healthy dinner recipes

healthy dinner recipes

healthy dinner recipes | Dinner meals necessary in every home and family and this we see a lot of mothers who are looking for  recipes for a light dinner and healthy suitable for family members

healthy dinner recipes:

healthy dinner recipes | Dinner meals necessary in every home and family and this we see a lot of mothers who are looking for  recipes for a light dinner and healthy suitable for family members, but to find recipes for dinner healthy and easy to prepare needs you to search and we are at the site of the beauty of the health we will provide you the trouble of searching for recipes for dinner , a new and fast We make it easy for you to find dinner recipes that are right for you and your family.

How can choose healthy recipes for dinner?

You can choose healthy recipes for dinner by making meals rich in beneficial elements for the body and light on the body at the same time so that you do not suffer from the problems of insomnia and difficulty sleeping that can affect some people when eating unhealthy and fatty foods before bed, so let’s get to know some healthy and delicious recipes It is easy to prepare and inexpensive.

Boiled egg and falafel sandwich:

It is considered one of the special meals for young and old, and you can follow the method of making falafel through our article,  search for vegetarian recipes, and then prepare the ingredients for a delicious and healthy dinner:

Ingredients for the Boiled Egg and Falafel Sandwich:
  • Falafel can be made at home or can be brought ready-made.
  • One boiled egg for each person.
  • Pickled cucumber.
  • tomatoes.
  • Yogurt.
  • Chopped parsley.
  • Lemon.
  • Boiled egg and falafel salad (3 mashed garlic cloves + 2 tablespoons of yogurt + 1 tablespoon of tahini + 1 tablespoon of olive oil + a pinch of salt, cumin and pepper).
How to prepare the boiled egg and falafel sandwich:
  • We mash the falafel and eggs together and then put them on the loaf of bread.
  • Then we put sliced ​​tomatoes, pickles and chopped parsley, and then put a little special salad after mixing its ingredients well.
  • We close the loaf, bring the electric heater, and put the sandwich in it for 3 minutes.
  • After that, you can enjoy a special taste that you have never experienced before in your life.
  • You can also have a boiled egg and falafel sandwich with tea or a glass of juice.
Boiled egg and falafel sandwich
healthy dinner recipes

Delicious cheesecake:

Do you want healthy recipes for dinner that are quick to prepare, very easy and delicious, for lunch you should choose a delicious cheese pie rich in calcium, vitamin C and many healthy and beneficial elements for the body:

Delicious Cheesecake Ingredients:
  • Finely shredded cheese. We can also use mashed cheese (in the form of strings).
  • spoonful of capsicum
  • pinch of salt
  • spoon crushed mint
  • Half a tablespoon of olive oil.
How to make delicious cheesecake:
  • We bring toast or loaf of bread and put cheese in it and then sprinkle salt, pepper and mint and then put olive oil.
  • After that, we put the sandwich in the electric bread heater until it turns red, and then we take out the delicious cheesecake and eat it next to a cup of tea.
Delicious cheese pie
healthy dinner recipes

Potato and egg recipe:

If you want healthy and easy dinner recipes that everyone loves, you should use the potato and egg recipe, as it is rich in healthy and useful elements for young and old:

Potato and Egg Recipe Ingredients:
  • Potato number 4.
  • an onion.
  • Curry spices.
  • Two eggs.
  • black pepper.
  • Finely chopped bell pepper.
  • piece of butter.
  • Chopped parsley.
How to prepare the potato and egg recipe:
  • We peel the potatoes, then wash and chop them, as well as finely chop the onions.
  • Put the butter in a frying pan on the fire, add the onions, peppers and a pinch of salt and wait until the onions are brown.
  • Then put the spices and black pepper, and then put the two beaten eggs and wait until they are well cooked to serve.
  • This delicious dinner can be eaten with yogurt.
Potato and egg recipe
healthy dinner recipes

Cabbage Rice Meal:

Among the luxurious dinner meals when looking for healthy recipes for dinner, as it is considered one of the healthy, delicious and very useful dishes for adults and children, especially for people who suffer from gland problems:

Cabbage Rice Ingredients:
  • Small head of cabbage.
  • a cup of rice.
  • spoon of salt.
  • pepper spoon.
  • A piece of butter or a spoonful of ghee.
  • Two cups of water.
  • Onion finely chopped.
  • Lemon.
How to prepare cabbage with rice:
  • Put the butter with the onion in a pot on the stove and leave it until the onion is slightly browned.
  • Then add the chopped cabbage and leave it to wilt completely.
  • Then we make a circle in the middle and put the rice in it and put it on top of the water (we boil the water before putting it).
  • Close the bowl well and leave the rice until it is well cooked, then we stir the ingredients together and sprinkle with salt and black pepper.
  • Then we put lemon juice on the meal and serve it alongside yogurt and radish.
Cabbage rice meal
healthy dinner recipes

Vegetable Curry and Ginger Soup:

Do you want healthy recipes for dinner that are light on the stomach, healthy for adults and children, easy to prepare and delicious, then you should choose vegetable soup with curry and ginger:

Ingredients for Vegetable Curry and Ginger Soup:
  • A cup of peas.
  • Finely chopped carrots.
  • Chopped parsley.
  • a cup of rice.
  • 3 cups of water.
  • pepper spoon.
  • Curry spoon .
  • piece of butter.
  • Chicken breast in small pieces.
  • an onion.
  • spoon of crushed ginger
How to make vegetable curry and ginger soup:
  • We put the butter on the fire, add the onions and leave it on the fire for 5 minutes until it turns red.
  • Then we add the carrots and peas and leave them for 10 minutes on the fire.
  • Then we add cups of water and leave the soup to boil.
  • Then we add the rice to the boiling soup and after 15 minutes we add salt, pepper, curry and ginger.
  • Then we can pour it into plates and enjoy a healthy and delicious dinner.
Vegetable curry soup with ginger
healthy dinner recipes
At the end of the article healthy dinner recipes :

We have provided you with healthy recipes for dinner that will save you the trouble of searching for healthy recipes for dinner. You can also follow us for more delicious and healthy recipes. You can also visit Cooking page to view the latest delicious and useful recipes for you and your family.

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