meningitis for babies

Meningitis in children

meningitis for babies | According to your experiences with meningitis, is meningitis dangerous, what are the symptoms of meningitis in infants

meningitis for babies:

meningitis for babies | According to your experiences with meningitis, is meningitis dangerous, what are the symptoms of meningitis in infants, how can meningitis be fully cured in children, how is meningitis transmitted and does meningitis return after recovery.

Can meningitis be cured in children, what are the symptoms of meningitis in newborns, is meningitis contagious, and what is the best antibiotic to treat meningitis? In this article, we will discuss a number of important things about meningitis in children.

What is meningitis for babies?

Meningitis is an inflammatory disease of the mucous membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, caused by a bacterial or viral infection.

Types of meningitis for babies:

The course of the disease and its symptoms vary according to the type, and meningitis includes the following types:
  • Bacterial meningitis.
  • Aseptic meningitis.
  • Viral meningitis.

What are the symptoms of meningitis for babies:

Symptoms of meningitis for babies vary from one child to another, but the most common symptoms among children are:
  • headache;
  • Photophobia.
  • fever.
  • Stiffness when moving the neck in the anterior – posterior plane.
  • A change in the degree of consciousness.
  • Nausea and vomiting, fits.
  • Cranial neuropathy.

What are the symptoms of meningitis in infants:

Symptoms of meningitis in infants may appear in the following forms:
  • Excessive irritability.
  • fidgeting;
  • Disruption in eating habits.

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 How is meningitis transmitted in children?

Among the most important causes and factors that affect the human body and mind and lead to the occurrence of meningitis are the following:
  • One of the most common antigens is opium opioides, responsible for nearly half of all cases.
  • Pneumococcus is the cause of the largest proportion of death cases.
  • Which sometimes appears in the form of a diffuse rash, consisting of prominent purple dots.
Haemophilus influenzae:
  • The rate of infection with this germ has gradually decreased due to the availability of a vaccine for children.

How is meningitis diagnosed?

Meningitis is one of the diseases that poses a threat to the patient’s life. Therefore, early and rapid diagnosis of the disease and prompt treatment are very important to prevent the risk of death and to obtain early and rapid treatment. And that is through:

  • Examination and detection of meningitis by taking a sample of cerebrospinal fluid through a puncture of the waist.

How can a full recovery from meningitis in children and what is the treatment of meningitis?

Early meningitis is treated with antibiotics as the antibiotics rapidly change the values ​​of the cerebrospinal fluid.

What are the antibiotics used in the treatment of meningitis in children?

When we talk about the best antibiotic to treat meningitis, we can mention a number of antibiotics that are useful in this case, the most important of which are:
  • penicillin;
  • vancomycin;
  • ceftriaxone;
  • cefotaxime;

How can a full recovery from meningitis in children?

Meningitis can be completely cured in children through vaccination. Routine vaccination in children has contributed to reducing the incidence of meningitis.

What causes meningitis in children?

Babies and newborns are susceptible to meningitis, and the most important causes of meningitis in infants and newborns are as follows:
  • It is often caused by a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract in infants.
  • In newborns, it is caused by a bacterial infection in the bloodstream (sepsis).
  • Older children have a stiff neck, fever, headache, and mental confusion, and the infant is usually irritable, stops eating, and vomits.
  • Some children die of meningitis , even after getting proper health care.
  • Vaccines can help prevent certain types of bacterial infections that cause meningitis.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed to treat meningitis.
  • Newborn meningitis usually results from an infection in the bloodstream (sepsis). This infection is caused by bacteria transmitted from the birth canal, most often Streptococcus B.
  • The infection is transmitted to infants and young children through contact with digestive secretions that contain the causative bacteria (saliva – nasal mucus).
  • Bacteria that infect infants and older children include vision cocci and streptococcus B, which are the most common meningitis, and the incidence of meningitis has decreased due to these bacteria thanks to the spread of vaccination against them.

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At the end of the article about meningitis for babies:

In the article on meningitis for babies, we learned whether meningitis is dangerous, what are the symptoms of meningitis in infants, how meningitis can be fully cured in children, and how meningitis is transmitted. And if you have more questions about meningitis, you can leave it in the comments for the competent team to answer.

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