Bacteria bacteria and fungi

Bacteria, bacteria and fungi

Bacteria, bacteria and fungi | Have you heard of this delicate and small world around us that affects our health and our healthy lives?

Bacteria bacteria and fungi | Have you heard of this delicate and small world surrounding us and affecting our health and healthy lives yes it is the world of bacteria, bacteria and fungi that carries diseases to us without feeling or knowing about it we know what this world is and how it affects us.

☢ do you know about Bacteria bacteria and fungi:

  • Microbes mean micro-organisms, many of which are bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.
  • Did you know that there are harmful bacteria and non-harmful bacteria that are present naturally” on the human skin, in the mouth and in the gut, and that most diseases are caused by bacteria, then fungi and viruses.

What are the forms of Bacteria bacteria and fungi and where are they?

There are three main forms of bacteria, namely:

  • Spherical: It is usually the simplest form of bacteria, in this case called bacteria
  • The shape of the penis: bacteria that are characterized in this form are called bacillus bacteria, but some types of bacteria are curved and called the enclosure.
  • Spiral: It is known as, but if the lap in the bacteria is very narrow, it is called in this case twists.
groups of bacteria: 
It should be noted that there are many differences in the groups of bacteria forms themselves.
Bacteria are found in many places such as:
  • Soil and water.
  • Radioactive waste.
  • Plants and animals.
  • depths of the earth’s crust.
  • Organic materials.
  • Arctic ice and avalanches.
  • Stratosphere strataosphere.
  • deep ocean.

Bacteria bacteria and fungi:

Of course, bacteria are not only present in these places, but bacteria specialists point out that they are present almost everywhere except places and areas that are sterilized by humans, even those places with high or very low temperatures or containing toxic chemicals, you can find bacteria in them, and the bacteria that live in these cases are known as severe, they are able to adapt in difficult living conditions and can live in them.
  • ☚ you may not believe that the number of harmless bacteria on each of us’s skin counts in the millions.
    * Did you also know that in order to see bacteria under a microscope you have to dye…. There are two main types of bacteria, one called gram positive and the other called gram-negative bacteria.
    This label came from methods of detecting bacteria under the microscope,
    In order to show her parameters, the dye is placed on it, so if she dyes her fat in a gram, and if she does not dye the negative toxicity of gram, relative to the substance in which it is dyed.

Bacteria bacteria and fungi:

☚Do you also know that based on important information no. 3, the doctor determines the type of antibiotic he prescribes for you,
There are very effective antibiotics” and easily eliminate gram-negative bacteria while other anti-gram-positive antibacterials are effective.
☚It has been scientifically proven” that most of the bacteria that cause the damya and the abscess are gram-positive from a species called streptococcai – the word coccy means cluster or circular under the microscope, while microbes that infect the respiratory tract and urethra are gram-negative or mixed (negative and positive).
☚Most antibiotics available in the pharmacy are effective against negative and gram-positive bacteria so they are called “broad-spectrum antibiotics” or wide-ranging antibiotics.
*You should also know that there are a lot of bacteria resistant to most antibiotics and there is a bacterial farm to be made to determine the appropriate antibiotic for these stubborn bacteria.

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