How is the gastric bypass operation

gastric bypass operation

How is the gastric bypass operation performed in the operating room? Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the cosmetic operations that aims to get rid of belly fat

gastric bypass operation

gastric bypass operation | How is the open gastric bypass surgery performed in the operating room? A gastric sleeve , or what is known as a gastric sleeve, is one of the cosmetic operations that aims to get rid of belly fat and restore balance to the body’s external appearance after the failure of natural health systems to get rid of excess weight.

Many people may wonder what is the process of cutting the stomach, what are the disadvantages of the process of cutting the stomach, how is a gastric bypass done, how is the process of cutting the stomach by laparoscopy, what are the best cosmetic clinics to perform, and who is the best doctor to cut the stomach.


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bypass surgery stomach before and after – gastric bypass operation


Gastric bypass operations

Stomach cutting is one of the necessary operations when diet and sports fail to get rid of belly fat and excess weight:

  • Overweight and obesity are common problems in the modern era due to many reasons, the most important of which is unhealthy food.
  • That is why many nutritionists aspire to lose excess weight through a healthy diet or exercise, and not resort to surgery.
  • But when diets and exercise programs fail, doctors can use gastric bypass operations to get rid of the extra weight that causes many diseases.


How can you lose excess weight?

There are many modern methods used to treat excess weight problems and get rid of fat, and the most important of these methods are:

  • A healthy diet that depends on reducing calories is one of the best healthy ways to lose excess weight.
  • Exercising is also an important and healthy way to lose excess weight.
  • Weight-loss drugs that aim to increase metabolic processes in order to increase fat burning in the body.
  • Surgical operations that vary, including (liposuction – body sculpting ).
  • Surgical operations targeting the digestive system, the most important of which are (gastric sleeve or gastric balloon).


 Why is the gastric sleeve surgery called the sleeve gastrectomy?

  • The process of cutting the stomach of the patient mainly involves removing the outer part of the stomach, turning the shape of the stomach into a long, thin tube that resembles a shirt sleeve.
  • Hence the name gastric sleeve, i.e. turning the stomach into a thin longitudinal shape.


Important notes that you must adhere to before the gastric sleeve operation:

First of all, you should search for a suitable doctor and consult him in detail about the operation, explaining your health status to him:

  • You must explain to the doctor your health condition and chronic diseases that you suffer from, such as heart disease, diabetes and liver disease.
  • You also need to show the doctor the nature of your diet.
  • If you are using weight loss products, your doctor must know about them.
  • You should also tell the doctor about allergies if you suffer from it or about smoking and drinking alcohol as well.
  • As well as mental illness and depression play an important role in these surgeries.
  • You must also do blood, glands and liver tests.


How to choose the best doctor for gastric bypass surgery?

One of the important things in the gastric sleeve operation is to choose the right doctor and medical center, so try to consult those who preceded you for this operation, and you must be keen on several important points to be present in the doctor, which are:

  • It is very important to be an expert doctor and graduate from a prestigious university.
  • The doctor should be a specialist in the field of bariatric surgery, not a general surgeon.
  • The number of years of experience of the doctor in the field of obesity surgery and how many operations he has performed.
  • The health center must also be monitored by the World Health Organization and licensed by the Ministry of Health.


How is the gastric bypass operation performed in the operating room?
bypass surgery stomach – gastric bypass operation



Who are the candidates for gastric bypass surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the delicate operations that must be resorted to as a last resort after all other methods have failed to lose excess weight, especially for those who suffer from genetic obesity. As for the people who can do it, they are:

  • The patient must be healthy and not suffering from the effects of blood, liver, heart, diabetes or other chronic diseases.
  • This operation is often performed for people who suffer from genetic obesity.
  • It is also resorted to when diets, sports and weight loss systems fail.


Measures to be taken before gastric bypass surgery:

After submitting the tests and consulting the doctor about the gastric sleeve operation, there are several things that must be done before starting the gastric sleeve operation, which are:

  • Glands, blood and liver tests should be done two weeks before the gastric sleeve operation.
  • You should also consult a cardiologist before performing the surgery.
  • You should also stop taking blood medications and aspirin.
  • You should also stop drinking alcohol and smoking at least a month before the operation.
  • Before the operation, an antibiotic must be taken to prevent any infection that may be caused by the operation.
  • Also, you must stop eating for at least 24 hours before the procedure.


What are the stages of gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery can be performed laparoscopically or through surgical procedures, but the endoscopy is taken in most cases and the operation is carried out through several steps, namely:

  • Sterilization of the room, medical staff and patient before the surgery.
  • After that, the patient is partially or completely anesthetized according to the condition of each patient and according to the decision of the anesthesiologist.
  • Then the doctor makes five incisions ranging from 1 cm to 2 cm in diameter.
  • After that, the doctor inserts the endoscope and cuts the outer part of the stomach, approximately 80% of the total stomach volume.
  • So that the stomach becomes a long, thin tube that resembles a shirt sleeve.
  • Then the laser is directed to the cut part of the stomach to be retracted and withdrawn from one of the openings.
  • Then, stitches or staples are inserted in order to close the remaining part of the stomach.
  • Sometimes a tube is placed to leak fluid collection.
  • Then the holes are sutured and sterilized.


Things to do after surgery – gastric bypass operation

After the patient undergoes gastric bypass surgery, the patient remains in the hospital for a day until his health condition is confirmed and that there are no complications. The most important things to do after the surgery are:

  • You must take an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory prescribed by the specialist in order to avoid any complications and infections.
  • The patient needs to get complete rest for at least two days, after which he can move gradually.
  • The doctor will also provide a healthy diet schedule for you, where he recommends drinking light juices for 10 days.
  • You should eat light meals and natural juices in order not to put too much pressure on the stomach until the wound heals well.
  • The patient also needs at least a month after the operation to recover and return to normal life.
  • Noting that you must drink plenty of water and fluids during the recovery period.


Does gastric bypass surgery help in losing excess weight?

  • Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most powerful ways to lose excess weight, as the patient loses 10 kg of weight per month.
  • This is because the size of the stomach has become 80% smaller, and with the cutting process, the part responsible for secretion of the hunger hormone is cut.
  • As a result, the patient loses appetite and cravings, forcing the body to burn the accumulated fat to get calories.


How long does gastric sleeve surgery take?

  • Gastric bypass surgery takes one to two hours.
  • After that, the patient is placed under observation to prevent any complications.


How do you choose the right clinic for open gastric bypass surgery

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How is the gastric bypass operation performed in the operating room?
bypass stomach surgery – gastric bypass operation



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