let’s learn about what’s new in the treatment of prostate cancer medically:

Observational therapy:
  • This method is used with patients when prostate cancer is in its infancy.
  • Where a periodic examination of the patient is carried out with the monitoring of the tumor with radiographs.
Prostatectomy using open surgery:
  • Where the removal of the prostate gland by conventional surgery is one of the routine solutions to get rid of prostate cancer.
  • But the difficulty of this method of treatment lies in the need for the surgeon to reconnect the bladder with the urethra after completing the eradication process.
Robotic laparoscopic surgery:
  • This method is considered one of the latest methods of removing the prostate gland.
  • It boils down to using three robotic arms connected to a central control room, where the medical team sits inside the control room.
  • He performs a number of small incisions with the robotic arms.
  • Then the removal of the cancerous tumor from the prostate and all surrounding tissues.
  • Note that this technology is only available in a few medical centers around the world.
Internal radiotherapy:
  • It is one of the modern treatment methods for prostate cancer.
  • Where the doctor implants the seeds of radioactive elements inside the prostate gland of the patient.
  • These seeds emit radiation to the cancerous cells in the prostate as well as to all surrounding tissues.


Natural herbal treatment for prostate cancer:

In many cases, alternative medicine is more effective in treating cancer by choosing the right and proven treatment. Therefore, according to the experiences of many cancer patients, the new cancer treatment Cash Reshi made by Kashgarli Sultan Company has achieved amazing results in the treatment of prostate cancer. Reishi in the Turkish company Kashgarli Sultan. The cashew reishi treatment is characterized by the following:

  • A natural treatment for cancer from natural herbs does not have any side effects.
  • Cashew Reishi helps eliminate free radicals that cause prostate cancer.
  • It also supports the body’s immunity in order to eliminate cancer cells and expel them from the body.


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At the end of the article Can prostate cancer be cured:

Thus, we have shown through an article before identifying the answer, can prostate cancer be cured, the symptoms of prostate cancer, as well as the latest treatment methods for this disease, and we have also answered the question: can prostate cancer be cured.

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