how to change myself completely 12 tips for famous doctors

how to change myself completely 12 tips for famous doctors

how to change myself completely 12 tips for famous doctors | How can I change my life and my personality and how can I change my boring life? Important questions in the life of each of us

how to change myself completely 12 tips for famous doctors:

how to change myself completely 12 tips for famous doctors | How can I change my life and my personality and how can I change my boring life? Important questions in the life of each of us, you should know that each reaction in this life so when you make a change in your life will have a radical change in your life,

so we chose you today the top 12 important and useful advice for the world’s most famous doctors, which will help you change your life for the better, follow these tips and enjoy the change.

Reduce antibiotics (how to change myself completely):

Professor Tim Spector, Consultant Physician and author of The Diet Myth:
  • In the past, I had sinusitis every time I had a cold and immediately took antibiotics.
  • I was addicted to antibiotics taking four or five pills a day.
  • Then, eight years ago, I went to a lecture by Professor Martin Blazer and changed everything for me.
  • He has warned that taking antibiotics regularly adversely affects the immune system and may lead to weight gain due to its effect on gut bacteria.
  • It was the best advice I’ve ever received.
  • You have stopped taking antibiotics to treat sinus infections as they only reduce symptoms for a day or so.
  • I now have a cold once every two years, I don’t have sinusitis and I’m still maintaining a healthy weight.
  • I’ve been worried about antibiotics in food, and now I try to eat organic food and eat meat only once or twice a month.

Vitamin D deficiency (how to change myself completely):

Dr Sarah Jarvis, Good Housekeeping GP:
  • When I was a little girl, I was always a girl with burned skin.
  • As soon as I became a medical student, I was very worried about my risk of skin cancer and i have avoided the sun ever since.
  • Only in recent years have I realized the health risks associated with vitamin D deficiency.
  • Colleagues warned me that vitamin D deficiency causes neurodegenerative diseases (multiple sclerosis).
  • And rheumatologists (osteoporosis).
  • Heart disease .

Hard work (how to change myself completely):

Good enough good enough – Chireal Shallow, psychology consultant:
  • My mother always told me to do my best. I wondered if all the things I was trying to do were worth spending maximum energy and effort.
  • At first, I wanted to prove her fault.
  • I was working and studying and my mother alone with four children, and I was convinced that I could do everything.
  • But I later discovered that it was really human that he had to do his best in any work he did or would reach a difficult point of all work, so I changed my perception of life and started working with all my energy and becoming more active day by day.

Energy and effort (how to change myself completely):

Find the right activity for you, Dr Carol Routledge, Director of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK:
  • I had played a lot of sports when I was younger, but even though I was living a completely healthy lifestyle.
  • I didn’t smoke, I just drank moderately and ate a healthy diet.
  • But because of the requirements of my career and my family life, I left practicing.
  • But when my aunt had Alzheimer’s disease, the fact of dementia and what I learned about reducing risk gave me fear.
  • The experience with my aunt led me to do everything I could to keep my mind as healthy as possible.
  • This means exercising regularly.
  • I didn’t swim or run, but when a colleague suggested cycling, I realized I found the sport suitable for me.
  • Now I’m recording thousands of miles on my bike every year.

Comfort (how to change myself completely):

Learn how to rest Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, sleep expert at Silentnight:
  • In my 30s, I realized how bad I slept.
  • I was always tired, and in the end I got to the point where I crashed.
  • I changed when I went to a yoga workshop run by a doctor who talked about the difference between sleep and rest.
  • After that I took yoga and meditation. Things have turned out for me and I’ve been doing it every day ever since.
  • It’s about self-care when you connect between the things you do every day and the way you sleep, it becomes powerful.

Moderation (how to change myself completely):

Everything in moderation Helen Bond, nutritionist:
  • It’s not a very exciting message, but this advice was given to me early by a fellow dietitian and I always followed it.
  • Eating is not only about nutrition, it is also about happiness, so if you get the right balance 80% of the time, you can allow yourself to process the remaining 20%.
  • Getting the right balance means cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients.
  • I’ve also always followed my mother’s motto, filling half the dish with vegetables and the rest with protein and carbohydrates.
  • Follow these rules and you’ll get your nutrients and maintain a healthy weight.

