Laser teeth whitening offers

Laser teeth whitening offers - teeth whitning

Laser teeth whitening offers – teeth whitning | Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey using laser is one of the famous ways to get whiter teeth. What is the best dental beauty center in Istanbul Turkey and how much does the laser teeth whitening process cost.

Laser teeth whitening offers – teeth whitning

Laser teeth whitening offers – teeth whitning | Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey using laser is one of the famous ways to get whiter teeth. What is the best dental beauty center in Istanbul Turkey and how much does the laser teeth whitening process cost.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Turkey , and lasers can be used, and lenses are installed to get a beautiful smile and whiter teeth.


The Health and Beauty Center is considered one of the best cosmetic centers in Istanbul that specializes in cosmetic dentistry and installing a Hollywood smile. The center has the most famous cosmetic doctors and the latest medical and cosmetic technologies are used at the best prices:


Laser teeth whitening offers Health and Beauty Center Turkey



teeth whitning

  • Teeth may stain or change color for several reasons, and if you want to make them brighter and whiter, you can do so safely.
  • There are many options for this, including visiting a doctor for bleaching treatments or trying bleaching products at home.


What are the reasons for changing the color of the teeth?

There are many reasons for changing the color of the teeth, the most important of which are:

External discoloration:
  • Discoloration occurs when teeth are stained by foods, drinks, or smoking.
  • Coffee, tea, red wine, dyed foods, and tobacco can also contribute to the formation of strong yellow spots.
  • These spots affect your outer teeth.
  • External discoloration of the teeth can also be treated using whitening toothpastes.
Substantial discoloration:
  • Internal discoloration occurs from the inside of the tooth, and you may also have intrinsic discoloration due to medication use, a childhood illness, or an infection.
  • The inner color may need to be professionally bleached to get the same natural color of the teeth.
  • You should also decide how to whiten your teeth based on the type of stain.


Laser teeth whitening offers
Laser teeth whitening offers


Teeth whitening options

There are many methods and products available for teeth whitening, and you may be confused about what to use and what is safe:

There are three general categories in whitening methods, which are:
  • by the dentist.
  • Medicines dispensed by the dentist for use at home.
  • Products and recipes obtained without a prescription or made at home.


How to choose the right teeth whitening method for you:

You can choose a particular method of teeth whitening based on several factors, including:

  • The type of tooth discoloration you have.
  • The cost involved in the treatment.
  • treatment method.
  • Age (this applies to children).
  • The history of your teeth, including fillings and crowns.
  • It is a good idea to discuss whitening methods with your dentist before trying one.
  • Your dentist can also recommend a treatment plan that best meets your needs.


professional teeth whitening

  • Your dentist can use several different methods to whiten your teeth, whether in the office or at home.
  • In general, the methods they use will whiten your teeth with carbamide peroxide.
  • This also decomposes into hydrogen peroxide and urea and targets the color of the teeth in a chemical reaction.


Treatment in the clinic

  • An in-office whitening treatment can be beneficial because it works very quickly. The whitening effect may also last longer.
  • Oftentimes, you may only need an hour’s treatment or a few visits to whiten your teeth.
  • This is because the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the applied products is greater than in the products you use at home.
  • In-clinic treatments are also recommended if you suffer from receding gums or refractory lesions as well.
  • Your dentist may also use a light application when applying a whitening product to your teeth to speed up the process, but this method has not been proven to be effective.


Treatment at home by your dentist

  • Dentists can help you whiten your teeth at home as your dentist may be able to make appropriate trays to fit your mouth .
  • You will also add gel to it and put the tray for 30 minutes to one hour a day for a few weeks to whiten your teeth.


Teeth whitening products and other home options

  • You can buy over-the-counter whitening products to help whiten teeth .
  • Unlike dentist-prescribed products, these products do not contain carbamide peroxide.
  • Or much less than the products dentists use.
  • This also means that if your teeth have changed substantially, over-the-counter whiteners may not work as effectively or may take longer to whiten your teeth.


Whitening toothpastes

  • Don’t use carbamide peroxide toothpastes. Instead, toothpastes target the surface of your teeth with a variety of materials, including abrasives and the chemical blue covarin.
  • Whitening toothpastes may take some time, but those containing blue covariin may be effective after just one brush because the chemical makes your teeth appear whiter.


Laser teeth whitening offers
Laser teeth whitening offers


Laser teeth whitening operations

Laser teeth whitening operations are one of the most common ways to solve the problem of tooth discoloration, and laser teeth whitening does not require surgical intervention. It is an easy solution to overcome the causes that lead to tooth discoloration.


How to whiten teeth with laser?

The laser teeth whitening process is carried out according to the following steps:

  • At the beginning of the procedure, a piece of rubber is placed inside the patient’s mouth to protect the gums.
  • Then a whitening gel is applied, which contains appropriate levels of natural acids.
  • Also comes the step of applying the laser gel or gel, which causes the minerals inside it to accelerate to activate it, causing the bleaching gel to turn into oxygen.
  • At this stage, the enamel of the teeth is covered and the whitening gel is allowed to penetrate into the different levels of the tooth, which helps to whiten the teeth.


Disadvantages of laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening may result in several side effects, the most important of which are:

  • It may happen that the results of bleaching are more than expected.
  • The results of laser teeth whitening are not permanent.
  • Some spots may need more additional laser treatments required.
  • After the whitening session, you may find that your teeth have increased sensitivity.


Situations in which laser teeth whitening should not be done:

There are a number of cases in which it is not recommended to use laser teeth whitening, which are:

  • People with sensitive teeth or other serious dental problems.
  • Patients with receding gums.
  • pregnant women.
  • Children who are under the age of sixteen.


What is the cost of laser teeth whitening?

The cost varies according to each country and according to the center where the treatment is carried out as well.

  • In the United States, the cost per session can range from $500 to about $2,500.
  • In Egypt, the cost can range from 320 to 600 dollars.
  • In Turkey, the cost of the operation ranges from $275 to $375.

This is according to “the doctor’s fee and the technique used in bleaching.”


Laser teeth whitening offers Health and Beauty Center Istanbul Turkey



Laser teeth whitening offers
Laser teeth whitening offers


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