Foods that relieve heartburn

Foods that relieve heartburn

Foods that relieve heartburn | Are you looking for foods that relieve stomach acid? Many patients with acidity are looking for foods that relieve heartburn

Foods that relieve heartburn:

Foods that relieve heartburn | Are you looking for foods that relieve stomach acid? Many patients with acidity are looking for foods that relieve heartburn, and these tips are useful for pregnant women as well, as the pregnant woman often suffers from acidity.

Getting rid of acidity immediately is done through foods that relieve heartburn and help get rid of acidity permanently, and foods that cause heartburn and worsen the condition should be avoided.

If you are looking for the fastest way to get rid of acidity or you are pregnant and you want foods that relieve heartburn for pregnant women, follow the article to the end.

Causes of heartburn:

The causes of heartburn vary, but it occurs due to the weakness of the esophageal muscle. The most important causes of stomach acidity are:
  • Weight gain plays an important role in many diseases, including increased pressure on the esophageal muscle, which causes leakage in the digestive juices and the occurrence of heartburn.
  • Pregnancy causes pressure on the abdominal area and the lower esophageal muscle, which also causes acidity.
  • Some types of medicines cause heartburn, so you should consult your doctor if you suffer from acidity and are taking a specific medicine.
  • Smoking and inhalation of smoke leads to weakness of the lower esophageal muscle, causing heartburn.
  • Smoking also causes digestive problems and may cause cancer.
Fatty or spicy food:
  • Some types of foods rich in fat or hot spices may also cause heartburn.
Caffeine drinks:
  • Caffeinated beverages, such as tea, coffee and soft drinks, contribute to an increase in stomach acidity.

What are the practices that increase the severity of heartburn?

Heartburn often may be mild, but there are some actions that increase its effectiveness and make it more, whether you should avoid it, namely:
Foods that cause heartburn:
  • Citrus fruits and tomatoes are foods that increase the acidity of the stomach.
  • Sugary foods and fatty foods are difficult to digest, which causes the stomach to secrete more fat for digestion.
  • Eating food right before bed or too soon leads to heartburn as well.
  • Stress and stress lead to smoking or increased consumption of fatty foods, which leads to relief.
  • You should lie down and do yoga or exercise to relieve stress.
  • Diet plays an important role in increasing heartburn and in multiplying its effects.
  • You have to follow a healthy diet with less fats, sugars and citrus fruits.


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Foods that reduce stomach acid:

When you suffer from heartburn, you must look for some foods that will help you get rid of stomach acid, and the most important of these foods are:


  • Ginger is one of the very beneficial foods for the body, as it contains antioxidants to prevent the formation of free cells that turn into cancer.
  • Eating ginger by boiling it in water will help you get rid of heartburn.


  • Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, which helps the stomach in the process of digestion.
  • Vegetables are low in calories and not as hard to digest as fats and sugars.

Root vegetables:

  • Root vegetables are useful for cases of heartburn, as they are rich in dietary fiber that is easy to digest by the stomach.
  • Of the most important root vegetables useful for heartburn potatoes, carrots and turnip.
  • Onions and garlic should also be avoided because they increase heartburn.

olive oil:

  • Fat leads to an increase in heartburn, but the body needs fat naturally for it. You can use olive oil .
  • The benefits of olive oil for the body are very numerous and helps to secure fats and is used in moderation as well.

Banana and cantaloupe:

  • Bananas, cantaloupe or watermelon of all kinds contain less acid, which relieves heartburn.
  • These fruits contain many substances and elements that are beneficial to the body.


  • The pills help absorb acid from the stomach.
  • The most important ones are oats, bread and whole grains.


At the end of the article, foods that relieve heartburn:

In an article on foods that relieve heartburn, we learned about natural ways to relieve heartburn by eating some foods that are beneficial for the stomach.

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