Don’t load things over their size (how to change myself completely):

No problem Sian Porter, dietitian and dietitian:
  • I used to be a real perfectionist. If things don’t go well, I’ll feel as if it was a disaster.
  • But then she shared an office with a wonderful lady, Dr. Jean Long, who was conducting research on fatigue.
  • She taught me a different way of thinking about the things that have always stayed with me.
  • When you are younger, you think you control everything, but that’s not true.
  • I’ve learned to focus on things that I can do something about, and leave things that I couldn’t do.
  • and stopped worrying about things, which have not yet occurred.

Carbohydrates (how to change myself completely):

Carbohydrates to maintain your weight Dr. Hud Shaker, general surgeon, diet and fitness trainer:
  • When I bought a car after years of cycling to the hospital as a student, My weight gained and became really inappropriate.
  • I tried to diet by eating a lot of salads, but I felt hungry all the time.
  • Then one of my GP colleagues relayed some dietary tips that helped me maintain my weight loss.
  • If you reduce the percentage of carbohydrates treated with sugar and focus on healthy fats and carbohydrate-rich vegetables.
  • You can eat what you like until you saturate, because fats and proteins make you feel full.

Not eating between meals (how to change myself completely):

Never eat between meals Dr. Sally Norton, obesity surgeon:
  • That’s what my grandmother told me.
  • In those days people didn’t eat a snack, they only ate three meals a day.
  • I remember my grandmother was angry when I saw people walking around the streets eating.
  • Unfortunately, her message has been overcome by tips for eating a little food and avoiding hunger often.
  • This means that people can then access unhealthy snacks and end up eating more without realizing it.
  • But recent studies, which compared eating the same number of calories distributed on meals and snacks with eating those same calories in a few meals, have found that the way not to snack is better to control blood sugar and possibly to control weight as well.
  • Controlled blood sugar means controlled insulin levels.
  • Since insulin is the hormone that promotes fat storage, it makes sense that eating less meals will help gain weight.
  • Avoid snacks and you’ll enjoy the next meal even more.

Don’t believe all the news and rumors (how to change myself completely):

Incredible rumors Dr. Ann Henderson, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist:
  • Always check the scientific evidence behind any health claims.
  • This is the key in my medicine, which is menopause and hormone replacement therapy.
  • The “fake news” published over the past decade has been amazing.
  • I always advise people to deal with their own personal risks.
  • Scientific data have consistently shown that the benefits of hormone replacement therapy far outweigh the risks to the majority of women.

Change your habits (how to change myself completely):

Change your habits Sami Margo, physiotherapist:
  • Don’t wear flat shoes all the time;
  • Your body is adaptable and will respond accordingly if you are wearing only one height shoes.
  • So if you wear heels all the time, the calf muscles will become shorter and tighter, while if you always wear flats can become longer.
  • It’s a message you can apply in all areas, especially in exercise.
  • Just keep your workouts diversity and give your body new challenges that will respond to it.

Drink plenty of water (how to change myself completely):

Drink more water Dimple Thakrar, dietitian and founder of Fresh Nutrition:
  • It was the best advice I ever received from my mother-in-law.
  • Who told me I needed to drink more water for my skin.
  • She had wonderful skin, so she took her advice.
  • Once you start, dehydration can also cause your bloating, as your body will retain water and you will be more likely to catch.
  • It may make you feel tired often people think they have low blood sugar when they are dehydrated.
  • Make sure I eat about eight cups a day.
  • But follow how you feel and color your urine.
  • After 20 years, my skin is wonderful too!

At the end of an article how to change myself completely:

These tips have been one of the most helpful tips of the day and share with us comments on things that have

how to change myself for the better or worse in the comments and thank you.

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