difference between hollywood smile and veneers

difference between hollywood smile and veneers

difference between hollywood smile and veneers

difference between hollywood smile and veneers | Hollywood smile is one of the most famous cosmetic surgeries, and many types of dental lenses are used in it, the most important of which are veneers, zirconium and luminaire, so what is the difference between each of them!!!. And how do I choose what suits me?

Having a perfect smile is very important to improve your overall appearance and even your self-confidence, but the reality is that none of us is born with a perfect smile and there are always some flaws that need correcting and that is why several techniques have been created so that everyone can get the smile of their dreams or the Hollywood smile that It has become everyone’s dream nowadays, so what is this smile? What is the difference between them and dental lenses or zircon or veneers and others?


The difference between dental lenses and a Hollywood smile:

  • It is common for some to believe that a Hollywood smile is a procedure independent of dental implants or lenses such as veneers or zirconia and others.
  • But the truth is that the principle of a Hollywood smile is based on the installation of specially designed lenses or veneers for your teeth to fit them and give them the perfect shape.
  • Thus, it is illogical to ask “what is difference between hollywood smile and veneers”, “what is the difference between a Hollywood smile and lenses” or “what is the difference between zirconium and a Hollywood smile” because these materials are the main part of it.


The difference between teeth whitening and a Hollywood smile:

After we know the difference between hollywood smile and veneers, let’s know the difference between teeth whitening and a Hollywood smile:

  • Is bleaching also part of a Hollywood smile? Laser whitening and Hollywood smile are two completely different procedures.
  • This is because a Hollywood smile means getting teeth with an ideal color and shape, and laser whitening only provides a change of color only.
  • In some cases, which include the presence of internal pigmentation in the teeth, laser whitening is not effective at all.
  • Therefore, we resort to making combinations of different materials that we will mention to get a Hollywood smile.


The materials that go into the installation of a Hollywood smile:

The difference between hollywood smile and veneers does not actually exist, and there are several materials for making the formulations used in this smile such as zircon, veneers and luminaire, and we will summarize in the following paragraphs the differences between them:

What is the difference between veneers and lumineers:

It can be said that Lumineer is the upgraded version of veneers, and differs from it in several aspects, such as:

  • The thickness of the veneer veneers is about 0.3 mm, which is about half the thickness of the veneer veneers, which is about half a millimeter.
  • You must be wondering if less thickness is a positive or a negative factor.
  • Undoubtedly, it is a very positive factor for several reasons, including that the thinner scales give a more natural appearance.
  • Which also contributes to the fact that luminaire peels are more transparent.
  • Although Lumineer veneers are less thick, they are, unexpectedly, harder than veneers.
  • The durability of luminaire veneers is up to 20 years, which is twice the expected duration of veneers, which you will have to replace after ten years.
  • This is because of the superiority of luminaire in hardness and strength, as we mentioned in the previous item.
  • The most important advantage of Lumineer veneers is that you can remove them and return to your natural teeth if you change your mind, unlike veneers.
  • This is because the doctor will not file your teeth and remove their thickness to make room for the lumineer crusts, thanks to their low thickness as we mentioned in the first item.
  • While the dentist has to file your teeth and remove part of them when installing veneers, because they need more space.
  • The last – and the only – advantage of this is in favor of veneers, because it is generally cheaper than lumineers. However, the prices of lumineers have decreased significantly recently, but they are still more expensive than veneers.


Which is better veneer or zirconium?

After we talked about the difference between hollywood smile and veneers, and we talked about veneers and lumineers, were they the only options for getting a Hollywood smile? No, of course, there are also zirconium crowns, what are they? What is the difference between veneer and zircon?

  • In fact, veneers are not superior to zircon or vice versa in specific aspects, but each has its own indications.
  • As some cases in which the teeth are not completely healthy, and this includes caries, large fillings, teeth pulled out the nerve, broken teeth, etc..
  • We have to use zirconium crowns exclusively because veneers are not qualified to protect these teeth.
  • If the teeth are healthy and their only defect is pigmentation, then veneers are a suitable option and better than zirconium crowns because crowns need more cold for the tooth.


Does veneers affect the teeth?

Now that we know about other materials, some of which compete with veneers and some are superior to it, what should you keep in mind if you choose veneers among the rest of the options? Will your teeth remain healthy and natural as they were before the veneers?

  • The defects and problems that follow the installation of veneers are mainly caused by filing the teeth or removing part of them in order to make room for these lenses.
  • It affects the teeth in terms of causing tooth sensitivity due to the removal of some of its surface layer and approaching the nerve .
  • Which increases the effect of cold, hot or other foods on it.
  • For this reason, patients often return to their doctor’s office after a period of veneers with an allergy complaint.


Advantages and disadvantages of veneers (difference between hollywood smile and veneers):

After we have provided you with all the details about veneers, let’s quickly summarize its main drawbacks and advantages. Looking at the features, its features are:

  • It is one of the fastest and easiest cosmetic dental treatments that take place in two visits to the clinic only, unlike orthodontics, for example, which takes months or years to show results.
  • The layer removed from the teeth is relatively small compared to the one we remove for zirconia crowns, for example.
  • We resort to it if all whitening methods fail due to the presence of internal pigmentation.
Among its drawbacks:

Damage to the gums if the lenses are pressing on them and exacerbation – pre-existing gum problems that lead to the failure of the implants.
Bad appearance of cooled teeth in the event that one of the crusts falls and has to be replaced for life.


Veneers and bad breath Do veneers cause bad breath (difference between hollywood smile and veneers)?

The veneer itself does not cause bad odor, but if you neglect your oral health, food residues will naturally settle around its edges and cause an unpleasant odor. Also, if the edges of the veneers themselves are bad and cause pressure and bleeding of the gums, and thus drops of blood collect under these edges, this may cause an unpleasant odor as well.

If you still have any question about Hollywood smile in your mind, feel free to leave it to us and we will provide you with the answer.

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