delayed second pregnancy in men

delayed second pregnancy in men

Reasons for delayed second pregnancy in men The problems of delayed pregnancy are not limited to women only, but men also suffer in some cases

Reasons for delayed second pregnancy in men:

Reasons for delayed second pregnancy in men The problems of delayed pregnancy are not limited to women only, but men also suffer in some cases from pregnancy problems, and according to many researches, more than a third of infertility and delayed pregnancy cases are due to men.

Treatment of delayed childbearing in men with herbs. All these questions will be answered in our article. Continue to the end and share it so that everyone who suffers from the problems of delayed pregnancy and childbearing can benefit.

How does pregnancy happen?

You may be wondering how pregnancy occurs after intercourse, so you must know the path of sperm, which is as follows:
  • Sperm is produced in the testicles and the male hormone testosterone is also produced in the testicles.
  • When sexual intercourse occurs and the penis becomes erect, the sperms move to the vas deferens, where they mix with fluids to be ejaculated in the form of semen.
  • The semen carries the sperm that enters the woman’s uterus and travels through the fallopian tubes to the uterus to receive with an egg and fertilization takes place.
  • The fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall to form an embryo later.

What are the signs of infertility or delayed pregnancy in a man?

There are a number of symptoms that appear on a man that he should visit a doctor, and these symptoms include:
  • Erection problems and difficulty ejaculating.
  • Sexual lethargy and decreased libido.
  • Pain in the penis during intercourse.
  • Testicular operations at birth or previous surgeries.
  • Swelling and swelling in the testicle.

Reasons for delayed second pregnancy in men:

The reasons for the delay in the second pregnancy in men are due to problems with the sperm, as there are many factors that affect the sperm, the most important of which are the following:


  • The issue of tight clothes A lot of men do not notice, but in fact, tight clothes lead to a high temperature of the bladder.
  • When the bladder temperature rises, it negatively affects the number of sperm, its effectiveness and speed.


  • Excess weight may often cause some problems in conceiving in both men and women.
  • This is why it is recommended to lose weight so as not to increase pressure on the bladder.
  • It is also recommended to eat healthy and nutritious food that helps in the production of sperm, such as fish and royal jelly.

Sperm problems:

Sperm problems often occur as a result of a genetic or genetic defect, or due to exposure to certain radiation, or as a result of exposure to infection or sexual disease. Most of the sperm problems are as follows:

  • Decreased sperm count.
  • Slow down in the rate of sperm.
  • Abnormalities in the molecular structure of sperm.
  • Lack of sperm.


How does varicocele affect fertility? To begin with, we must know that varicocele affects 16% of men in general, and they are:

  • It affects the veins surrounding the testicle, which leads to difficulty in perfusion and blood movement in the testicle.
  • This leads to an increase in the temperature of the testicles, which leads to damage to the sperm.

Dry ejaculation:

Dry ejaculation is caused by testicular surgery or by taking certain medications that affect nerves:

  • In dry ejaculation, instead of the semen going into the vagina, it returns to the bladder.
  • It is caused by weak nerves and not contracting hard enough to push the semen out of the body.

Autoimmune diseases or immune infertility:

  • Sometimes immune antibodies are formed as a result of a mutation or infection that causes the body to attack its own cells.
  • Immune sterility leads to the formation of anti-sperm cells that attack the sperm and lead to their weakening.
  • Learn about other autoimmune diseases in this article.  Autoimmune disease types and causes .

Reproductive obstruction:

  • In this case, the sperms are healthy without any problem, but they remain in the bladder and cannot exit into the vagina.
  • Reproductive obstruction results from surgery or birth defects.

hormonal glands:

  • The hormonal glands secrete the hormones responsible for the generation of sperm, so they play an important role in the reproductive process.
  • The hormonal imbalance leads to problems in the production of sperm and thus leads to cases of delayed childbearing significantly.


In many cases, medicines may weaken the sperm of men, especially if these medicines have a strong effect. Among the most famous medicines that can cause delayed pregnancy:

  • Cancer drugs.
  • Medications for depression and mental illness.
  • Some rheumatism and arthritis medications .
  • Some medicines used to treat digestive problems.

How can the symptoms of delayed pregnancy be diagnosed in men?

Delayed pregnancy in men is diagnosed through several tests carried out by the man, and these tests are divided into:

Careful examination:

  • Also called a clinical examination, it is done by examining a man’s genitals by a doctor.
  • It also searches for genetic conditions in the family and surgeries that could be the cause of delayed pregnancy.

Do a semen test:

  • It is considered one of the most popular examinations that men do when pregnancy is late.
  • Where the semen is collected and tests are conducted to determine the number, speed and vitality of the sperm.

Ultrasound examination:

  • Through which a man with a delayed pregnancy is exposed to ultrasound to see the integrity of the internal reproductive system organs.
  • Ultrasound helps detect varicocele.

Testicular biopsy:

  • And through it, cells are taken from the testicle by opening part of the scrotum after snoring.
  • Or it is done using a special needle for that matter.

Examination of the glands:

  • The glands, through the hormones they secrete, affect the reproductive process, and any hormonal imbalance causes a delay in childbearing.
  • When the imbalance caused by hormones is known, the treatment is often simple by using some medications.

Treatment of causes of delayed second pregnancy in men:

There are several methods that can be used to treat the problems of delayed pregnancy in men, and the most important of these methods are:

Treatment with medication:

  • If the problem of delayed pregnancy in men is related to hormones, the doctor may prescribe several medications.
  • These medications help increase the secretion of the male hormone testosterone and thus increase sperm count.
  • Medicines help in cases of erectile dysfunction and cases of dry ejaculation as well.

Surgical treatment:

  • In many cases, the sperms are healthy, but they do not reach the outside due to blockage of the vectors.
  • In the event of obstruction of the transporter route, a surgical procedure is used to open the tubes and return the normal sperm flow.
  • Galdali also sometimes required a surgical operation to get rid of it and the occurrence of pregnancy.

Stent treatment:

  • This method is used in cases of nerve weakness and erection, where the penis cannot erect and ejaculate outside.
  • Implant and IVF techniques are used when none of the previously mentioned treatments have worked.


At the end of the article, the causes of delayed second pregnancy in men:

In the article, Causes of delayed second pregnancy in men, we learned about the most important reasons that lead to delayed second pregnancy in men and how they can be treated.

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