Otoplasty price

Otoplasty price

Otoplasty price | Otoplasty surgery price British research revealed that 1% of the population is dissatisfied with the shape of their ear, which in turn negatively affects their psyche and self-confidence,

Otoplasty price

Otoplasty price | Otoplasty surgery price British research revealed that 1% of the population is dissatisfied with the shape of their ear, which in turn negatively affects their psyche and self-confidence, and this condition falls under several names, including prominent ear, bat or bat ear.

Fortunately, it is a problem that can be solved through plastic surgery , and ear plastic surgery is a simple plastic surgery. We will shed light on all its details and your questions about it in our article for today. Follow us…


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Otoplasty price
Otoplasty price


When do you need ear plastic surgery?

There are several cases in which ear plastic surgery is indicated, including:


  • In the event that the size of the ears is very large
  • The ears are not symmetrical
  • The ears are very prominent and set far from the head
  • Correction of previous failed surgery.
  • However, it is not possible to count everyone as suitable candidates to undergo this operation, as children under 6 years old, for example, have not yet completed the growth of ear cartilage and it has not yet taken its final shape.
  • Also, some patients with chronic diseases, including diabetes that is not controlled by medication, haemophilia, scurvy, and those with immunodeficiency diseases and some heart diseases, it is dangerous for them to undergo surgery, especially in the event that it is cosmetically unnecessary.


Types of otoplasty

It may surprise you to know that otoplasty is not limited to making it smaller, but that there are several surgical procedures aimed at changing the shape of the ear in one way or another, and among these operations:

  • Ear Zoom: Yes, exactly as you heard it! Excessively small ears may cause the individual to be dissatisfied with his appearance as well, and the process of ear augmentation is based on implanting ear cartilage, which is often taken from the rib cage.
  • Ear Reduction: It is unlike the previous one, where the surgeon removes part of the cartilage to reduce the size of the ear, or sometimes the earlobe is reduced.
  • Fixing the ear: Sometimes the size of the ear is normal and does not need to be enlarged or reduced, but the problem lies in the fact that the ear is sufficiently attached to its supposed location, which makes its appearance prominent and disturbing to some, and here comes the role of the ear fixation process in sticking it to the head from behind to reduce this protrusion.


How is otoplasty performed?

If you have decided to undergo this operation, it must be important for you to be aware of what the doctor will do in detail, and here are the steps as follows:

  • The first step for any surgical procedure is anesthesia, and depending on several factors such as your age and health condition, the doctor chooses whether you will undergo general or local anesthesia, but if you undergo local anesthesia, you will be sedated using laughing gas to relieve tension and calm you down.
  • Here we come to the second step where the surgeon makes a small incision in the back of the ear and removes the skin covering the cartilage.
  • After that, the doctor reshapes the ear cartilage by cutting it in a way that brings the ear closer to the head and thus reduces its prominence.
  • The doctor closes the wound and sutures it with sutures, which are removed after about a week.


Otoplasty price

Otoplasty , like other cosmetic procedures, its price varies greatly according to several factors, the most important of which is the country in which the operation takes place, as its cost in developed countries ranges between $1500-4500, while its cost in third world and developing countries drops to $500.


Duration of recovery and the most important tips after the operation

After we have clarified the steps and what this process is, it is time to shed light on the post-operative stage, including the stages of recovery and the tips that you need. Let’s start with the stages of recovery, which will be as follows:

  • After one week to ten days: The stitches and the bandage that is often wrapped around your head are removed.
  • After one to two weeks: You can return to work or school and practice your usual daily activities.
  • After four to six weeks: you can go to the pool and swim.
  • After twelve weeks: all kinds of sports can be practiced.


As for the following tips for the process, there are some simple tips:

  • In the event that you put a bandage around your head, keep it clean and dry, as it touches the wound directly, and the wound must be kept clean, as it is susceptible to infection.
  • You cannot wash your hair before removing the bandage.
  • You may need to wear a headband for several weeks while sleeping to protect your ears.
  • Adhere to the painkillers prescribed by the doctor to avoid pain attacks.


Finally, it should be noted that our article for today was a simple overview and the appropriate procedures for your case are determined by your specialist doctor, taking into account the privacy of each individual case, do not hesitate to ask any questions that come to your mind and we will answer you as soon as possible!


Otoplasty price
Otoplasty price
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