Salt pregnancy test

Salt pregnancy test

Salt pregnancy test | When pregnancy symptoms appear, women resort to ways to know the pregnancy in order to calculate the pregnancy and know the weeks of pregnancy accurately

Salt pregnancy test:

Salt pregnancy test | When pregnancy symptoms appear, women resort to ways to know the pregnancy in order to calculate the pregnancy and know the weeks of pregnancy accurately. That is why we will present to you today one of the methods used in pregnancy tests. Have you ever heard, madam, about a way to know pregnancy with salt? Today we will tell you about it, how healthy it is, and how you can do it at home on your own.

How does pregnancy happen?

  • Pregnancy occurs by fertilization of the female egg by the sperm during the period of ovulation, and this usually takes place after the menstrual cycle.
  • Where the egg is fertilized, divisions occur, and the first cell begins to form, through which the embryo is formed .
  • Then more divisions occur, the egg sticks to the wall of the uterus, then the placenta begins to form, and then the woman begins to feel the pregnancy hormones.

What is a salt pregnancy test?

The method of detecting with salt is one of the methods used in detecting pregnancy, and this method may not fall under the name of myths or obsolete women’s habits. Because after a lot of research, it has proven the effectiveness of salt in detecting pregnancy, as salt contains a very effective substance in detecting the pregnancy hormone, especially in any composition. As for the tests that women carried out using salt, salt proved positive results in detecting pregnancy in the first weeks and we will talk Now about the salt pregnancy test method:

  • * After getting up early in the morning and was told to eat any food or drink, you must collect an amount of urine so that it is not safe at the beginning or end of the urine. This helps to make the urine ideal for examination
  • Then you put the amount of urine you got into a dry cup.
  • * After that, you add an amount of salt, and it is preferable to mix well.
  • * You leave urine after mixing for several minutes, preferably more than 10 minutes.
  • After waiting, if the consistency or shape of the urine in the cup does not change, or it does not become cloudy, or if there are no lumps, the result is often negative.
  • * As for my lady, if the consistency and shape of the urine changes and becomes more viscous and lumps appear in the urine, this means that the result is often positive.
  • * You have to make sure that more than 10 minutes have passed since mixing and do not rush to judge the result before that.
  • * This test is used after your period is late and after the test, and to make sure you visit the doctor and do blood tests and ultrasound.
  • One of the basic conditions for using the salt pregnancy test is that the woman should not take any hormonal treatment or medical drugs.
    Some couples expect that the tests bought from the pharmacy may provide a more accurate answer than the salt test, but in fact it is very similar to it, as the tests bought do not give a very accurate answer.

Pregnancy symptoms:

  • Feeling of pain in the head, in most cases, pregnant women feel nausea and headaches, and this is due to a change in hormones and a low level of sugar in the blood.
  • The desire to vomit, and it is often in the morning, and it is one of the widespread symptoms that characterizes the occurrence of pregnancy, and it is often in the first months of pregnancy.
  • Frequent urination and exposure to constipation due to stomach cramps.
  • Feeling of excessive fatigue and jihad and the inability to do any action or movement.
  • The presence of pain in the breast and the appearance of red veins.
  • Moodiness is the feeling of some mood swings, including feelings of tension, anxiety, depression, and a tendency to be nervous in excess.
Tips to increase pregnancy rates:

Here are some tips to increase pregnancy rates if you want to:

* Stay away from fast food that is full of cholesterol, a substance that negatively affects hormones.
Shift to healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
* Doing sports, especially sports that make you feel psychologically comfortable, such as yoga and meditation.
* Stay away from psychological pressure and smoking and drinking alcohol.
* Weight gain, as weight gain affects the production of hormones, which leads to infertility .
* Weight loss, as a significant decrease in weight causes menstrual disorders.
*Reduce phone use before bed.

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