Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason

Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason

Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason | What are the causes of delayed pregnancy if the couple is healthy? Pregnancy may be delayed after miscarriage

Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason:

Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason | What are the causes of delayed pregnancy if the couple is healthy? Pregnancy may be delayed after miscarriage, and there are many reasons for the delay in the first pregnancy due to weakness in men and women,

but we will talk today about the stories of delayed pregnancy without a reason, as we see a lot of inquiries from some women, such as who delayed their pregnancy without a reason or how I got pregnant after a late pregnancy, so we will tell you Girls’ experiences with delayed pregnancy.

The causes of delayed pregnancy are many, some of which are due to medical and physical factors, and some of them are by the will of the Lord of the Worlds, so we will talk today in this article about the causes of delayed pregnancy, as we will talk about stories of delayed pregnancy and stories of pregnancy after despair.

In the end, we must know that God’s wisdom is in Delayed childbearing for an end that only God knows, follow us to the end.

Reasons for delayed pregnancy:

Before we talk about the stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason, let’s get to know the causes of delayed pregnancy due to medical factors in many cases, the most important of which are:

Ovulation problems:

  • The process of ovulation is when the egg is released into the uterus, and when it meets at this time with the man’s sperm, pregnancy occurs.
  • That is why we must know that intercourse or intercourse with a man in the event of a desire to become pregnant must be during the ovulation period.
  • The period of ovulation is constant, as is the menstrual cycle, and a defect results in it as a result of several factors, the most important of which is polycystic ovaries.
  • To know PCOS and how it can be treated through this article  PCOS .

Fallopian tube:

  • The fallopian tube is the main route that delivers the sperm to the egg.
  • When the fallopian tubes are blocked, the sperm cannot reach the egg, and thus fertilization and pregnancy do not occur.
  • One of the most important things that lead to fallopian tube obstruction are endometriosis, sexual diseases and pelvic infections.


  • In many cases, pregnancy is delayed or does not occur due to infertility in the man.
  • The infertility of a man can only be known by examining the semen and knowing the number and speed of sperm.


  • In some cases, genetic factors may lead to impaired reproduction in both men and women.
  • Some genetic problems, such as congenital anomalies in the womb, can cause children to fail.


Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason:

Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason | Experiences of delayed pregnancy Stories of late pregnancy, we will talk about some real stories that happened with some people after a delay in pregnancy occurred and they are now living with their children Follow these real stories with us.

The surprised mother of Issa:

Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason The story of mother of Issa:

  • I was from a religious family and a man of morals and religion came to my fiancée and after a while we got married and moved to another country because of my husband’s work.
  • I thought I would get pregnant right after marriage but it didn’t happen which made me very sad.
  • But my husband was standing with me and calming me down and telling me it was God’s will. Then I decided to join a community for late pregnancies.
  • There I took some medical advice about the use of some necessary herbs to increase pregnancy
  • They also focused on eating foods rich in folic acid, so my husband and I used to eat them daily.
  • I decided to change my mood and not cry anymore, as the psychological state plays a major role in pregnancy.
  • After a year and a half, I went with my husband to our country to visit my family, and there my mother decided that we should go to the doctor for an examination.
  • When we went to the doctor, she did some tests and started asking me some strange questions. Then I thought I had a disease.
  • But the surprise was when she said to me, “Congratulations, you are pregnant and the fetus is two weeks old.”
  • Then I couldn’t help myself and hugged my mother and cried, but this time from joy.
  • And now, thank God, I have my child, Isa, who is one and a half years old. May God bless you all with good offspring.
  • Do not stop praying, for God is generous and loves that you pray.

Hasna Al-Mohammadi:

Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason, the story of Hasna:

  • I married a young man of good manners who was a classmate of mine at the university, as we got married after completing our engineering studies.
  • I was very happy with my marriage to the person I love, but that joy was fading day after day as 3 years passed by me with him without pregnancy.
  • I started feeling really sad and hopeless and at that time we did all the tests and tests, but there was no medical reason for not getting pregnant.
  • I read and researched the topic through the internet and books and tried many natural prescriptions to enhance pregnancy.
  • One day my husband was at work and half an hour before he came I felt so dizzy and cramped that I thought I had eaten some unclean fruit.
  • Suddenly I fell to the ground without feeling, and when I woke up I found myself on the hospital bed and my husband was standing on top of my head.
  • He was smiling at me, so I thought that there was something wrong with me or a health problem, so I told him Hussam what about me, he told me to rest, there is nothing.
  • I told him please tell me if there is something in me he said yes!!! Then my heart stopped for a second and I asked, “What is there?”
  • Suddenly, he smiled with joy and said to me, “Congratulations, my life. You are pregnant. Then I couldn’t believe it, and I started crying out of joy.”
  • After more than 3 years of marriage, God blessed me with my two sons, Ahmed. I ask God to bless every woman with righteous offspring.

At the end of the article about Stories of delayed pregnancy for no reason:

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