Dental treatment in Turkey

Dental treatment in Turkey

Dental treatment in Turkey | Dentistry is one of the most important medical branches, whether cosmetic or therapeutic. Cosmetic dentistry includes many names, the most important of which is the Hollywood smile

Dental treatment in Turkey

Dental treatment in Turkey | Dentistry is one of the most important medical branches, whether cosmetic or therapeutic. Cosmetic dentistry includes many names, the most important of which is the Hollywood smile , which is one of the most famous cosmetic surgeries required by celebrities.

If you are looking for a place where you can get high-quality dental treatments at very reasonable prices, Turkey is the right destination for you, especially if you intend to do dental implants, as this dental procedure in particular is the cheapest in Turkey from all countries of the world, knowing that dental treatment Turkey is relatively cheap when compared with other countries of the world.

Dental fillings and root canal:

Let’s start now by talking about the treatments one by one in order to inform you about the details of the treatment you need when looking for dental treatment in Turkey:

  • One of the most common dental treatments is dental and root canal fillings, which we do to remove caries often and sometimes for cosmetic reasons ( plastic fillings ).
  • According to statistics conducted by the United States of America, 92% of adults have suffered from dental caries at least three times in their lives!
  • So you too must have suffered from it.
  • Dental caries, by its medical definition, is the decay of the tooth structure due to the erosion of mineral salts.
  • (i.e. the loss of minerals that enter the structure of your tooth and make it solid and strong) due to acids (in other words, the acids dissolve these minerals) that are secreted by oral bacteria that feed on the sugars you eat.
  • Here comes the role of brushing and oral care in removing sugars and preventing their accumulation on your teeth.
  • And thus depriving these germs of the food from which acids are made, and as a result, preserving your teeth from decay.
  • A question may arise in your mind, can you get rid of these germs at all?
  • The answer is definitely no, because these germs are from the origin of the oral cavity, which are created in it and coexist with it and are not of exogenous origin.
  • In the event that this caries extends to the deepest layers of the tooth, which is also called the pulp chamber, we can not only treat it by removing the caries and placing a filling, but we also need to pull out the nerve of the tooth.
  • The cost of these two procedures (filling and nerve extraction) barely reach 120 dollars in Turkey, which makes them very cheap, knowing that the quality of these treatments is very high!

Dental implants:

After we got acquainted with the mechanism of caries and how to treat teeth in Turkey, we move to another type of dental treatment, which is the implant:

  • An implant is a solution to replace a missing tooth, and it is the best solution among the rest of the solutions that include bridges or prostheses to replace missing teeth.
  • It combines Maxillofacial surgery with periodontal surgery for a longer lasting result and less damage to the teeth and gums.
  • The only problem with dental implants is their cost, as they are the most expensive dental treatments.
  • There are also huge differences in its cost between one country and another that deserves you to travel for.
  • As its average cost in Turkey is about $600, while it reaches $3,000 in Western Europe and America, which is a significant difference.

Dental implant stages:

After we advised you about an inexpensive destination for dental implants with high quality, we must now show you the stages of this procedure, which is one of the most challenging and complex dental procedures for dentists, as follows:

  • The gum is cut to expose the bone underneath.
  • The bone is drilled with a length and width appropriate to the size of the implant, taking care not to damage the anatomical landmarks close to the drilling site, such as the maxillary sinus or one of the nerves.
  • The implant (made of titanium, which is the only metal that the dental body accepts and therefore it can be implanted in) is placed in its place inside the bone and
  • Covering it with the so-called implant cover and suturing the gums again
  • The doctor waits until the implant he placed fuses with the bone and the gums heal as well
  • The doctor removes the implant cover (which was covering it to save it from contamination until the bone and gums heal) and then puts the base of the tooth in the implant
  • Finally, the artificial tooth is installed over its base, and thus the process is over, and the doctor follows up on the case in the event of any immune reaction or other problems.

Grafting and strengthening the jaw bones in cases of dental implants:

You have learned about the details of dental treatment in all of Turkey, but there is one last idea that you should know, which is the condition of the bone in which the implant will be performed:

  • In the event that a tooth was extracted and was not compensated within the specified period, which varies from person to person, the bone will suffer from what is called bone resorption.
  • And bone resorption is a special condition that occurs to a part of the jaw bones called the alveolar bone (which is the tooth-bearing bone) unlike the rest of the bones of the body.
  • As the bone suffers from absorption and atrophies in a large proportion in the event of the extraction of the tooth that was carrying it, as the presence of the bone is conditional on the presence of the tooth.
  • In the event of bone resorption, it is obvious that we will not be able to do dental implants in it because it will not bear the pressure of
  • the implant and lead to its failure, so we do what is called

Bone grafting can be done in the following two ways (Dental treatment in Turkey):

Bone grafting with artificial bone graft:

  • In the form of a powder placed inside the absorbed bone.
  • It is left for five months for the bone to grow again and is indicated in case the absorption is low.

Bone grafting with real bone grafting:

  • Taken from the back of the jaw itself or from another bone in the skull.
  • And this piece is fixed with titanium screws in the absorbed bone to grow again after eight months and is indicated if the absorption is
  • advanced.


Now that we have talked about dental treatment in Turkey, such as implants and others, it is time to talk about orthodontics:

  • Which in the past relied on changing the position of the teeth to correct them.
  • But now, with the development of dentistry in many countries, the first of which is Turkey, the orthodontic has begun to include the jaw itself and change its position.
  • Even the term orthodontic surgery has become popular, as the orthosis is no longer limited to metal wires, but the position of the jaw can be changed through surgery.
  • There are also other more advanced treatments in Turkey such as transparent braces, removable braces that you can remove and put according to what you want.
  • And the hidden orthodontic, which is based on placing the orthodontic wires on the back of the teeth (that is, the face opposite the tongue or the oral cavity and not opposite the lips).
  • All this at a very low cost compared to other countries, as the cost ranges between 1500 to 3000 dollars, depending on the situation, which is a quarter of the price in Europe and America.

Laser teeth whitening in Turkey:

Cosmetic treatments also have a share in our topic today, and since the most effective means of bleaching are laser bleaching:

  • Which depends on applying a whitening substance to the teeth and shining a laser on them to increase the effect of the substance while protecting the gums.
  • And get the final result in one session, and the total cost in Turkey will surprise you, as it is only $200!

Hollywood smile in Turkey (Dental treatment in Turkey)

Speaking of cosmetic treatments, it is indispensable for us to mention the currently leading Hollywood smile, in which veneers are often used, and sometimes other materials such as zircon or luminaire, depending on the situation.

Dentists in Turkey are known to have their own artistic touch while not exaggerating the prices while the popularity of this smile is exploited everywhere else in the world to raise its price to unreasonable limits.

Dental treatment prices in Turkey:

It is not possible to set a fixed price for any type of dental treatment as they differ

  • By city.
  • The location and shape of the clinic.
  • The materials used by the doctor.
  • Whether the doctor is a specialist or not.
  • And mainly on the type of treatment itself. Of course, a simple filling does not cost as much as dental implants, for example.
  • But in general, it ranges from $50 for very simple treatments to a maximum of $3000 for complex ones.

How to choose the right and cheapest dental treatment center in Turkey ?

There are many dental treatment centers in Turkey and many doctors and we here at the Istanbul Health and Beauty Center offer you special offers on dental treatment in Turkey with the latest medical technologies used in dental treatment in Turkey :

Dental treatment in Turkey health and beauty center

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