Autism symptoms at 5 years old

signs of high-functioning autism in 5 year old

Autism symptoms at 5 years old

Autism symptoms at 5 years old

Autism symptoms at 5 years old | autism is one of the most dangerous diseases that affect children at an early age, as autism may appear during infancy, and the symptoms of the disease differ from one child to another, but all symptoms eventually lead to the child’s inability to communicate with People close to him, and it has been reported that the number of patients is constantly increasing.


Causes of autism (Autism symptoms at 5 years old):

Before we get to know the symptoms of autism at the age of 5 years, let’s get to know the causes of autism in children, as there are many causes that lead to autism, and the symptoms of autism at the age of 5 years differ from other ages, and we will discuss here the most important reasons:

genetic disorders:

Recent studies have confirmed that genes play a major role in the occurrence of autism, and also lead to the occurrence of some disorders for autistic patients.

  • It may lead to a significant impact on the development and growth of the brain, and significantly on the communication system between brain cells.
  • It is possible that a genetic defect is one of the important factors that lead to autism, and some of these disorders may be passed down genetically.
Environmental factors:
  • It is possible that the main cause of autism is the surrounding environmental factors, and genetic factors, and this is evident in patients with autism.
  • Several studies are now underway, to detect the possibility of infection with certain viruses with a good percentage of environmental pollution that may stimulate the emergence of the disease.
Problems for the mother during pregnancy:
  • The mother often has some serious complications during the weeks of pregnancy .
  • This leads to autism in the child, and this can only be discovered after birth.
muscle atrophy:
  • Muscular dystrophy causes autism in a child.
  • Muscular dystrophy may be hereditary.
Oxygen deficiency:
  • The lack of oxygen may affect the baby negatively.
  • Which leads to complications, which in turn lead to the predisposition of the child to autism.


The most important symptoms of autism at the age of 5 years:

Many mothers suffer from autism because their children have autism. Mothers say that my child has autism, without being aware of the symptoms of autism at the age of 5 years:

  • Autism differs from one child to another according to the condition of each child. Each child has his own condition, and his skills are unlike anyone else.
  • But in the end, everyone agrees that an autistic child cannot communicate or build healthy relationships with other people.
  • It is normal for children to have symptoms of autism since the first year, as the mother notices that her child is not like other children.
  • In many cases, the child may be born naturally, and acquire several skills like other children, but after a while the child turns into autism and loses all the skills he previously acquired.


Symptoms of autism at age 5 that are similar to most children (Autism symptoms at 5 years old):

There are several symptoms that are similar to all autistic patients, including the following:

Disorders of social skills:

These symptoms appear on the affected child as follows:

  • When someone calls out to him, he doesn’t answer.
  • Does not use direct visual contact with the people around him.
  • He appears as if he is not listening to the person he is talking to.
  • He avoids hugs and rejects him strongly, as he sees him shrinking on himself.
  • It appears that he is not aware of the feelings and feelings of others.
  • He does not like to socialize with other children, and imagines another person or child playing with him.
Problems with language skills:

Among the important symptoms of autism patients are the problems that occur to him while using vocabulary, as follows:

  • He is late in speaking, unlike his children.
  • He cannot speak or pronounce, and there are some sentences that he cannot pronounce even though he knew them before.
  • He starts eye contact when he finds himself needing something in particular.
  • He uses his voice in strange ways, he can speak in the form of a robot, or speak in a lyrical way, or use a different rhythm of his own.
  • He doesn’t have the ability to lead a conversation, not even to carry it through.
  • He may repeat some words more than once, as well as some phrases, as he is not aware of the proper way to use them.
behavioral problems

Behavioral problems vary among autistic patients, as do behaviors related to autism symptoms at the age of 5 years, and we mention the following:

  • He repeats some strange movements such as: spinning around himself, vibrating while sitting, or making gestures with his hands.
  • He gets very nervous if any of the things he’s used to are changed, even if the change is negligible.
  • Most autistic patients do not sit quietly, but suffer from perpetual motion.
  • His face shows signs of fascination and exclamation when he sees simple things like the movement of toys.
  • They are sensitive to light or loud sounds, and they don’t like being touched by others, but they never feel pain.
  • A person with autism cannot share their experiences with other people, especially young patients.


Characteristics of autism in children and methods of treatment

There are many features of autism as well as symptoms of autism at the age of 5 years, and we will mention a group of these features as follows:

  • Autistic patients are interested in many different topics, including facts, figures, and details.
  • He focuses on some of the things he sees as important from his point of view, such as animals, birds, or any other moving object.
  • He does not feel familiar with a change in his daily routine.
  • A child with autism can remember a lot of information for a long period of time, and he can learn the finer details of something he likes.
  • Enjoy fast audio-visual learning.
  • Can make significant progress when learning art, mathematics, music, and sciences.


Methods of treating autism traits:

Autism may affect the affected child, making him more prone to anxiety, and some patients also develop epileptic seizures, and some types of obsessive-compulsive disorder. There are several effective treatments that contribute to the treatment of autism patients, as follows:

  • The trainer tries to perform applied patient behavior analysis, with the aim of developing good behavioral patterns and getting rid of unpleasant ones.
  • The coach uses the Denver Early Start model , which the coach follows through play, and is useful for children from one to four years of age.
  • Treating autism by playing, whereby parents play with their children, leaving the autistic child with complete freedom to preside over the game, so that he develops special abilities in managing various matters.
  • Helping children with autism to be self-reliant, by dressing without the need for help, and learning to take care of personal hygiene.


Is an autistic child intelligent (Autism symptoms at 5 years old)?

  • It is known that a child with autism is introverted and does not like to socialize with others, whether children of his age, or adults.
  • Some may think that a child with autism is stupid and does not know anything about the world around him.
  • They have developed this feeling because of the calmness of the autistic child and his lack of contact with others.
  • On the contrary, a child with autism has a good percentage of intelligence, he is very focused, and he is characterized by accuracy in learning.
  • For example, he can memorize some music tracks, where you will find him repeating them while sitting alone, and he also solves some complex mathematical problems.
  • Some autistic patients can also draw very accurately, as they can simulate reality.


At the end of the article on Autism symptoms at 5 years old:

In the article on the Autism symptoms at 5 years old, we learned about the causes of autism in children and the most important behavioral symptoms and how to treat autism. We must point out here the importance of the role of parents in treating autism in children.

If you have any questions about autism, you can write them in the comments to be answered by the specialized medical team.

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