self sabotaging weight loss

self sabotaging weight loss

self sabotaging weight loss | When you sabotage the diet, you feel sad without knowing the mistakes that spoil the diet

self sabotaging weight loss:

self sabotaging weight loss | When you sabotage the diet, you feel sad without knowing the mistakes that spoil the diet. Many questions come to us about confusion in the diet, and I messed up two days in the diet.

Others ask what should I do if I eat a lot during the diet, and today I ate a lot, how do I burn it, and one of the most common questions is if I ate a fatty meal, how did I burn it?

In this article, we will answer your question, what should I do if I eat a lot while dieting, and how do I burn fat immediately after eating? Follow us to the end until you know the common mistakes that spoil and ruin the diet.

Mistakes that spoil the diet:

There are several practices that many people do without knowing that these mistakes will spoil their diet, and the most important of these things that you must avoid when following a diet or diet in order to lose weight or even when you follow the intermittent fasting system are the following:

Severe diet:

self sabotaging weight loss by a severe diet:

  • Many people are looking for very fast ways to lose weight, and this is very wrong.
  • You see a lot of people looking for a diet to lose 10 kilograms a week or more.
  • But in fact, the harsh diet schedule leads to the opposite result and may harm you.
  • You have gained weight in the long term, so you must lose it in the long term.
  • Regular standards for proper weight loss do not exceed half a kilogram to a kilogram per week.
  • But when you follow this system, you will be able to return to your ideal weight within a year, as you will lose from 25 to 50 kilograms in a regular and sound manner.


self sabotaging weight loss by not eating breakfast:

  • Breakfast is one of the most important meals that you should not give up, as many people do when they follow a diet or diet to lose weight.
  • Breakfast helps increase metabolism and burn fat from the start of the day.
  • It also reduces the naqrish (eating light things between meals), and it relieves the extreme hunger that you may feel at lunch, so your eating increases without feeling.
  • Breakfast should preferably include whole grains with milk or fruit juice.


Related topics:

Leave snacks:

self sabotaging weight loss by snacking:

  • You should leave out snacks that you may not count as calories.
  • You should avoid food between meals such as ice cream, biscuits or other such foods as they accumulate to form large calories.
  • So that you can avoid these snacks as much as possible, try to brush your teeth after each meal and record the foods you eat, no matter how small.

Eat light foods:

self sabotaging weight loss by eating foods rich in calories:

  • To get an ideal weight without much fatigue, you should avoid calorie-dense foods and approach snacks on the stomach.
  • There are many foods that are beneficial to the body and that help to feel full and contribute to weight loss, such as yogurt and whole grains.
  • yogurt good for diet .

fatty foods:

self sabotaging weight loss by fatty foods:

  • You should pay attention to your food, there are some simple things that can help you lose weight without knowing.
  • For example, when you eat a cake without sesame, this is much better than eating a sesame cake with more fat and more calories.
  • You should see the calories of each product and how many calories it contains.

Miscellaneous drinks:

self sabotaging weight loss by drinks rich in sugar and calories:

  • Many people do not care about the drinks they drink, especially cola, soft drinks and sweetened drinks that contain a lot of calories.
  • If you like to drink throughout the day, drink green tea or blue tea, which are beneficial for weight loss.
  • Benefits of blue tea .

Dairy products:

self sabotaging weight loss by not eating dairy products:

  • There are many beliefs that dairy products lead to obesity, but in fact, many studies have proven it.
  • That people who eat dairy products in small quantities have a better ideal weight.
  • Dairy products are necessary for the body to compensate for calcium, in addition to its many benefits, including the benefits of yogurt:

Daily weight check problem:

self sabotaging weight loss due to checking the daily weight on the scale:

  • When your weight is checked on a daily basis, you may feel frustrated when you don’t see a decrease on the scale.
  • That’s why we recommend that you do a weekly weight check in order to get correct data on the calories you lost.
  • Develop a weekly program and challenge yourself to gradually increase the decreasing calories each week.


self sabotaging weight loss due to laziness and lack of exercise:

  • One of the most important things in the world of slimming and diets to lose weight is exercise, as it is the most important helper in burning more calories in a healthy and healthy manner.
  • Sports are beneficial to the body in general and activate the nutritional activation process. Do not think that you will get much benefit without exercise.
  • You should exercise at least 30 minutes a day, as this will improve the work of the internal activities in your body.

Drinking water:

self sabotaging weight loss due to not drinking enough water:

  • One of the important things that many people neglect is drinking water, as it is very necessary for our bodies.
  • Water effectively contributes to weight loss.
  • You should drink at least two glasses of water after waking up, and your daily drink should be at least 8 glasses.

At the end of an article self sabotaging weight loss:

We have shared with you in an article self sabotaging weight loss, the most common ways that sabotage and spoil the diet. Please share with us in the comments about other ways that you think spoil the diet and diet.

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