Symptoms of AIDS in men

Symptoms of AIDS in men

Symptoms of AIDS in men | AIDS is one of the most prevalent and dangerous diseases, how does AIDS begin , how difficult is the AIDS virus , how can AIDS be detected without analysis through outward symptoms

Symptoms of AIDS in men

Symptoms of AIDS in men | AIDS is one of the most prevalent and dangerous diseases, how does AIDS begin , how difficult is the AIDS virus , how can AIDS be detected without analysis through outward symptoms, when symptoms of AIDS appear in the mouth, and how long does an AIDS patient live without medication .

In previous articles, we talked about the latest findings of medicine in the treatment of AIDS , the treatment of the new AIDS, the various  AIDS drugs , and the natural treatment of AIDS . In today’s article, we will talk about the symptoms of AIDS in men and how the final AIDS treatment can be obtained  .


What is AIDS ?

Before recognizing the symptoms of AIDS in men, let us first learn about AIDS:
AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency is a chronic disease in which CD4 cells, which are one of the types of white blood cells, become infected with a virus, and this virus leads to a deterioration in the work of these cells responsible for the immune system, and this What puts the patient’s life at risk.


The main cause of AIDS:

The main cause of AIDS is HIV, which infects and destroys CD4 cells.

  • A normal person has a number of CD4 cells ranging from 500 to 1500 to count each cubic millimeter.
  • Since HIV has a role in destroying these cells responsible for the immune system, this virus, if left untreated, will continue to destroy cells.
  • When the number of these cells is reduced to less than 200 cells, the person has AIDS.
  • On the other hand, people living with HIV are exposed to opportunistic infections related to the virus itself.
  • It is possible for them to be diagnosed with AIDS even if the number of CD4 cells they have is more than 200 cells.


The main symptoms of AIDS in men:

Like other various diseases, AIDS has many symptoms that appear on a person with the disease, and the most important symptoms of AIDS in men are:

Initial symptoms of AIDS:

During the first stage of HIV infection, it is not necessary to show symptoms and signs of infection:

  • Although in most cases the initial symptoms appear on the patient, they disappear within a period ranging from two weeks to a month.
  • The initial symptoms of HIV infection are many symptoms such as pain in the muscles of the body and the throat area, in addition to suffering from headaches and general fatigue.
  • Swollen lymph nodes, fever, and a red rash on the skin, often concentrated in the trunk, also occur.
  • It must be noted that the symptoms mentioned are not necessarily indicative of AIDS.
  • These symptoms are related to a wide range of other diseases and are not limited to AIDS, so a medical examination is recommended to be sure.
  • After the end of the initial symptoms that may occur in the body as a result of AIDS, AIDS may not be accompanied by any other symptoms for long periods, perhaps up to a decade.
  • However, during this period, the disease continues to cause internal damage to the patient, in its negative impact on the immune system by destroying CD4 cells.
Post-initial symptoms of AIDS:

The post-initial symptoms that occur to the patient during long periods, especially with the patient’s neglect and neglect of the fight against AIDS, are many, including:

  • Pneumonia and rapid weight loss in addition to suffering from excessive sweating at night.
  • As well as many neurological disorders that can be represented by depression and memory loss.
  • Suffering from persistent diarrhea for more than a week, fatigue, and the appearance of spots of different colors on the eyelids, inside the mouth, or inside the nose.
  • These spots can also appear on or under the affected skin, all of the above could be among the symptoms of AIDS in men.


Discovering AIDS without analysis:

Many people who suffer from symptoms of AIDS in men are concerned, and they do not like to go to the doctor and do the analysis in order to obtain the confirmed result, and are looking for ways that they can do at home and without analysis in order to discover the presence of AIDS or not:

The US Food and Drug Administration has previously given the green light for two tests that can be done at home, through which they detect whether a person has AIDS or not.

  • The examination is by bringing a box containing a specific solution and then placing an oral swab in the box, and within about half an hour the person receives the result of the examination.
  • When only one line appears, the person is not infected, but if two lines appear, the person may have AIDS.
  • It must be pointed out that it is necessary to resort to a medical test in a medical laboratory in order to confirm the infection of the disease. Relying on this home method is not entirely sufficient to confirm infection.
  • We note that resorting to the analysis by the traditional method at a specialized doctor and medical laboratory is more convenient, efficient and reliable.


I suspect that I have AIDS, what is the solution?

Suspicion that a person has AIDS raises great concern to the person, especially since AIDS is one of the most dangerous diseases that a person can contract:

  • Simply, when you suspect that you have AIDS, we advise you to undergo a medical analysis in order to obtain a reliable and sure result.
  • And stay away from questions and methods that cannot give you a guaranteed result as far as guaranteeing the result that you will get from the medical analysis.
  • With the aim of cutting off doubt with certainty and to obtain psychological comfort in the event that your result is negative, i.e. who is not infected with AIDS.
  • Or rush to combat the disease and seek treatment methods if the result is positive, that is, you have AIDS.

The percentage of HIV transmission from an infected person:

After reading the above, many wonder about the symptoms of AIDS in men and how dangerous it is about how AIDS is transmitted from one infected person to another. There are many ways of transmitting AIDS from one infected person to another. Here are the most important ways of infection with AIDS:

  • Needles that are contaminated with the virus, as the virus can remain on needles for about a month and a half of time, so doctors advise that no two people share the same needle.
  • A pregnant mother can transmit AIDS to her fetus during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • The mother can transmit the disease to the newborn through breastfeeding; Since breast milk is a vector of AIDS.
  • However, if the mother continues to take HIV treatments, the possibility of transmitting the disease to her son can greatly reduce.
  • Having sex with an AIDS carrier is one of the causes of AIDS.
  • As a result of contact between the infected mucous membranes between the two parties, or even contact between body fluids through which AIDS is transmitted, such as semen and blood.
  • It is worth noting that having sex from behind increases the chance of infection; Because the tissues lining the anus are more prone to bleeding than others.


AIDS prevention:

There are many directions and advice that must be adhered to to avoid contracting AIDS, including:

  • Not having gay sexual relations.
  • Avoid using injection equipment that has been used by others.
  • When you need someone to donate blood or an organ to you, make sure they don’t have AIDS.
  • Avoid using razors that have been used by others or a toothbrush that has been used by others.


AIDS treatment:

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