4 weeks after vaser lipo treatment

4 weeks after vaser lipo treatment

4 weeks after vaser lipo treatment

4 weeks after vaser lipo treatment | Plastic surgery has become one of the necessary procedures nowadays, and one of the most important body plastic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty , Hollywood smile , liposuction, in addition to body sculpting, where I will talk today about 4 weeks after vaser lipo treatment.

When a person becomes obese, he may face many challenges that may cause him embarrassment, whether at work, at home, or in social life, and the situation may worsen more, as the obese person may be forced to isolate and may suffer from low self-esteem and lose confidence in himself and here with progress Medical techniques have emerged many ways to solve the problem of obesity and help lose weight and melt fat.

Among these, it was relied on changing the lifestyle in order to lose weight or following fitness programs in training centers in order to burn fat and lose excess weight quickly, or in some cases liposuction was resorted to, or the operations in which laser was used In order to break up the accumulated fat

In this article from the Jamal Health website, we will learn about one of these methods, which is the process of body sculpting with VASER, its costs, the people who are allowed to perform such an operation, and the potential harms of VASER body sculpting.



What is the process of body sculpting with vaser:

Before talking about my experience with body sculpting with Vaser, let’s get acquainted with the process of body sculpting with Vaser:

  • Vaser is a device in which high-energy and amplified sound frequencies are emitted towards the area of ​​the body to be sculpted.
  • Where these waves dissolve fat and this process is used to burn fat stored under the skin, especially in the abdominal area.
  • Here, this technique is used to sculpt the body in an area to be determined by the person who wishes to do so.
  • But this technique does not help in losing weight, and there is no weight loss after this technique, unlike the process of gastric sleeve or gastric bypass .


Vaser body sculpting cost:

Based on my experience with Vaser body sculpting, the cost of such procedures is often related to several factors such as:

  • The geographical location of the place where the operation takes place.
  • The number of sessions required to obtain the body shape to be sculpted.
  • Costs of medical devices and equipment and prescriptions of medicines used during and after the operation.
  • The amount of fat accumulated in the target area that must be removed.
  • The medical competencies and equipment of the medical centers in order to carry out such operations.
  • Currently, “the cost of one session in the United States for body sculpting with Vaser is about 1500 dollars.”
  • In Turkey, the approximate cost of one of these sessions is about 30-150 dollars.


Candidates for Vaser Body Sculpting (4 weeks after vaser lipo treatment):

From my experience with body sculpting with Vaser, it can be performed if it does not exceed 30% of your normal weight:

  • Similar operations can be performed for both men and women, but with the condition that good health and freedom from diseases are available.
  • To have a stable health condition for people suffering from chronic diseases.
  • In these surgeries, the body is tightened, and the person who wants to undergo such an operation must be a non-smoker.
  • Or to stop him during the period of treatment and convalescence sessions.
  • A candidate for such operations is anyone who has an excess of 30% more than the ideal weight.
  • For example, if a person’s height is 186 cm, then the ideal weight is 83 kg.
  • When there is an increase in weight less than 30%, i.e. the weight ranges between 83-100 kg, this operation can be performed.
  • But with one condition, which is that the increase is concentrated in one area of ​​the body, such as the abdomen, for example, and not an increase in weight throughout the body.
  • Such operations are used to restore the consistency of the areas of the body with each other, and the amount of fat that is melted in one session is 500 grams.
  • These operations are used to sculpt the muscles in the abdominal area without the need for strenuous and tiring exercise.


Disadvantages of body sculpting with vaser (4 weeks after vaser lipo treatment):

The strawberry body sculpting coin is often safe, but this does not prevent the appearance of some side effects, which may include:

  • Pain in the area under the operation, where the fat was dissolved and suctioned.
  • Hyperpigmentation resulting from the procedure.
  • Swelling in the skin of the area targeted by the operation and this may last for days and may extend for weeks.
  • The appearance of bruises and sometimes “bleeding in the area of ​​the operation may continue for several days after the operation.”
  • The skin in the area targeted by the operation may become saggy, especially if the area targeted by the operation suffers from local obesity.


When will the results of body sculpting with Vaser appear (4 weeks after vaser lipo treatment):

Let us know from my experience with body sculpting with vaser to the time when the results of this process appear, as the results of the vaser body sculpting process are often divided into two stages:

The first: It is immediately after the operation, in which the results appear slightly after the end of the operation session.

The second: It is after applying the doctor’s instructions and recommendations, which include wearing a corset and exercising.

In which the appearance of the results depends 100% on the recovery period from the swellings and bruises caused by the operation in the days following the operation, so the patient must wait for several weeks in order to see the result of the operation.


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