Rhinoplasty | Rhinoplasty , or what some societies call Khashm, is of great importance among all types of plastic surgery , and many who plan to undergo rhinoplasty want to obtain some valuable information about it.


Rhinoplasty | Rhinoplasty , or what some societies call Khashm, is of great importance among all types of plastic surgery , and many who plan to undergo rhinoplasty want to obtain some valuable information about it.

In this article, which we present to you from the Jamal Health website, we will learn together about the goal of rhinoplasty, what is the recovery period and how long this process takes. Procedures to be taken before and after rhinoplasty.



The goal of rhinoplasty:

We will begin our conversation in this article by identifying the goal of rhinoplasty:

  • The nose is one of the main pillars of facial beauty and plays a key role in the function of breathing.
  • Therefore, people usually resort to rhinoplasty, either for shape problems, or for respiratory problems, or both.


Before rhinoplasty:

After we know the goal of rhinoplasty, let us now learn about the most important procedures that must be done before rhinoplasty:

  • The doctor asks the patient a week before the operation to stay away from consuming things that cause blood flow, such as green tea, ginger and vitamins.
  • For smokers, doctors recommend quitting one month before the operation; Because this causes problems for the doctor in the operating room regarding bleeding.
  • The patient also needs to do some tests to check on general health.
  • The patient should also do an x-ray of the nose to make sure that there are no problems that constitute an obstacle to the operation.


Rhinoplasty steps:

After we know the goal of rhinoplasty and some of the procedures before doing it, we will now learn about the steps of rhinoplasty:

  • First of all, it should be noted that rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia.
  • The doctor makes a surgical incision under the nose and two openings inside the nose; In order to show the components of the nose from the inside.
  • Based on the shape of the internal components, the nasal cartilage and nasal bone are reshaped by removing parts of them using surgical instruments and plastic surgical sutures.
  • Next, the doctor closes the incisions with sutures that are not visible; Because it is inside and below the nose.
  • After all of the above, the doctor will place stents for the nose from the inside and outside; To ensure that the airway is not adversely affected and to stabilize the operation position.
  • It should be noted that the tumor after rhinoplasty, which occurs on the top of the face around the eyes, but within a week it has no effect.
  • Within a week, the stents that were placed upon completion of the operation are removed, and the result will be clear and satisfactory to the patient.


Rhinoplasty prices:

After we discussed a lot of valuable information regarding the plastic surgery of thousands, we will now know the price of this operation:

  • The cost of rhinoplasty depends on many factors, as the prices of rhinoplasty operations vary from one country to another, as well as from one medical center to another, and even in the same country from one city to another. It also depends on the reputation of the doctor and the techniques used in the procedure.
  • In Turkey, the price of a surgical rhinoplasty is approximately 1,400 to 3,100 USD.
  • In Egypt, the cost of rhinoplasty ranges from approximately 1,700 to 3,200 US dollars.


How long does rhinoplasty take?

Some people ask about the time it takes for rhinoplasty, and here is our answer to this question:

  • The time taken for rhinoplasty varies according to the type of operation and the patient’s condition.
  • If the process is limited to making some simple changes, the process in this case takes only an hour to an hour and a half.
  • If the goal is to make some major modifications, the rhinoplasty in this case takes between three to four hours.


Recovery time from rhinoplasty:

After we learned many important information about rhinoplasty, we will now mention the recovery period from rhinoplasty:

  • The time that the patient needs to recover after rhinoplasty depends on several factors such as the method of operation, for example, the open rhinoplasty procedure takes longer to recover than the closed procedure.
  • Physical health is also a factor in the duration of recovery from the operation.
  • In general, it takes the patient to recover and return to his normal life to the fullest for a period ranging from one week to ten days, with the recommendation not to do strenuous physical activities during this period.


Sleeping after rhinoplasty:

Some people wonder if they can sleep as they want after rhinoplasty, and here is our answer to this question:

  • After a week to ten days of rhinoplasty, you can sleep in different positions, ie the position you want.
  • But before this period, i.e. before the recovery period, you must sleep on your back and not sleep on the side or on the stomach.
  • The longer you can sleep on your back, even for several weeks, the better for you.
  • Doctors also recommend staying away from caffeine. In order to facilitate sleep.
  • Be careful not to have anyone hurt your nose while sleeping, for example, if you have pets in your house or small children, make sure that they are not near you during sleep.


Does crying affect rhinoplasty?

After we talked about important details about rhinoplasty, we will now know whether crying affects rhinoplasty:

  • In fact, some of the movements that a person makes to move parts of his face during rhinoplasty, such as laughing, talking a lot, and crying are things that cause the nose to move a lot, and this is what should be avoided in the first days after the operation; To avoid not increasing the tumor and pain.


Tips after rhinoplasty:

After all the valuable information we discussed regarding rhinoplasty, at the end of this article, we will learn about some of the instructions that it is recommended to adhere to after rhinoplasty:

  • On the first day, it is normal for blood to come out of the nose and there is no need to worry about that, so sprays and antibiotics must be used from the first day and for a week after the operation.
  • Also on the day of the operation, it is normal for the person to lose his appetite, but it is necessary to focus on drinking fluids.
  • On the second day after the operation, some swelling will occur after rhinoplasty and blueness under the eyes, and this varies from person to person, and this is normal, so there is no need to be afraid.
  • Sleep should be on the back and put two pillows under the head.
  • It is forbidden to exercise for two weeks after rhinoplasty.
  • It should be noted that any blow, bruise, or any disturbing movement of the nose should be avoided after the operation.


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Rhinoplasty in Turkey Health and Beauty Center


In this article, we learned about the purpose of rhinoplasty , tips before and after the operation, the steps of this operation and its prices. We also learned how to sleep after rhinoplasty, how long this process takes, and the recovery period, and we learned whether crying affects rhinoplasty.


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