Symptoms of malignant breast cancer

Symptoms of malignant breast cancer

Symptoms of malignant breast cancer | What is breast cancer, what are the stages of breast cancer, what are the symptoms of breast cancer at the age of forty , and can breast cancer be completely cured

Symptoms of malignant breast cancer

Symptoms of malignant breast cancer | What is breast cancer, what are the stages of breast cancer, what are the symptoms of breast cancer at the age of forty , and can breast cancer be completely cured ?

Breast cancer is one of the most troublesome problems that disturb the thinking of women and lactating women, and even girls, as every woman out of eight is exposed to breast cancer. Infection and how to cure cancer permanently ?


Breast Cancer Definition:

Before talking about the symptoms of malignant breast cancer, let’s get to know the definition of breast cancer:

  • It is a tumor that affects the breast and spreads as a result of a defect in the cells of the breast tissue.
  • Where infected cells grow rapidly, multiply their numbers and destroy healthy cells.
  • It is a disease that affects both sexes, but it is more common in women.


The main symptoms of malignant breast cancer:

Symptoms of malignant breast cancer include:

  • A lump appears in the breast or under the armpit and does not cause pain.
  • Breast swelling and swelling as a result of the growth and multiplication of cancer cells.
  • Some secretions from the breast (blood).
  • Nipple reflex.
  • The appearance of crusty sores and a rash that affects the area around the breast, sometimes accompanied by itching.
  • Wrinkling of the skin and a change in the size and shape of the breast.


What are the stages of breast cancer spread?

After we know the symptoms of malignant breast cancer, let us know the stages of its spread, which includes four stages:

The first stage:

  • At this stage, cancer cells begin to grow rapidly within the tissues of the milk ducts in the breast.

The second phase :

  • Cancer cells continue to spread in the breast and form small lumps.
  • Sometimes cancer cells can move to the lymph nodes under the armpit.

third level:

  • Cancer cells have begun to spread to the lymph nodes and from there to the rest of the body, such as the brain and lungs.

Fourth and final stage:

  • Here the cancer cells have spread to a number of parts of the body and got out of control.
  • At this stage, there is no treatment that stops or eliminates the cells and causes their spread to damage the affected body organs and often leads to death.


Breast cancer diagnosis:

Here are several methods used to diagnose breast cancer, including:

home examination:

This is done according to the following:

Or not”:

  • Lie on the back and feel the right breast in order to look for any abnormal changes.
  • The same process is repeated on the left breast.


Do some movements when standing in front of the mirror in order to notice any changes. The movements include the following:

  • Put the arms to the sides.
  • Raise the arms above the head.
  • Hand pressure on the waist and tighten the chest.
  • Bend forward with hands placed on the waist.
Secret check:
  • It is a procedure applied by doctors in order to discover any malignant cancerous masses in the breast.
Radiological examination:
  • It is performed when there is a suspicion of a cancerous tumor in the breast or if there is a family history of breast cancer.
  • Mammography is done in a dental x-ray and is considered one of the best methods for early detection of the presence of a cancerous tumor in the breast.
  • This helps to receive early treatment and recover from it
  • It is preferable to conduct this test once a year for all women, especially those over the age of forty.


Breast cancer treatment:

After we talked about the symptoms of malignant breast cancer and methods of diagnosing the disease, let’s talk about the treatment method, which includes three criteria:

  • tumor type.
  • stage of its spread.
  • its size.

Treatments offered to a breast cancer patient include:

Chemical and biological treatment:
  • Here, certain drugs are used that target breast cancer cells and destroy them.
  • It is given through needles injected into a vein or by tablets that are taken in the mouth.
  • This treatment is used to cure or reduce the chances of the cancer returning.
  • In cases, it is given to live longer for patients with end-stage breast cancer.
Radiation therapy:
  • It is a treatment in which beams of high-energy X-rays are directed to the site of the tumor to destroy and kill cancer cells.
  • A treatment that does not cause any pain when receiving it.
hormonal therapy:
  • It is a treatment that is applied after surgery in order to prevent the return of the cancer.
  • As estrogen helps cancer cells to grow, which contain receptors for the hormone.
  • Thus, blocking estrogen is an effective treatment to prevent the recurrence of cancer cells.
  • It is given either by injection with needles or by oral tablets.
Surgical work:
  • If it is ascertained that the cancerous tumor has spread in the breast in a way that is difficult to treat.
  • A surgical procedure is performed to remove the breast in order to treat it and prevent the tumor from spreading to the rest of the body.
  • This is done for people with breast cancer in its early stages.
Targeted therapy:
  • It is a treatment method in which drugs are used to kill cancer cells and prevent them from growing and spreading.
  • In most cases, when using this treatment, side effects are caused by its use.


Treating breast cancer naturally:

Treating cancer with natural herbs is one of the methods widely used in alternative medicine, which has achieved great success in overcoming cancer cells. One of the best natural cancer drugs is the Kaş Reishi treatment, which is manufactured in the Turkish company Kaşgarli Sultan. The KAŞ REİSHİ treatment is characterized as:

  • 100% natural remedy that does not produce any side effects.
  • It stops the free radicals that cause cancer cells.
  • It also eliminates cancer cells by enhancing and strengthening the body’s immunity.

You can order KAŞ REİSHİ cancer treatment through the following link for the Turkish company Kaşgarli Sultan:


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At the end of the article about malignant breast cancer symptoms:

In the article, the symptoms of malignant breast cancer, we have learned about the most important symptoms of malignant breast cancer, the stages of breast cancer, and natural and medical treatment methods. You can also enhance your immunity by identifying  a diet table for cancer patients .

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