Is psychosis curable

Is psychosis curable

Is psychosis curable ? What is psychosis, what are the types of psychosis, is psychosis dangerous, what are the causes of psychosis and its most important symptoms, and what is the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia.

Is psychosis curable

Is psychosis curable ? What is psychosis, what are the types of psychosis, is psychosis dangerous, what are the causes of psychosis and its most important symptoms, and what is the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia.

Psychosis is one of the diseases of great concern to many people, and they are making their efforts to research and investigate this disease to obtain as much information about it.

In this article from  health beauty website , we will learn about psychosis, types of psychosis, causes of psychosis, methods of treating psychosis, and the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia.

What is psychosis (Is psychosis curable)?

Before identifying the types of psychosis and whether psychosis is cured, let us first learn about psychosis in origin:

  • Psychosis, or what some call psychotic depression, is one of the mental illnesses represented in the distance from truth and reality by pathological delusions that occur to the sufferer.
  • Psychosis in psychiatry is a broad umbrella that is used to encompass a wide range of disorders.
  • Psychotic disorders are more common in boys than in girls.
  • If the delusions and crazy thoughts that a person is exposed to are rapid, that is, within a few days or weeks, it is called acute psychosis.
  • Symptoms that fall under the name acute psychosis may be the beginning of mental illness and psychological problems.
  • People who suffer from psychosis are exposed to psychotic disorders, for example, the person believes that he has supernatural abilities.
  • Or he believes that he has committed a sin, which amounts to a psychotic disorder, or he may believe, for example, that he committed an unforgivable mistake that will cause the destruction of the planet!
  • It is called psychosis. Since it occurs in the mind, i.e. the mind, where the mind enters into fantasies and perceptions that are far from the reality of the patient.
  • The patient can see or hear things that are not there.

In general, a person with psychosis suffers from a mental disorder in which he loses the ability to distinguish between truth and reality, and holds on to his conviction that his fantasies are correct without reconsidering them. These thoughts are usually known as delusions.

What a person suffers in psychosis leads to emotional dullness and a change in the way he behaves. For example, he becomes introverted, hyperactive, laughs alone, or talks alone. There may also be a change in the way the person thinks, not taking care of himself, for example, or other cases.

Types of psychosis:

After talking about psychosis and before talking about whether psychosis is cured, we will now mention the types of psychosis:

Doctors differ in defining certain types of psychosis, and they differ in that psychosis has types in origin. Some may see this condition being classified as a type of psychosis, while others see it as another mental illness.

From a medical point of view, there are two types of psychosis:

The first type is organogenic:

  • In this type, damage to the nervous system occurs, which greatly affected it.
  • Thus, the nerve cells in the brain cause the patient to suffer from bad symptoms such as hallucinations.

The second type is also organogenic due to major trauma:

  • In this case, the trauma affects the person’s mind and brain functions.
  • It caused problems in his life in his dealings with himself and others.

Causes of psychosis:

Before talking about whether psychosis is cured, we will now talk about some of the causes of psychosis:

  • Genetics may play a major role in psychosis. If one of the parents suffers from psychosis, the children are more likely to develop psychosis than others.
  • Experiencing a major nervous shock, such as the death of a relative, can increase the risk of psychosis.
  • Substance abuse and some types of drugs, such as amphetamines and marijuana, may result.
  • Suffering from a brain injury or brain tumor.
  • Psychological factor. Life events, past experiences, and life experiences have a role in the development of psychosis.
  • Deteriorations of dopamine, such as high or low dopamine, can play a role in psychosis.

Methods of treating psychosis:

Is psychosis cured, we will now learn about ways to treat psychosis:

  • It is very important for a person with psychosis to start treatment early. To improve his psychotic symptoms.
  • Of course, a psychiatrist should be resorted to in order to treat psychosis.
  • The doctor may turn to drug therapy, which may not be indispensable at all in the treatment.
  • The doctor may also recommend psychotherapy, including psychotherapy, as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  • Without medication, the disease will return and the patient will relapse. The primary and inevitable treatment of psychosis is medication.
  • A psychotic patient can take medications for long periods of time, with follow-up with a psychiatrist  . These drugs are called antipsychotic drugs, or what is known in English as antipsychotic drugs .
  • Antipsychotic drugs treat the malfunctioning neurotransmitter and relieve symptoms.
  • If a person stops taking medications suddenly and without a doctor’s approval, psychotic symptoms may return.
  • In addition to the need to rush to take the person to the psychiatrist if any unusual mental symptoms appear, it should be noted that no therapeutic step should be taken in psychosis without medical supervision.

 In some ignorant societies, psychosis may be a stigma for the patient, and the ignorance of some should not prevent you from rushing to treatment; So that symptoms do not worsen and become a source of harm to others.

Is psychosis cured with medication?

  • To answer today’s question , is psychosis curable, we must know that psychosis requires medical care and adherence to the medications prescribed by the doctor.
  • Continuing to take medication and psychotherapy helps in recovery from psychosis.
  • This is faster the earlier the patient begins taking medications and undergoing psychotherapy.

The difference between psychosis and schizophrenia:

After we got to know the answer to the question of whether psychosis is cured and we touched on a medical point of view regarding the types of psychosis and mentioned some of its causes and methods of treatment, we will now learn about some points of difference between psychosis and schizophrenia:

  • Psychosis falls under the category of mental illness, while schizophrenia falls under the category of mental illness.
  • In most cases, psychosis is a mental symptom that accompanies some mental and psychological diseases such as bipolar disorder , depression and some cases of schizophrenia.

At the end of the article Is psychosis curable:

In an article Is psychosis curable, we learned about whether psychosis is cured by the causes of psychosis, ways to treat it with medications and psychiatry, and how important it is to get treatment early, and we also learned about the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia.

We must also note the necessity of treatment of these diseases so that they do not develop and become impossible to treat and at that time the patient loses his mind completely.

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